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Yu Xingzhou fans then rushed over to the Greedy Wolf Operation official Weibo and started commenting, spamming the comments sections withDelete Lu Mans parts, otherwise boycott Greedy Wolf Operation .

Originally, the Lu Man who was totally unknown in the entertainment circle suddenly became a trending search by Yu Xingzhous fans.

The news even reached the ears of Public Relations Department employees, and Sister Li clutched her chest as she flew into a rage.

“These people, theyre too much!”

“They are just kids who currently going through the teenage phase of impulsivity.

Moreover, getting encouraged by Yu Xingzhou, made them behave this way.” Lu Man shook his head in disappointment.

“We all are already so furious, yet why is it that on the other hand, youre much calmer than us” Chen Shimian asked helplessly.

Upon seeing Lu Mans calm reaction, they felt like they had completely wasted their time getting so worked up just now.

Lu Man smiled lightly.

“Its not that Im not angry, Im very angry.

But Im angry at Yu Xingzhou, not those kids.

Im furious and upset that he chose to set his fans into actions and mislead them.

Right now, they are at a stage where its easy for anyone to mislead them and he is exploiting the protectiveness his fans have over him to make them do these things.

These kids dont know right from wrong and it makes me very angry.

As for these children, yes, Im also angry, but whats the use of being angry at them Its more of a sense of helplessness.”

“These children nowadays, have all been spoilt.

If they do anything wrong, a sentencehe/ she is still a child lets them off easily and they then act as if nothing happened at all.

But they are not very young at all, and yet cant even tell good from bad, its really very hateful,” Chen Shimian gritted his teeth and said angrily.

“Then are you planning on not doing anything” Sister Li also found it unfair, “Isnt this holding back too much!”

“This is extremely unfair, Lu Man is alone with no fanbase, these fans are illogically attacking Lu Man.

Even if we all go and help, we wont be able to survive against such a big group of unruly youngsters.

They are illogical and disgust people with their unreasonable, despicable words.

Talking logic to them is like playing the piano for a cow, on the other hand, we will be disgusted by their logic till we want to puke our guts out,” You Lili harshly put down her phone.

Having just seen those new comments, she was so disgusted by their insensitive comments that she completely lost her appetite.

By now, Xia Mengxuan had learned to be good and at least she would not dare to say anything that would disgust Lu Man.

But she was still watching the drama from the side, hearing that Lu Man had become so unlucky, she could not help being happy, and smiled brightly.

Although everyone had seen it, they pretended not to see it.

Right now, they were already disgusted; they did not want Xia Mengxuan to increase their repugnance.

With a smug smile, Lu Man said, “Am I the kind of person who would let people demean me but not do anything”

Everybody: “…”

That was true, anyone who demeaned, offended Lu Man did not have a good ending.

“Ill go out for a while,” Lu Man told everyone and went out.

Tang Zi had just quit his job as paparazzi, and had officially joined Nan Yings entertainment news section, and was now an entertainment reporter.

Despite that, his connections in the paparazzi circle still existed.

The company he had worked in before was quite big and was considered one of the top groups in the country.

Back then, besides being led by the Big Boss, Tang Zi had also been elevated from being a small paparazzo to a leader of a small group.

However, being a paparazzo was not a long-term plan; there was also no guarantee for his safety.

Tang Zi had been threatened quite a few times, and even their Big Boss constantly received dire threats.

Thus, as soon as he had the opportunity to change profession, Tang Zi did not care about how much effort he had put in these past few years and decided to resign from his job as paparazzi.

Lu Man went to a corner in the staircase and gave Tang Zi a call.

“Tang Zi.

“Man Man, I was just about to give you a call.” Tang Zi answered the call.

“I knew that you didnt get along with Bai Shuangshuang for a long time, but whats with Yu Xingzhou”


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