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Chapter 3365: Everyone Became Familiar With Each OtherTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At this moment, she happened to stare directly at the vengeful ghost.

“Ah!” Yang Lin shrieked.

When she saw the vengeful ghost coming downstairs, she immediately wanted to run.

“Dont run!” He Qingyang grabbed her and stopped her from running.

The vengeful ghost was going to dash forward.

But the moment it dashed toward them, it was rebounded as if there was an invisible net.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin saw everything.

The two couldnt see the invisible net.

However, they saw the vengeful spirit spring back into the bedroom.

They then remembered the setup Xie Jiling had done this afternoon.

Yang Lin immediately felt a sense of relief.

“I didnt expect.

I didnt expect that we could encounter someone with real abilities!”

He Qingyang nodded and quickly urged, “Get rid of it!”

When the vengeful spirit sprung back, Xie Jiling immediately rushed into the bedroom and shouted, “You are already in here.

Where do you think you are going”

The vengeful spirit immediately turned and faced Xie Jiling while saying in a hateful tone, “Mind your own business!”

“Why did you try to kill them” Xie Jiling could tell that the vengeful ghost was trying to kill He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

“They deserve to die!” The vengeful spirit screamed.

“Are you Lu Qi” Xie Jiling suddenly asked.

The vengeful spirit was stunned.

Suddenly, it started cackling crazily, “Hahahahahahahahaha!”

“Since you know, why do you ask me for the reason why I want to kill them They killed me!” Lu Qi instantly transformed back into what she looked like back then.

Aside from the pale face, she looked the same as before.

“Its because I became the reason why He Zhengbai couldnt marry someone else.

And so, they wanted to kill me.

They worked together and murdered me.

They are all murderers! He Zhengbai watched me burn to death in that fire!”

“I treated him with such kindness and sacrificed everything for him.

I even gave up my family for him.

My dad refused to acknowledge me as his daughter, and my mom went to jail for him.

I gave half of the property of the Lu Family to the He Family, but what did I get in the end”

“Their family worked together to kill me! When He Zhengbai killed me, he didnt hesitate at all! He didnt think about how much I have sacrificed for him.

But he wanted to take my life!”

“I died.

Yet, he luckily survived.

Still, I dont think it was fair!” Lu Qi roared with such hate and anger.

She couldnt control herself.

For a moment, her face distorted terrifyingly.

However, her distorted face instantly changed back to normal.

“How could he kill me and still live well Initially, I wanted to torture him every day, but I didnt expect him to be so useless.

He died the first time I scared him.”

“He killed me, but I didnt forget that He Qingyang and Yang Lin had played a part in it as well.

Therefore, I came to get my revenge! They killed me! They wont get to escape!”

This was Lu Qis grudge.

Her grudge was getting stronger and stronger, resulting in her reluctance to reincarnate.

She came by every day to torture He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

The more fear He Qingyang and Yang Lin felt, the stronger the grudge became.

Because she was doing evil and because she had so much hate, she completely became a vengeful spirit.

However, she had just transformed into a vengeful spirit.

She didnt have an organization, and she didnt practice any techniques.

As such, she was no match for Xie Jiling.

“When they die, I wont even let their soul go free.” Lu Qi showed a fierce and ruthless smile.

Although she was evil when alive, she pretended to be sweet and innocent for many years.

When she smiled, she still looked pitiful and beautiful.

However, her current smile no longer looked like the smile she had back when she was alive.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “I can understand why you wanted to kill He Qingyang and Yang Lin.

But what about Lu Man Why did you try to hurt Lu Man”

“How did you know” Lu Qi showed a change of expression.

Xie Jiling said coldly, “Because I detected some aura that shouldnt be there when I was visiting her and tracked your location by tracing the aura.

If you didnt seek to harm Lu Man, I wouldnt have known that you were here causing trouble.”

Therefore, Lu Qi did it to herself.

“You said that He Qingyang and Yang Lin harmed you, so you wanted to take revenge.

What about Lu Man” Xie Jiling asked again.

“She hurt me as well!” Lu Qis face appeared distorted.

Because of her vengeance, her face became horrifying again.

Lu Qi gave up on transforming her face back.

She continued screaming with that horrifying appearance, “If it wasnt because of her, why would I have such a tragic ending It is true that He Zhengbai had killed me and that He Qingyang and Yang Lin helped him.

However, if it werent because of Lu Man, I wouldnt have lost everything, and they wouldnt have killed me.”

Xie Jiling was just a little curious.

And now, when she heard what Lu Qi said, she understood everything.

Lu Qis extreme thoughts showed that her temper was the same before and after she died.

Whether it was while she was still alive or after her death, she already had so much grudge.

It wasnt really unusual that she became a vengeful spirit.

“He Qingyang and Yang Lin did the wrong thing.

The law will punish them.

They shouldnt die in your hands,” Xie Jiling said.

As for the situation between Lu Man and Lu Qi, Xie Jiling couldnt even bother to say anything.

Lu Man didnt do anything wrong.

It was Lu Qi who had gotten a taste of her own medicine.

However, Lu Qi clearly didnt think so.

And so, even if Xie Jiling said anything about this, it would be a waste of energy.

As such, Xie Jiling decided not to say anything.

“Since you met me today, you should behave yourself and leave for the underworld.” Xie Jiling said.

“Do you really think you can deal with me just because you are a ghostbuster You are just a little girl!” Lu Qi was looking down on Xie Jiling as she said this.

Instantly, she took on the form of a vengeful spirit and started attacking Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling was really calm as she gestured a Movement Mantra.

Then, she smacked the air toward Lu Qi.

The hand motion of the mantra left Xie Jilings hands and formed this huge handprint in the air before smacking Lu Qi.

Lu Qi instantly froze.

Suddenly, she looked terrified.

Her scary face became even more distorted.

A blazing beam of light struck the top of her head and through her entire body.

Her entire body was filled with this light, and she instantly became half transparent.

When the light dimmed, the bumpy black scars on her face disappeared.

She didnt even have to do it manually; she had already transformed back to how she looked while she was alive.

Lu Qi stared at her own hands.

Her hands had previously been scarred.

The skin and flesh on some parts of her hand had disappeared, revealing the bones underneath.

But now, her hands turned back to normal.

They looked fair and white like before.

Even if she wanted to transform into that terrifying appearance, she couldnt do it.

Her entire body felt weak and she couldnt muster any energy.

At this moment, a black hole appeared.

Two soul reapers dressed like ancient soldiers came out of the hole.

When they saw Xie Jiling, they didnt act like strangers.

They greeted her with such familiarity, “Lady Xie.”

They spoke like ancient people.

Xie Jiling had always been in B City and had dealt with many similar cases.

The same soul reapers obviously couldnt be everywhere in the world.

Each region on earth had its own designated soul reapers.

Because of the frequent interaction, they naturally became familiar with each other.

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