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Chapter 3380: Never Seen Anyone With Such AbilityTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The few words of description stated that there had been exorcists who could achieve such a thing.

Such exorcists were extremely powerful.

They were not normal exorcists.

The exorcists, who could purify vengeful aura, were doing good deeds.

Most vengeful spirits became vengeful because they died due to injustice.

The injustice done to them was not resolved, resulting in a vengeful aura.

Eventually, they would get controlled by this vengeful aura.

If this vengeful aura were purified, they would regain their sanity and receive a chance to reincarnate.

This would be a great merit.

The merit would increase the Qi and luck.

The greater this accumulation of Qi, the easier it would be for the exorcist in matters related to both cultivation and life.

In fact, this accumulation of Qi is accompanied by opportunities.

The more opportunities the exorcist had, the higher the level of spirits they could exorcise and the greater the amount of Qi.

This formed a cycle.

For the exorcist, this brings a hundred benefits without harm.

Although this story sounded really nice, there were only a few exorcists who could purify vengeful auras.

The ancient book also mentioned that there were very few exorcists like this.

Even if some exorcists knew how to do this, they wouldnt bother to exhaust their own energy to do this.

Even if they had only exorcised the spirit, there would be an increase in Qi, just not as great as the increase in Qi from purifying vengeful auras.

Of course, this was because many exorcists actually had no idea of this benefit.

In ancient times, there were many more exorcists who could purify vengeful auras.

However, as time passed, the purification of vengeful auras eventually became a legend.

At least, Lu Penghai had never seen anyone capable of doing it.

Lu Penghai assumed that these young people had read about the purification of vengeful auras somewhere.

Maybe they had also read about it from a copy of an ancient book.

They read about it and used the knowledge to bluff and pretended like they were professionals.

Lu Penghai didnt know if there were actually exorcists who could purify vengeful auras.

There might be some, but he had never met any.

In addition, even if there were, it was unlikely that it would be a young girl like Xie Jiling.

Lu Penghai sneered and said, “Such prideful words! You might deceive ordinary people with these words.”

“But unfortunately, you met me today.

Let me tell you.

I have read books that mentioned the purification of vengeful auras.

I dont know where you read about it and started bragging about this.”

“However, I have been by my teachers side and learned about exorcism for ten years and left to work by myself for 20 years, adding up to a total of 30 years.

I have never seen anyone with such ability.” Lu Penghai sneered and said, “And you are telling me now that your classmate can purify vengeful auras How ridiculous!”

Lu Penghai stared at Zhou Liangsheng and said, “Mr.

Zhou, thankfully, you met me, someone who knows about the world of exorcism, today.

If not, Mrs.

Zhou would have been deceived by these youngsters!”

“Do you now know how important this is!” Lu Penghai appeared really angry as he said, “They are taking peoples lives as jokes!”


Zhou, are you still letting them cause trouble here” Lu Penghai questioned angrily.

Zhou Liangsheng said angrily to Zheng Binzhou, “Binzhou, I am so disappointed in you! I thought you were doing this for the sake of your elder sister! But you are not even aware of how important this matter is! How could you bring your classmate along to cause a ruckus when this is such an important matter!”

“She is a liar! Cant you tell” Zhou Liangsheng no longer showed any courtesy as he pointed at Xie Jiling.

“Brother-in-law, she is not a liar!” Zheng Binzhou was so angry that he became impatient.

“Why cant you let her prove herself Since you said shes a liar, just let her try it first, and you will know if shes a liar or not.”

“Moreover, if you said shes a liar, there shouldnt be any possibility of her harming my sister.

What could a liar do A liar wouldnt be able to hurt my sister.” Zheng Binzhou said, “And so, what is there to be afraid of Why wont you let Jiling try it”

“Yes! So what if Jiling gives it a go How can you make a conclusion based on someones age and gender Have you ever seen what Jiling is capable of doing How do you know she cant do it” Ren Linna said, refusing to yield.

Xie Jiling patted Zheng Binzhou and Ren Linna on the shoulder.

The two immediately looked at her.

They then saw Xie Jiling turn toward Song Lihua and said to her, “Elder Sister, what do you think You are the one being tormented.

I think it would be more suitable for you to decide.”

“My clients usually willingly request my service.

If my client doesnt trust me, I wont insist,” Xie Jiling said, “Dont worry.

Binzhou is my classmate.

No matter what you choose, I will not have any complaints.”

Song Lihua touched her stomach and thought about the terror of being chased by the baby in her dream.

She looked at Lu Penghai and then at Xie Jiling.

Master Lus expression was basically saying that “Xie Jiling is a liar.”

Song Lihua took a deep breath and said, “Master Lu, I am sorry.

Its not that I dont trust you.

However, before you arrived, I had already made an agreement with Jiling.”

“Lihua!” Zhou Liangsheng looked at Zhou Lihua in shock, “How could you be so foolish! This is not something to fool around with! Have you paid her already”

“No.” Song Lihua said.

“If you havent paid her, then its fine.” Zhou Liangsheng said to Xie Jiling without any courtesy, “We dont need you.

You can leave.”

“No!” Song Lihua quickly objected.

For some reason, she panicked.

She just felt that she couldnt let Xie Jiling go.

There was an energy in Xie Jiling that she trusted so much.

“I want Xie Jiling to give it a go.”

Song Lihua said respectfully to Lu Penghai, “Master Lu, if Jiling fails, you can do it.

Is that okay Its not that I dont trust you.

Its just because I have already agreed to this.

I cant go back on my words.”

“Moreover, my brother kindly brought someone over, and I cant let him down,” Song Lihua said.

Zheng Binzhou wanted to say that Lu Penghai should just leave.

It was impossible for Xie Jiling to fail.

However, he felt Xie Jiling tugging him.

She knew that Song Lihua was trying to comfort Lu Penghai and Zhou Liangsheng.

Xie Jiling quickly observed Zhou Liangsheng and noticed that Zhou Liangsheng appeared slightly impatient.

It seemed like he was in a rush for them to leave.

Somehow, when Zheng Binzhou felt Xie Jiling tugging him, he stopped talking.

Based on Lu Penghais reaction earlier, if he heard this from Song Lihua, he would have flung his sleeves and left.

After all, he had threatened to leave once.

But when he heard what Song Lihua said, Lu Penghai looked angry, but he didnt say anything about leaving.

Xie Jiling couldnt help but pay more attention to Lu Penghai.

At this moment, Lu Penghai cast a glance at Zhou Liangsheng and said, “Since Mrs.

Zhou does not trust me, I should leave.


Zhou, no matter what happens in the future, dont seek my presence anymore.”

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