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Previously, Lu Man had him find some dirt on Bai Shuangshuang, and Tang Zi had already collected quite a lot and given it to Lu Man.

Therefore, the fact that Bai Shuangshuang was funding an internet water army to badmouth Lu Man online was something that Tang Zi knew but was not worried about.

Lu Man had long wanted to deal with Bai Shuangshuang, but she had her own reasons for not doing it right now.

As to how to mess with people, Lu Man was more professional at that.

But Yu Xingzhous sudden appearance left him quite shocked.

But what made him more shocked was Lu Mans ability to attract hatred; why did it feel that somehow she was like a magnet to such kind of firepower!

Lu Man then briefly explained the situation with Yu Xingzhou to Tang Zi.

“He probably thinks that if he secretly aggravates the situation, it would be all the fans fault and it would have nothing to do with him, so no one can pin the blame on him or do anything to him.”

“Idi*t!” Tang Zi was so shocked that he just kept staring blankly for a while, no wonder Yu Xingzhous future had been ruined to such an extent .

Such dumb people! Even if they gave him 100 chances and he became popular 100 times, he could still be ruined 100 times.

“As for Bai Shuangshuang, I wont touch her as of now, but Yu Xingzhou does not have any clashing benefits with me, so Ill ruin him right away.” Lu Man pursed her lips tightly.

Honestly, she did not need to do anything herself, she could just have Han Zhuoli make it such that Yu Xingzhou would not be able to show his face and would have to leave the entertainment circle immediately.

But Lu Man did not want to miss out on the fun of taking revenge by herself.

“Earlier, wasnt there someone who filmed Yu Xingzhou taking drugs in another country” Lu Man asked.

Back then, this news had been pressed down so that no one would care about it, and thus, its effect was not as large as Yu Xingzhou acting like a diva.

Moreover, the photo of him taking drugs overseas was not taken by a professional paparazzo, some Chinese national who had somehow met him when traveling overseas had taken that photo.

Due to the lighting in the environment and the camera quality being affected by the distance, the image was not very clear and it was hard to accurately determine if the photo was of Yu Xingzhou.

Yet, with just one glance, one could really tell that it was Yu Xingzhou.

At that time, it just happened that Yu Xingzhou was also taking part in the Fashion Week activities overseas.

The timing, the location, everything was correct.

But Yu Xingzhous fans strongly thought that the face was not very clear and they could not confirm that this was Yu Xingzhou, so they were adamant on denying it.

Therefore, this case just died down, it did not have as big an impact as Yu Xingzhou acting like a diva.

“Yes, but those photos are really not clear, even if you publish them now, its of no use.

Moreover, at that time, there were no local paparazzi overseas and he had just become popular, and no one knew how he would fare in the future, so no one followed this news at all,” Tang Zi said.

“I know.” What Lu Man wanted was the source behind it.

“Tell me about this netizen who published Yu Xingzhous photo at that time, Ill go find him.

Please help me contact your paparazzi colleagues, although those photos cannot be used, we can still find new evidence.”

“Will it be in time” Tang Zi asked.

After making a rough calculation, Lu Man smiled and said, “Itll definitely be in time.”

After hanging up, Lu Man quickly received the details that Tang Zi sent over.

The Weibo account of the netizen who had exposed the photo and the contacts of previous paparazzi group colleagues.

Lu Man did not instantly contact that netizen, and first contacted Tang Zis colleagues.

When Lu Man told the reason she contacted him, Tang Zis previous colleague, Da Xiong was very polite.

“Miss Lu, dont be too polite, youre Tang Zis friend, and that means youre our friend too.

As for this thing, we will definitely help you.”

“Thank you, but please charge us for it, I cant let you suffer for nothing,” Lu Man said.

“Haha, you treat yourself as too much of an outsider,” Da Xiong said politely but did not reject it.

Although Yu Xingzhou was a bit popular, it was not worth for them to find news on him; they were doing this as a favor for Tang Zi, and no one would want to work for nothing right


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