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“If we come out in the future and anything inconvenient happened because of me, I wont feel sorry anymore,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Wei Wucai smiled and nodded as he said.

“You never needed to feel that way.”

“In the future, if you think the inconvenience is annoying, I will scold you,” Yan Zhiqing glared and said.

“Just scold me.” Wei Wucai said, “If I really did think that way, then Im a jerk.

But I know myself well, so I definitely wouldnt do that.”

She had long been worried about this.

But after talking it through, Yan Zhiqing quickly forgot about it.

It was really still in her nature to be carefree.

When food was served, Yan Zhiqing tried a few bites and whispered to Wei Wucai, “No wonder there werent any customers during lunch rush hours.

It doesnt taste good.”

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Just bear with it.

When we go back to the family home, we will eat good food.

The chef in my family home cooks really well.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded.

She barely ate.

She just took a few bites before leaving with Wei Wucai.

The two went straight to the family home of the Wei Family.

Because Wei Wucais actual grandparents had already passed away, Wei Wucais family had become very close to the relatives living in the family home.

Therefore, Wei Wucai started calling the two elders of the Wei Family like they were his grandparents.

Ever since his grandparents passed away, the two elders at the family home became the only two elders left.

As such, the two families had become even closer.

Wei Wucai viewed the elders of the Wei Family as his actual grandparents.

His parents were very close to his grandparents as well.

It was like being a son and son-in-law to the elders.

The two came to the family home.

Wei Wucai saw that Wei Hezhangs car was already parked in the courtyard.

While he was getting out of the car, Wei Wucai said to Yan Zhiqing, “My parents have already arrived.”

Yan Zhiqing immediately felt nervous.

“Are we too late We even made the elders wait for us.”

“We did say we would come in the afternoon, and we rushed over here after lunch.

Its not late at all.” Wei Wucai held her hand and said, “My parents were just in a rush to see their future daughter-in-law.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Yan Zhiqing smacked him with a force that was neither too hard nor too gentle.

Wei Wucai stared at her with a smile.

“I thought you agreed yesterday”

Yan Zhiqing said stubbornly, “Yesterday, I said I wouldnt mind getting married early as it wont affect my career.

But I didnt actually agree to marry you.”


Alright.” Wei Wucai smiled and said, “Then I guess I have to continue working hard.”

The two arrived at the door of the house through the courtyard.

Wei Wucai rang the doorbell.

Wei Wucai led Yan Zhiqing inside.

Yan Zhiqing had never been to the Wei Familys house.

The eight great families were in good relations with each other.

The people who normally interact with each other are the elder brothers.

Before she was eighteen, she wasnt living in B City.

She only started living here permanently after that incident.

However, she was already old enough that she couldnt just go to someone elses house.

People might then mistakenly think that she was into someone from the Wei Family and was trying to please the elders of the Wei Family.

In addition, she had become very busy with work and school and didnt have the time to do such a thing.

As a result, it was her first time here.

Yan Zhiqing was so nervous that her palms felt clammy.

Wei Wucai smiled and glanced at her before letting go of her hand.

He then grabbed her wrist and rubbed her sweaty palms on his body, wiping the sweat on his shirt.

Yan Zhiqing was a little embarrassed.

She felt as though she no longer exuded the glow of a female star.

She no longer had a reputation in front of Wei Wucai.

The two walked past the courtyard and saw Wei Hezhang and Dong Muping waiting by the door.

Yan Zhiqing felt so pampered.

At the same time, she felt really stressed.

This… Wei Wucais parents were even waiting at the door.

They were pampering them!

Yan Zhiqing quickly sped up and went to the door with Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai then greeted, “Dad.


Yan Zhiqing quickly greeted them as well.



“Why… why are you two waiting at the door” Yan Zhiqing was a little flustered.

“Its because this auntie of yours was in a rush to see you.

When she saw that you guys were here, she rushed here.” Wei Hezhang laughed as he answered.

He then turned and said to Dong Muping, “I told you this would stress the kid out.”

“We came late,” said Yan Zhiqing, feeling really embarrassed.

“Oh no!” Wei Hezhang said, “Didnt you guys say you would arrive in the afternoon She was just impatient and dragged me here in the morning.

Even if you came early, you cant possibly be earlier than her.”

“If you said you would come before noon, she would still get here in the morning.

If you said that you were coming in the morning, she would get here before dawn,” Wei Hezhang said.

Hearing this, Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but laugh.

She was finally more relaxed.

Dong Muping smiled and explained, “Dont be embarrassed.

We simply came too early.”

“And look at me being silly! I actually made you two stand outside the door.

Please come in!” Dong Muping hastily dragged Wei Hezhang further into the house, giving space for Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing to walk inside.

Wei Wucai then led Yan Zhiqing into the house.

Upon entering, they saw the grandparents of the Wei Family waiting in the corridor to welcome them personally.

“Grandpa, Grandma.” Yan Zhiqing quickly greeted.

“Zhiqing!” Old Mrs.

Wei was smiling so much that her eyes became two curved lines.

“I didnt expect that your first visit here is as Xiao Cais girlfriend.

This is fate.

I cant even say anything else.”

“Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Auntie.” Yan Zhiqing greeted and pulled Wei Wucai.

Because they bought a lot of gifts, Wei Wucai was carrying some with him as well.

The two handed over their gifts together at the same time.

“It is my first time here.

I chose some gifts with Xiao Cai.

I hope youll like it,” said Yan Zhiqing.

“Oh kid, your presence here is already the best thing ever for us.

Even if you arent dating Xiao Cai, our family and your family share a bond so deep that it basically makes you my granddaughter.

Granddaughters dont need to visit with gifts!” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

“But now that you are here as my granddaughter-in-law, its naturally even better than being my granddaughter!” Old Mrs.

Wei said.

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

This… This was her first-time visit, but she had already become a granddaughter-in-law

“Please sit.” Old Mrs.

Wei led the two to the living room.

The four then opened their gifts.

When they saw the gifts, they knew that Yan Zhiqing had really put in the effort to choose these gifts.

As a result, they were very happy.

The fact that they received gifts from their granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law made them even happier.

In comparison to the gifts, this fact made them even happier.

Old Mrs.

Wei and Dong Muping openly expressed their thoughts about it.

And Yan Zhiqing felt as though she was going to be brainwashed.

She became more and more used to their words as she listened.

Gradually, she felt as though it was no longer that surprising to be referred to as a granddaughter-in-law or daughter-in-law.

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