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“Ohh, I really didnt think that you would understand Lu Man so well.” Han Zhuoli teased.

Shen Nuo: “…”

“Dont worry, Lu Man is really not the kind of person who would let others bully her.

Ive asked her about it already, and right now, shes searching for dirt on Bai Shuangshuang,” Han Zhuoli said.

“So, it was really done by that Bai Shuangshuang” Shen Nuo raised her eyebrows.

As soon as the Old Madam heard it, she started to rub her hands together, and yelled from the side, “You can help her find it, wont it be faster that way.”

Upon hearing that, Han Zhuoli laughed lowly.

“Ive already helped her to find it, just before you called me, Zheng Tianming passed it to me.”

Old Madam: “…”


“However, the movie promotions are still going on and its inappropriate and inconvenient for Lu Man to take any action right now.

But she has already discussed it with Sun Yiwu, she definitely wont let Bai Shuangshuang off easily, so dont worry.” Han Zhuoli comforted.

“But you cant just let those fake users badmouth Lu Man like this!” The Old Madam was still unhappy.

After all, this was her future granddaughter-in-law, how could she let other people badmouth her

“Shes different from Bai Shuangshuang, Lu Man cares about the whole picture.

If she starts to fight with Bai Shuangshuang now, it would only affect the movie more badly.

Thus, Lu Man is awaiting the right time,” Han Zhuoli explained.

The Old Madam kept nodding continuously, satisfied with Lu Man for having such a personality.

Even if it was a big family, many a time one could not do what one wanted, thus she just could do anything whenever she wanted to.

As the wife of the family head, she needed to learn to care about the big picture.

Lu Man was excellent!

Unlike Bai Shuangshuang, who at this moment, probably had already offended Sun Yiwu.

The Old Madams thinking was really not wrong; she did not know that Sun Yiwu had already banned Bai Shuangshuang completely from the entertainment circle.

Only after Shen Nuo hung up, did the Old Madam stop thinking of getting some paid commenters for Lu Man.

But despite this, the Old Madam was still not satisfied and urged Shen Nuo to leave some comments under her official Weibo account in support of Lu Man.


When Yu Xingzhou found out from Wang Lu that he had been buried by the Han Corporation, he was extremely frustrated and got enraged.

Moreover, the harsh scolding from Wang Lu left him breathing with fire.

At this moment, he happened to see the Greedy Wolf Operation promotion on Weibo and even saw that there was Lu Man name on it.

Yu Xingzhou rubbed his eyes in disbelief, thinking that he had seen wrongly, he instantly let Wang Lu see it and asked, “Look, this Lu Man, isnt she the one we met at Han Corporation the other day, you even said shes in the Public Relations Department.”

Wang Lu took a look, and he clicked on her name, leading him onto Lu Mans Weibo.

However, on her Weibo page, there was nothing regarding Lu Mans profession or even any mention of movies or shows she had starred in; her Weibo account was just like that of an ordinary netizen.

“Wait.” But Wang Lu was a manager and had his own connections.

He immediately called someone and after confirming, he hung up.

“Its definitely her.”

“She caused me to be banned and yet she wants to star in movies now Sl*t!” Yu Xingzhou cursed in anger.

“What can we do I told you already, shes Han Zhuolis girlfriend, as long as she wants to act, the Han Corporation can even make a movie just for her, and let her be the lead, let alone acting as a side character in the Greedy Wolf Operation ,” Wang Lu said in a low voice, “Im warning you, you arent allowed to say this to anyone else.

Its been so many days, and yet there are no rumors of her being Han Zhuolis girlfriend, this means that this news has been totally hidden.

If you spill the beans, dont even think about being in the entertainment circle for the rest of your life.”

“Am I dumb If I say it out, wont it make Lu Man more popular” Yu Xingzhou said, impatiently.

Wang Lu gave a cold hmph; if he was not dumb, could he have turned himself from an idol that had a good future originally into a celebrity who was now banned by the company


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