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After that, she moved over.

“But I like how petty you look as well,” Yan Zhiqing said with a grin.

Wei Wucai couldnt resist smiling, too.

“Lets go back quickly.

We still need to meet with Grandfather Wei and Grandmother Wei,” Yan Zhiqing said.

She was totally oblivious as to what she was going to have to face tonight.

Wei Wucai didnt tell her either.

He just quietly drove home.

They had spent the whole afternoon at their old home.

So, after eating dinner, they didnt continue to linger around.

So, now that they had arrived back home, it was only 8 pm.

Yan Zhiqing took a shower and tidied up.

Then she turned on the television and looked for a variety show to watch.

When Wei Wucai was done showering and emerged to see that Yan Zhiqing was unexpectedly watching a variety show, he asked, “Is this what you like watching normally”


Sometimes, Ill study the acting in some movies and television series, but to me, thats also a form of work.”

“If I do that all the time and let work completely take over my life, that would make my life too dull.

So, when its time for me to unwind, Ill watch variety shows to relax my mood and mind.

Sometimes, I wont really be paying attention to the show.

Ill just set the volume on low and spend time on the Internet while letting the variety shows play.”

“Thats truly such a really simple pleasure,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing turned to him and pouted.

“You can just say my life is very boring.”

She had nothing else to do when she wasnt working… But even the lives of ordinary people were filled with various activities, let alone celebrities.

Going to a bar or nightclub was an obvious one.

They would also make appointments with others to do all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking and exploring, having picnics and barbecues, and diving and surfing.

In short, they could plan out and use their spare time purposefully in many ways.

Yan Zhiqing felt that her life outside of work was indeed rather dull.

She would feel embarrassed if it were to be made public.

If she was asked what she liked doing normally…

The answer would be that she normally wouldnt go out at all.

She would just hole up at home, where she would watch television and hop on the Internet.

However, Yan Zhiqing was normally too tired from being too busy with work.

So, whenever she finally had time to rest, she truly wouldnt have the energy to go out and about.

Wei Wucai sat down beside her and pulled her into his embrace before saying, “But from now on, your spare time will now be spent on one more thing in addition to watching television and going on the internet.”

“What is it” Yan Zhiqing said curiously.

Could it be that Wei Wucai wanted to drag her along on his workouts

She knew that after entering a romantic relationship, many men who normally had the habit of exercising would make their girlfriends go work out with them.

However, Yan Zhiqing refused to do this.

She was the kind of person who would sit if she didnt need to stand and lie down if she didnt need to sit.

Unexpectedly, Wei Wucai had no intention of dragging her out to exercise.

Instead, he lowered his head and said something by her ear.

She didnt react even when Wei Wucai carried her into the bedroom.

“Can we do it” Wei Wucai asked Yan Zhiqing for her opinion.

Yan Zhiqing had too many thoughts running through her head.

So much so that her head was almost giving off steam.

She thought about how she had actually been prepared for this situation ever since she agreed to let him stay at her place yesterday.

While Wei Wucai was asking her that ambiguous question…

Yan Zhiqing immediately understood.

She was actually rather addicted to the sight of his body.

Consequently, Yan Zhiqings head started feeling hot, and she slowly nodded.

When Yan Zhiqing woke up the next day, she recalled last nights course of events.

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