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Chapter 3350: Do You Think I am Overestimating My SkillsTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“If the film can be made well, it would be a thrilling, classy, and fast-paced movie that would also stimulate ones intelligence.

I have read the original book a few times and I still discover new things every time I read it again.”

“I even searched it up online and found the other fans of this book sharing their own analysis.

The more I discovered things about this book, the more I admired it.”

“Right now, I dont know if I have the skills to make it well.

After all, I have no experience.

In fact, none of the directors in the country have any experience making a sci-fi film.”

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were professionals, so they immediately understood.

“The biggest expense in this film production is not the visual effects editing, but the budget to try things out again and again,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Yes,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Actually, if I told you guys this, you would definitely support me and the cost wouldnt be an issue for me.

However, it will be even more stressful.

I cant have you all unconditionally supporting me when I know this is a gamble.”

“If you were to support me, you would have to deal with the stress of facing our board of trustees.

If the film didnt turn out well and the box office result was bad, you would have a hard time explaining to the board of trustees.”

“I am still learning from many directors and I dont even have experience directing my own film, not to mention a film of such difficulty.” Han Zhuofeng shook his head and said, “I was really worried that I will fail and you two wont be able to explain to the authorities.”

“Therefore, I wanted to secretly try it with my own money.

Even if I were to fail, I would be the only one implicated.

They wont mock you two.”

Han Zhuofeng sighed and said, “I know that it will be really, really difficult.

But when the filming actually started, it was much more difficult than I had expected.”

Initially, he was able to get investors to invest in this film.

When the investors found out that he was the third son of the Han Family, they were very willing to invest.

When they found out that he was trying to film something, they even contacted him.

But Han Zhuofeng didnt want his brothers to clean up his mess if something were to happen.

Therefore, Han Zhuofeng said that this was his own idea and his two older brothers had no idea about it.

And he had no intention of telling the Han Corporation.

As a result, the investors said they needed more time to think about this.

They apparently needed more time to think about it, but they never said anything since then.

Han Zhuofeng shook his head in distress as he said to Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli, “Elder brothers, do you think I am overestimating my own abilities”

“Should I play it safe and direct an easier film” The deeper Han Zhuofeng went into this, the less confident he felt.

However, he had already invested so much energy and money into this.

He had basically boarded the boat and had sailed to the deep sea.

It was impossible for him to turn back; he had to reach the other side.

So, Han Zhuofeng really needed a confidence boost from the people he admired.

Han Zhuoling said, “Since it is your first time directing a film, it is risky to choose one that is very difficult to film.

This is a double-edged sword.

If you were just an unknown newbie, it would have been fine.

But you are the third son of the Han Family, so it will be impossible for you to keep a low profile.”

“If the film turned out bad, you will first be mocked about it.

If it turned out well, you will instantly become a famous director.

Obviously, people would still mock you and say that you were relying on your family as a golden spoon.

You could get any amount of investments for your movie.

If you still cant make a good movie, then it shows that you are useless.”

“However, if you really succeeded, you can ignore those mockeries.

You have heard a lot of those since you were young, so Im confident that you can ignore them.”

“As for your question about whether you are overestimating your own skills or not, it really depends.

It is true that you should have a good foundation in directing films.

But you did say that no one in our country has ever tried directing a sci-fi film.”

“This meant that even the experienced directors would be inexperienced in directing a sci-fi film.

Everyone is at the same level,” Han Zhuoling said, “Therefore, instead of doubting yourself, you should persist and stick to your initial plan.”

“Its rare for a director to come across a good story.

You got one and it would be a pity not to film it.

Of course, you could buy the rights to the book and save it for a few years.”

“However, from a business point of view, if someone else were to film a sci-fi movie before you, your film would not be as popular as the first sci-fi film.

If you are confident enough, you should take the risk.”

“As a young person, do you really not have even the determination and energy to fight Although this is an impulsive decision, if you have enough energy to push forward and enough grit, it wont be bad even if there are flaws.”

“And do you really think our family is poor” Han Zhuoli said, “You didnt dare to tell us because you were worried that we wouldnt be able to explain to the board of trustees.

Do you really think we cant invest privately”

“Although this is your first film, I am very confident in you.

You have learned so much from so many directors and this is a good chance for you to show us how much you have learned,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I will discuss this with the eldest brother.

Each of us will invest fifty million,” Han Zhuoli said, “We wont be investing through the company.

We will be using money from our personal accounts.

In addition to the money you have invested, the total should be 150 million.

To be honest, if we exclude the payment for the cast members, a lot of the big films do not have even this much money for the production of their films.”

Lu Man nodded.

Many blockbusters movies would advertise that hundreds of millions were invested in their film production.

But it was actually just a lie.

How would the audience know how much was invested

They were just bragging.

You would know it after watching the film.

“We will invest more if its not enough, okay” Han Zhuoli said, “However, this doesnt mean that you can be prodigal about your spending.

You should still properly manage your limited resources and use them where they are needed the most.

Regardless of the total cost of production, you should be as frugal as you can in every step of the film production.”

“Of course!” Han Zhuofeng already knew about this.

If he told his brothers, they would support him.

This was why he didnt dare to say it.

This was his own personal matter, and he wanted to handle the risk himself.

But Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling were so supportive.

They truly helped him at the time he urgently needed help.

Han Zhuofeng nodded intensely.

His voice even cracked, as he was touched.

“If there isnt enough, we will give you more.

So, hurry up and get your car back.

This is just a trivial matter.

Even if you sell the car, how much longer can you persist” Han Zhuoli said in an annoyed tone.

“Alrighty.” Han Zhuofeng quickly agreed.

“Since you have money now, you dont have to worry.

This is our first sci-fi movie.

If theres anything we dont understand, we can just learn about it.”

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