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“I dont know.

Anyway, theyre more well behaved now,” Han Zhuoli said with a smile.

He had already experienced lecturing as a father before the babies were even born.

“These two kids are really naughty.

Youre already having a hard time, but they still actually dared to be so naughty inside your belly,” Han Zhuoli said in a deep tone, “How unfilial!”

Lu Man felt as though things had become even calmer inside her belly.

Suddenly, a thought popped into Lu Mans head.

She said to Han Zhuoli, “Do you think they are fighting inside my belly to be the first one to come out”

Han Zhuoli didnt know what to say.

“It cant be Are they that energetic”

But then, Lu Mans belly moved again when Han Zhuoli expressed his doubts.

They werent moving crazily like like how they had been fighting earlier.

They seemed to be expressing their dissatisfaction at Han Zhuolis doubtful comment and they wanted to let Lu Man know about it.

“They moved again.” Lu Man held her belly as she said, “I think its… possible.”

“I think they have pretty much become sentient.” Han Zhuoli couldnt help but laugh.

He was genuinely taken aback by this.

To confirm this, Han Zhuoli even asked them seriously.

Han Zhuoli placed his hand on Lu Mans belly and said in a serious tone, “Let me ask you now.

If your answer is yes, then give me a response.

If not, then dont react at all.”

“Of course, if you do react, please be gentle.

Dont hurt mommy.” Han Zhuoli further instructed.

Han Zhuoli didnt feel any movement coming from Lu Mans tummy.

He had no idea if the two babies had understood what he had just said.

And so, Han Zhuoli said, “If you understood me, give me a response.”

Immediately, Han Zhuoli felt a gentle kick on his palm.

Han Zhuoli had to pay close attention, so he wouldnt miss that movement.

“Did that hurt” Han Zhuoli asked Lu Man.

There was no more movement in the belly.

They seemed to be carefully waiting for Lu Mans response.

Lu Man smiled and said, “It doesnt hurt.

I just felt the vibration coming from my tummy.”

Han Zhuoli nodded in satisfaction.

Lu Man thought to herself.

These two babies had quite the survival instinct.

“I didnt expect them to actually understand,” Lu Man muttered in disbelief.

Han Zhuoli thought to himself.

If these two babies could understand him, they were basically geniuses.


Let me ask you now,” Han Zhuoli said.

There was no sign of movement in her belly.

She heard Han Zhuoli ask, “Are you two moving around in your moms belly because you are fighting for the place to come out first”

After Han Zhuoli asked the question, both he and Lu Man kept quiet at the same time.

They didnt make a sound.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were waiting for a response from the two babies in Lu Mans belly.

They waited for around a dozen seconds.

And it passed in just a blink of an eye.

But Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were anticipating a response and that was why they felt like it was a long time.

They were really curious whether the two babies would respond to them or not.

Han Zhuoli felt a little disappointed when over a dozen seconds had passed and there was still no sign of movement.

He thought he had guessed wrongly and that the babies couldnt actually understand him.

The few kicks earlier were just a coincidence.

When Han Zhuoli was about to give up, he suddenly felt some movements in Lu Mans tummy.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man exchanged glances.

Han Zhuoli even asked a second time to confirm this.

“Are you two really fighting for the place to come out first”

This time, the two babies in Lu Mans tummy didnt make Han Zhuoli wait.

They immediately responded with two kicks.

The kicks were still gentle, but the rhythm of the kicks was fast.

The kicks obviously showed that the two babies were impatient.

This meant he was right.

That was what the two babies were trying to say.

Han Zhuoli was speechless.

These two kids were geniuses!

Lu Man was still in shock.

Finally, she came back to her senses.

She had to be pregnant with two geniuses!

But Lu Man didnt think this was unbelievable.

After all, she was someone who had reincarnated back to her past self.

If this had happened to her, it was indeed possible that her babies could communicate with them even if they were still in her womb.

At this moment, Han Zhuoli said, “No more fighting.”

As expected, the two became quiet.

But Han Zhuoli immediately realized that if they stopped fighting now…

If they started fighting again when Lu Man was about to give birth and refused to give in or let either one leave first, Lu Man would be the one to suffer.

And so, Han Zhuoli said, “I will be the one to decide who should come out first.”

There were no more movements for a while.

Suddenly, they felt two gentle vibrations.

It seemed like the two had no choice but to agree.

The silence was to express their reluctance.

However, they had no choice.

After all, they were their parents.

The two babies hesitated for a while and finally agreed despite the sadness.

Han Zhuoli then said, “In our family, girls are ranked higher.”

When Lu Man heard this, she burst out in laughter.

Lu Man could already guess what Han Zhuoli was going to say.

As expected, Han Zhuoli said, “Therefore, your older sister will be the first to come out.

The younger brother will be the second.”

The younger brother of the twins felt speechless.

Despite still being in his mothers womb, it had already been decided that he would be a younger brother.

He didnt even have the chance to fight for it.

He didnt even dare to forcefully make his way out first.

It was because he knew if he did that, he would have a miserable life in the future.

As the younger brother, he didnt dare to try this challenge.

If he had known, he wouldnt have fought with his sister so early on during the pregnancy.

He would have waited until childbirth to fight for the chance to get out first.

He would at least have the chance to be an older brother!

His older sister, who was right beside him, gave him a kick.

Obviously, the elder sister was supposed to bully the younger brother!

Han Zhuoli raised his brow proudly at Lu Man and said, “Look! Everything is so good now.

the problems are resolved.”

Lu Man thought this was good as well.

Normally, people would hope for an elder brother to care for the younger brother.

But this only applied to normal pregnancies.

The elder brother would be a few years older than the younger sister.

However, since she was pregnant with twins of the opposite gender, she didnt have such issues.

The two would just be born a few minutes apart.

If so, the elder sister could still order her younger brother around.

And if she got bullied, her younger brother could avenge her as well.

“You are so smart.” Lu Man raised her thumbs up as she praised.

Ever since they had discussed the issue with the two babies, there were no longer erratic movements in Lu Mans belly.

She would occasionally feel some movements, but this was probably because the two babies wanted to make their presence known.

Since they had stopped fighting, Lu Mans pregnancy life had become much more relaxing.

She finally knew that the high rate of erratic movements had happened because the two babies were just really naughty.

In the blink of an eye, the new year had arrived.

However, this years New Years celebration wasnt as bustling as the previous years.

It was all because many people had long stopped taking the New Years celebration seriously.

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