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Chapter 3377: Thats Definitely Not the CaseTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“The one who caused you harm will have to bear more than just the backlash of failure.

Once she succeeds, then she also needs to pay an equivalent in exchange.”

“For example, it could be a corresponding reduction of lifespan.

It could be luck or the soul after death.

It could be anything you can think of or anything you cant expect.

From that persons point of view, these might be temporary sacrifices for what he or she wants right now.” Xie Jiling said.

“As for the exorcist, it will be competing with another exorcist.

The exorcist functions as the bridge between the human world and the underworld and normally exorcise ghost and eliminate evil.

They are an existence that is outside of the three realms, not under the control of the five elements.”

“He does not have to exchange anything of equivalent value.” Xie Jiling said.

“He made a profit and hurt someone, but nothing happens to him” Zheng Binzhou asked.

The things that Xie Jiling said werent considered secrets that should not be told to ordinary people.

It was just that ordinary people would rarely have the chance to interact with an exorcist.

Even if they had the chance, the exorcist would not be willing to explain it to them.

The exorcists with the ultimate goal of making money would obviously feel reluctant to tell ordinary people about their profession.

However, Xie Jiling didnt care at all.


His opponent is the exorcist,” Xie Jiling said.

“If the person under the curse was unaware of it, then theres no solution.

However, if the person who was cursed realized that something was wrong… For example, this elder sister may not know that she is under a spell.

However, because of what has been happening to her recently, she sought out an exorcist.”

“Normally, the person under a curse would experience a lot of physical changes.

It is difficult not to notice these symptoms.” Xie Jiling said, “As long as you hire an actual exorcist and not a scammer, the exorcist will naturally know whats going on.”

Initially, Song Lihua thought Xie Jiling looked really young and didnt seem like a powerful person.

Especially when an exorcist was a profession that she had never interacted with before.

She thought that exorcist was a job that should be done by men.

It never occurred to her that a little girl could do such a scary and dangerous job.

She thought Xie Jiling was young and unreliable.

Since Xie Jiling said that she would only accept payment if the result is successful, she thought it would be okay.

Therefore, she thought it was fine for Xie Jiling to try it out.

But now, Xie Jiling sounded very knowledgeable and professional.

Even though she couldnt determine if Xie Jiling was telling the truth…

But somehow, she just really trusted Xie Jiling.

Whenever Xie Jiling spoke, she felt this sense of reassurance.

And she then heard Xie Jiling say, “But if the exorcist decides to break the curse, it becomes a fight between two exorcists.”

“This is the risk that the exorcist has to take.

If no one finds out, or if the other exorcist is inferior to him and he succeeds in placing the spell, he will win the bet and collect a sizable fee.

However, the exorcist who lost will be seriously injured.”

“Then wont you be in danger” Ren Linna said worriedly.

Xie Sendling shook his head and explained, “The law of nature is fair.

It is evil for an exorcist to cast a curse.

This is not in line with the duties of an exorcist.

When an exorcist does things that go against the code of conduct for exorcists for the sake of profit, they have to do it secretly.

It doesnt matter if they arent discovered.

However, it will be very troublesome if they do get discovered.”

“On the other hand, the exorcist is on the side of justice and exists to eliminate evil, which is the actual reason why exorcists exist.

Therefore, if the exorcist who is trying to break the curse loses and becomes injured, their injuries will heal.

While their injuries heal, the law will reward them.”

“Although he failed to break the curse, he would be compensated for the effort.

On the contrary, if the exorcist who breaks the curse loses, he will never recover from the injuries and he will never be able to exorcise spirits.”

“This is how the act of casting curses among exorcists is restrained.

If not, the world would have already become so chaotic.

Because the consequences are very serious, the exorcist would need to think carefully whether they are willing to take the consequences of this failure or not.”

“Therefore, I am curious about how much the other party is offering to make an exorcist willingly deal with the consequence of the curse being broken.

Or maybe the exorcist was just really confident in his own abilities and trust that no one would be able to break his curse.”

“Of course, this is just one of the possibilities.

theres another possibility.

The person who wanted to curse you is an exorcist.

Although this is less likely to happen, it is still possible.” Xie Jiling said.

“Then… then are you confident enough to break this curse” Zheng Binzhou asked nervously.

One was his cousin and the other was his classmate.

He didnt want to see either of them in trouble.

Zheng Binzhou couldnt disregard Xie Jilings safety for the sake of his cousin.

However, he definitely couldnt ignore his cousin because he felt scared that Xie Jiling would be injured.

“I have to test the other exorcists level.” Xie Jiling said.

She took out a blank yellow paper talisman from her bag and took out a red gel pen.

She drew a symbol and a few stripes on the edge of the paper talisman.

She then casually wrote the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 on the paper.

The nine Arabic numbers.

Chen Xing and the others were already mentally prepared to see Xie Jiling using a method that was completely different from what they had imagined.

However, the others who had never experienced this were dumbfounded.

They had never seen other exorcists.

But they thought that the other exorcists wouldnt act like this.

At least they wouldnt use a red gel pen to draw on the paper talisman.

“This is a spell-testing talisman.” Xie Jiling said.

The people present were not in this profession, so they couldnt understand at all.

But even Luo Dingzhen would be shocked by this.

How many types of paper talismans could Xie Jiling draw

Drawing a paper talisman was not a big deal.

Every exorcist could do it.

The difference lay in the power of the paper talisman drawn.

Some could only draw low-level talisman seals.

Some could draw medium-level and some could draw high-level talismans.

Of course, there were only a few who could draw a high-level talisman.

Therefore, the level would depend on the symbols on the paper talismans.

The symbols would be the same.

People who knew about this profession would notice that the symbols on the talisman papers, whether they were low-level, medium-level, or high-level, all looked the same.

The final level of the paper talismans would depend on how much energy could be generated from the symbols on the paper talisman.

That would depend on the ability of the exorcist.

If all the energy contained in the symbol was stimulated, the talisman would be considered a Great Perfection Talisman.

If only 70% of the energy was stimulated, it would be a high-level talisman.

If 40-60% of the energy was stimulated, it would be a medium-level talisman.

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