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Chapter 3383: Who Would Dare to Go Against HerTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Zhou Liangsheng, are you still human!” Song Lihua started trembling.

Her entire body felt cold.

She didnt doubt Xie Jilings words.

When the symbols on the talisman stopped glowing, Song Lihua didnt feel anything.

But when Xie Jiling finished talking, she suddenly felt this relief she had never felt before.

Her body no longer felt heavy like when she was having nightmares every day.

It was a very weird feeling.

She couldnt explain, but she knew that the curse placed on her had indeed disappeared.

And when Song Lihua saw Lu Penghais pale face, she understood everything.

Zhou Liangsheng had been the one who found Lu Penghai.

Lu Penghai and Zhou Liangsheng had been working together earlier.

The two had clearly discussed this.

Song Lihua shivered.

Her entire body felt cold.

This was the person she shared a bed with, the husband she lived with every day, and the father of her child.

But this guy wanted to hurt her and her child!

“What did Jiling say earlier If Lu Penghai really tried to solve this for me, he might take this opportunity to harm me!” Song Lihua said coldly, “Jiling was right! If Lu Penghai did it, he would have messed with it secretly!”

“You had a completely different explanation.

I was cursed, but Master Lu said that I was haunted by a vengeful ghost!” Song Lihua was so angry that her eyes turned red.

“Zhou Liangsheng, we are husband and wife.

Are you still human!” Song Lihua screamed as she questioned.

“I didnt do it!” Zhou Liangsheng immediately denied it.

“Master Lu just coincidentally spat a mouthful of blood out.

How did you connect these two together” Zhou Liangsheng immediately said.

“Was it you!” Zhou Liangsheng turned and questioned Xie Jiling, “Did you play some dirty tricks and caused Master Lu to spit blood”

“Zhou Liangsheng!” Zheng Binzhou looked at Zhou Liangsheng, “Why are you still arguing Jiling has no reason to do that.

Why would she hurt him”

“Who said she had no reason” Zhou Liangsheng immediately said, “Master Lu just suspected her, and she must have harbored a grudge and took the opportunity to frame Master Lu.”


Master Lus assessment was different.

Maybe her assessment was right.

However, these are strange things.

There isnt a standard method to determine this, and even a master has a chance of making a mistake.

You cant use this as the reason to accuse that I had colluded with Master Lu to hurt Lihua!”

“Lihua, you are my wife.

You are pregnant with our child.

How can I hurt you” Zhou Liangsheng sulked as he said, “This is really a misunderstanding!”

“We will find out if it is a misunderstanding later,” Xie Jiling said.

“What nonsense are you going to say now!” Zhou Liangsheng angrily pointed at Xie Jiling, “Its all because of you.

Why are you instigating a conflict between us”

“I dont understand.

Our family has nothing to do with you.

Why dont you want our family to live a good life” Zhou Liangsheng pointed at Xie Jiling and said angrily, “You are so young, but you are so evil!”

Zhou Liangsheng appeared to be in a moment of realization when he asked, “Is it because I questioned and doubted you Thats why you held a grudge and took this opportunity to instigate a conflict between us”

“Zhou Liangsheng, you have deceived my family for a long time.

I didnt expect you to have such good acting skills,” Zheng Binzhou said coldly, “I am curious.

How shameless can you be What else are you capable of saying”

“You are blaming my classmate for something you did She is not as shameless as you!” Zheng Binzhou said angrily.

No matter how many words Zhou Liangsheng said, Zheng Binzhou wouldnt believe it.

Xie Jiling was his classmate.

She may have an aloof personality.

But she usually didnt care about many things.

In the beginning, everyone thought she was just a shaman that loved mystifying things.

Xie Jiling wasnt even mad about that.

Later on, when they followed her method, they realized that it actually worked.

Everyone then started trusting her.

They would then ask her whenever something weird happened.

Most of the time, they were just paranoid and scared themselves.

However, Xie Jiling had never been impatient.

Regardless of whether they had been overthinking, she would seriously take a look at it for them.

And that was why everyone in the class really liked this very reliable and mellow classmate of theirs.

Of course, there were no romantic feelings involved.

They were all cowards.

Xie Jiling was very pretty with a good personality.

However, she often attracted vengeful ghosts!

Anyone with her would occasionally encounter a vengeful ghost.

Of course, they didnt think that Xie Jiling was weird.

Even when they had found out that Xie Jiling could exorcise ghosts, they were still willing to follow along and join the fun.

However, if a vengeful ghost could pop up anytime during a date…

They wouldnt have such a strong heart.

But aside from that, everyone really liked Xie Jiling.

And now, Zhou Liangsheng actually started blaming Xie Jiling.

Zheng Binzhou and the others would always be the very first people who would never believe such accusations.

“Wheres the evidence” Zhou Liangsheng took a deep breath and pursed his lips.

He stared at Song Lihua and said, “Lihua, you said you are disappointed in me, but I am also really disappointed that you are suspecting me.”

“Theres not even any evidence.

However, you already accused me of colluding with Master Lu when this was just based on speculation.” Zhou Liangsheng looked betrayed as he said, “We are husband and wife.

What you are doing now really makes me sad.”

Zheng Binzhou was really angry.

Zhou Liangsheng was clearly the one trying to hurt Song Lihua.

Anyone with eyes could tell.

However, it was just as Zhou Liangsheng had said—there was no evidence.

Song Lihua was so sad that her face turned pale.

She wanted to believe Zhou Liangsheng.

Who would want to believe that the person sleeping on the same bed with them was a vicious person who would hurt them

However, her rationality was telling her that Zhou Liangsheng was definitely involved.

If she believed Zhou Liangsheng just because he said a few sentences…

These kids would look down on her, and she would look down on herself.

If this happened before she had gotten pregnant…

She might have chosen to lie to herself and believe Zhou Liangshengs reasoning.

But now, it must have been because she was already a mother.

And because she had been tormented for a long time.

After receiving so much harm, she couldnt easily choose to trust him.

She couldnt lie to herself.

If she chose to lie to herself, what was the point of her experiencing all that

Zhou Liangsheng said that there was no evidence.

But then, why did Lu Penghai coincidentally injure himself at the same time

This completely matched what Xie Jiling had said earlier.

“If so, can Master Lu prove that he is still an exorcist” Song Lihua said.

“If Jiling really attacked Master Lu like what you said, do you think Jiling is capable enough to take away Master Lus ability as an exorcist” Song Lihua said calmly.

“If Jiling was capable of doing that, shouldnt other exorcists be scared to death of her Who would dare to go against her” Song Lihua asked.

“An exorcist does not have the ability to take away another exorcists ability,” Xie Jiling said.

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