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This man was even being implicit!

“Oh no!” Yan Zhiqing had been secretly roasting Wei Wucai when she suddenly remembered that there was an important task she had yet to complete.

She exclaimed while pushing Wei Wucai to wake him up.

It was rare for this man, who had the habit of waking up early, to sleep in with Yan Zhiqing.

If Yan Zhiqing hadnt pushed him, he would still be sleeping.

“Are you awake” Wei Wucai sluggishly pulled Yan Zhiqing into an embrace.

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

“Quick get up.

I knew I was forgetting something important,” Yan Zhiqing said in a rush, “I havent bought gifts for your grandparents yet.”

It was just like when Wei Wucai visited her house for the first time.

How could she not buy any gifts when she was going to the Wei Familys house for the first time

“Not just gifts for your grandparents.

I havent bought gifts for your parents as well,” Yan Zhiqing said, “Get up, quick.

Its really disrespectful to visit without any gifts!”

Wei Wucai then said, “I have taken away the treasure of the Yan Family.

You are the biggest gift.

You dont need to buy gifts.”

As long as Yan Zhiqing was there, his family would be exhilarated.

After all, Wei Wucai had finally gotten out of that single life.

How many years had Dong Muping been worried about this

“How can that be the same” Yan Zhiqing said, “Even if the elders dont care, thats the elders business.

I cant be disrespectful.”

When Wei Wucai saw that she was anxious and actually viewed this with great importance, Wei Wucai became completely awake.

He checked the time and said, “It is 10 am now.

If we can leave the door within half an hour, there should be enough time to pick out some gifts.

We will just grab lunch outside and go to the family home in the afternoon.

That should be enough time for us to buy gifts.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded and quickly got up.

Because Wei Wucai was not messing around this time, Yan Zhiqing quickly got ready.

She didnt put on makeup.

It would be easier for people to recognize her if she put on makeup.

She wore her mask and a pair of plain glasses.

However, she didnt wear a hat.

If she were to wear a hat, she would look even more suspicious dressing like she was ready for a fight.

The two got out of the door at 10:30 am.

Yan Zhiqing figured out the hobbies of Wei Wucais grandparents and parents.

Afterward, she finally picked a gift.

The two chose a restaurant in a mall that seemed pretty empty.

Then, they chose the corner table.

When the waiter came to take the order, Yan Zhiqing didnt even dare to take off her mask.

When the waiter served all the food, Yan Zhiqing then pulled the mask down to her chin.

But she still didnt dare to take it off.

“Will you feel really uncomfortable coming out with me like this” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Wei Wucai stretched his hand and scratched Yan Zhiqings nose.

“You are so young, but you think about a lot of nonsense.”

“I knew about your job since the beginning.

I have naturally expected some life changes to happen if I wanted to be with you,” Wei Wucai said, “I told you in the beginning.

Either you choose to let it go or if you cant bear to let it go, you can only choose to accept the differences”

“Since I decided to be with you, Im sufficiently prepared.

It would be irresponsible of me if I were to date you without any preparation.

However, if these things were within my expectation, it would be quite mean of me to still blame you after experiencing it.”

“Do you think Im mean or irresponsible” Wei Wucai asked Yan Zhiqing with a smile.

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said, “Nope.”

Actually, Wei Wucai knew that she cared a lot about his thoughts and feelings after he heard Yan Zhiqins worries.

She was really careful to show her care and was worried that he might feel uncomfortable and regret dating her.

She was also worried that she might bring him trouble.

Actually, Yan Zhiqing cared about him more than she had imagined and more than he thought.

She cared about him so much that she was losing confidence in herself.

Actually, considering Yan Zhiqings characteristics, she would be more confident and proud than most people.

She had her own career.

She was famous with many fans.

And she was beautiful.

She had everything many girls wanted.

But because she cared about him, she became self-conscious.

He stretched his arm and rubbed her hair as he said, “And thats it.

I dont care about these things.

You dont have to worry.”

“No matter when and where, as long as I am with you, itll be fine.

As long as youre there, thats good enough.”

“I didnt have to be on set, but I wanted to be there because you were there.

Whether staying in a hotel, eating delivery, or going to work early, I was happy to do all those with you.”

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but laugh, She supported her chin with her hand and said worriedly, “Were in the honeymoon phase right now, so well obviously think that even meeting every day is not enough.”

“But as time goes by, you will feel sick of it.

Another persons company will become a habit and their presence will become unimportant.

By then, you might not be able to tolerate the things you could tolerate in the past.

You may even feel annoyed or uncomfortable,” Yan Zhiqing said.

With a helpless expression, Wei Wucai stretched his arm across the table and flicked her forehead.

“Little girl.

Youre still so young.

Why do you think so much”

“Youre counting the chickens before they hatch,” Wei Wucai said helplessly.

“I understand that you have these worries because you care about this relationship and that you are treating this relationship very seriously.”

“Im happy that you cherish our relationship.

But at the same time, Im angry because it seems that you dont trust me…”

“Its not like…” Yan Zhiqing wanted to explain, but as she faced Wei Wucais serious expression, she felt like she couldnt say anything.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but think…

Was she thinking this way because she didnt have enough trust in Wei Wucai

Therefore, she couldnt give any explanation.

“If you keep on worrying, then it will become an issue that belongs not only to you.

After all, it might create a rift in our relationship.”

“After all, even if I made a promise to you for something in the future, you wont be able to trust me since it still hasnt happened yet,” Wei Wucai said, “However, I can promise you that no matter how much time goes by and even if we started interacting with each other like family…”

“I wont change.

I wont be inconvenienced because of you,” Wei Wucai said, “Zhiqing, can you trust me”


Okay.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

“Since you said so, I will trust you.”

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