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Chapter 3361: Calm DownTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She threw them onto the bed.

Unexpectedly, at the very second that the two balls of paper fell onto the bed…

They suddenly transformed into people.

Upon a closer look, the two people on the bed looked exactly like He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

It was just that they appeared somewhat rigid in comparison.

However, without a close examination, it would be impossible to tell that there was anything different from the actual people.

Even He Qingyang and Yang Lin felt a little confused by the sight, even a bit horrified.

“All right.

They will take your place in this room tonight,” Xie Jiling said.

“You two go outside for a while.”

“Oh, okay.” He Qingyang and Yang Lin were completely shaken by this move of hers.

They were somewhat skeptical of her before this and wanted to wait till after seeing the outcome tonight before changing their minds.

But after seeing the move she just made, they truly had no more doubts about her.

Putting themaster who was currently present aside, those few from before definitely did not have this level of ability!

He Qingyang and Yang Lin were immediately filled with hope.

The two people felt their hearts had been revived.

They no longer felt apprehensive.

Finally, someone with real ability was here.

They wouldnt feel any heartache at all, even if they had to pay her 5,000,000.

Now, these two people would heed her words and obey.

They rushed out of the room.

That “master” went into a daze from watching this scene.

Then he suddenly trembled and said, “This is the legendary Object Transformation Spell!”

“What” He Qingyang and Yang Lin expressed that they didnt understand.

“This kind of skill, which allows the user to casually tear up some paper and transform them into people, died out a very long time ago!” the “master” said excitedly.

“I only know that this sort of legendary technique exists due to having seen it in the ancient records of my masters sect.”

“At the time, when I saw it was written in the documents as a brilliant skill, I thought the people of the ancient times were just exaggerating.

However, its actually similar to the method of camouflage used in magic tricks.

Ive never seen the technique being used, and it was only briefly mentioned in the ancient records of my masters sect, without including the method to execute it.

So I didnt believe it was real all this time.”

“I never imagined… that there would be a day when I would actually see it in person!” The “master” was so emotional that he seemed like he was about to kneel down before Xie Jiling.

The corner of Xie Jilings mouth twitched, and she said exasperatedly, “Master, calm down a little.”

“Hey! Youre still calling memaster! In your presence, Ive lost all face.” The “master” was so ashamed that his face was flushed.

“Youre the great master.

In your presence, Im nothing at all!”

“Its truly unexpected that your sage self presents as an ordinary person! Youre of such a young age, yet youre already so powerful!” The “master” gazed at Xie Jiling in admiration.

Faced with this middle-aged uncles admiration, Xie Jiling expressed that it was completely unwanted and regarded it with great disdain.

“You mentioned a sect.

Which sect are you from” Xie Jiling asked.

The Xie Family had a universal record of all the sects that existed from ancient times till now.

Many of the sects from ancient times had died out long ago and no longer existed.

The reason why the remaining few had yet to die out wasnt that they had robust foundations.

Rather, it was because too much time had passed, so they lost most of their techniques.

To date, they only had some minor arts left.

Of course, every sect had preserved some trump cards.

However, it was somewhat difficult for their current levels of ability, so very few people could learn them.

To the Xie Family, though, those trump cards were simply inadequate.

Back in the day, these trump cards were merely techniques for the junior disciples to learn.

Blushing with shame, the “master” said, “Now that you mention it, Im truly an embarrassment to my masters sect.

Im from the Xuan Yi Sect.”

“Im Luo Dingzhen,” the “master” said.

“I remember that the leader of the Xuan Yi Sect, Hui Hai, is quite powerful.

So why are you like this” Xie Jiling narrowed her eyes.

“Moreover, since youre a member of the Xuan Yi Sect, you should know the difference between ordinary spirits and vengeful spirits.

Yet, you made things difficult for ordinary spirits”

Luo Dingzhen instantly began to sweat as he regretted his past deeds.

“Great Master, I know Ive done wrong.

It was my pride.

We, the disciples of our sect, are normally out in the world, and when we return to the sect every year, well make records of our achievements.

I… I didnt want to lose to the others, so I…”

“So, you harmed ordinary spirits” Xie Jiling said coldly.

She still remembered the incident.

She wouldnt let Luo Dingzhen off just because of his admiration for her.

The moment Luo Dingzhen heard the wordordinary, he knelt down before Xie Jiling.

“Great Master, I know Ive done wrong.

I will definitely change for the better.

Could you… Could you please give me a chance”

“You dont need to beg me.

In any case, if you hurt another ordinary soul in your current condition, you will completely destroy your Qi.

As for what will happen after, Ive already told you about that.”

After having seen Xie Jilings methods, Luo Dingzhen now had total belief in Xie Jilings words.

He immediately became terrified.

“Then… Then what should I do” Luo Dingzhen asked in fear.

“Great Master, I really do regret my actions.

I will never do this sort of thing ever again in the future.

I want to change.

Could you… Could you please repair my Qi”

“I could,” Xie Jiling said.

Luo Dingzhens eyes lit up, and he was about to hug Xie Jilings leg.

Fortunately, he realized just in time that this behavior would not be very appropriate.

Luo Dingzhens arms hung stiffly in midair for several seconds before he hurriedly withdrew them.

“Great Master, what solutions do you have” Luo Dingzhen asked hastily.

“I guarantee that I will definitely never hurt an ordinary spirit ever again in the future.

I will definitely change for the better!”

Nevertheless, with this method, Xie Jiling wasnt afraid that Luo Dingzhen wouldnt change.

Consequently, Xie Jiling said, “You can repair your Qi by yourself.

You just need to do many good deeds.

Slowly accumulate your meritorious deeds, and your Qi will recover.”

“You exhausted your Qi on ordinary spirits, so youll have to retrieve it from them.

This is your karma,” Xie Jiling said.

“When you encounter ordinary spirits and send them to the netherworld, you need to help them achieve their unfulfilled wishes, as long as it does not involve harming others.

This is to help them reincarnate without any lingering regrets.”

“If you encounter resentful spirits and are able to deal with them, then go ahead and deal with them.

If you cant, you need to first help prevent the innocent parties from getting harmed, then contact the Exorcist Association,” Xi Jiling said.

“What Ive said are just examples.

There are still many cases where youll need to take it case by case.

In any case, these are the general methods,” Xie Jiling said.

“Every time you do a good deed, the netherworlds book of merits will make a judgment on whether you should receive a point of merit or not.

As your merits accumulate, so will your Qi.

Of course, if you revert to your old ways, you will ultimately suffer the repercussions of that.

If you do bad deeds after doing many good deeds, the repercussions will be more severe.

So, you better think about it deeply.”

Luo Dingzhen said hurriedly, “Ive already decided to change for the better.

I definitely will not be like I was in the past!”

Xie Jiling merely nodded.

She didnt care about Luo Dingzhens sincerity as he made this pledge.

In any case, if Luo Dingzhen cherished his life and wanted to have a good reincarnation, he would definitely change himself.

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