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“Its just that, you might have to wait for a piece of news for quite a while as you might not get the desired results in a short amount of time.

So, you better prepare yourself mentally,” Da Xiong said.

“Since I could contact you right now, I definitely have the confidence that you all can quickly get negative news about him,” Lu Man said.

“You have news” Da Xiong asked, curiously.

At first, he thought that he was just helping Lu Man out as with Yu XingZhous status, he wasnt worth them following him for news.

Honestly, they wouldnt be getting much benefit from putting in so much manpower, resources and time to follow Yu XingZhou.

However, if Lu Man already had some news ready for them to directly take it, it would be a different story altogether.

Moreover, Lu Man was even paying them.

So, this was equivalent to them winning.

“Of course I do.” Lu Man could be this confident because, in her previous life, Yu XingZhou was eventually reported by someone for taking drugs and got arrested.

In her past life, Yu XingZhou didnt meet Lu Man before.

The scandal about him being arrogant and acting like a diva was also shut down by public relations.

His career developed pretty well and he eventually became a B-list rising star, ready to walk down the path of stardom.

He could also attract quite a sizeable viewership by himself.

Eventually, an enthusiastic member of the public reported that he was taking drugs and he got arrested.

After being released from the detainment centre, his image fell to the pits and he never managed to make a comeback ever.

After all, having a scandal involving drugs really had a great impact on a celebrity.

In her past life, Lu Man had seen that piece of news in jail.

However, back then she didnt know that Yu XingZhou already had a past record of doing the same, it was just that he had never gotten caught before.

But now, from the looks of it, when he would get caught in the future, it would be something within her expectations.

Although Lu Man had already known about that long ago, she couldnt tell them about the exact date, lest others think that she was a witch who could even predict the future.

“This week, Ill have to trouble you to follow him.

Ive received reliable news that he has a couple of druggie friends.

Either they go to their friends house or he invites his friends to his own home and they occasionally have a drug party.

Ive calculated when the next time they would meet again, its probably next week.

Therefore, next week Ill have to trouble you guys.

You will have to follow them for an entire week,” Lu Man requested.

“As long as the news is reliable, it will definitely be no problem.

Dont worry, next week my bros and I will keep a good eye on him,” Da Xiong assured her.


That day, Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man back home.

On the way back, Lu Man received a call from Sister Li.

“Lu Man, quickly take a look at Weibo,” Sister Li said hurriedly, “Never mind, Ill send the link to you.

Take a look at it immediately.”

Before Lu Man could even say a word, she hung up the phone.

The hurried and rushed speed that she came and left with left Lu Man a little stunned.

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuoli saw that Lu Man received a phone call but didnt say a single word, and she looked stunned and dumbfounded.

It was rare to see her like this.

It was rather quite adorable.

Lu Man shook her head.

“It was Sister Li from the office.

She gave me a call to tell me to take a look at my Weibo.

She then hung up immediately once she was done.

I dont even know whats going on.”

Just then, she received a notification from her WeChat.

Opening it up, Lu Man saw the link that Sister Li had sent.

After she opened it, the system switched her over to the Weibo app and she saw the front page of a Weibo users account.

However, when she saw the content posted by the user, she immediately knew who it belonged to.

It was Xu Ningxian.

She made a Weibo post at 6.35 p.m.

that night: “I once was Yu Xingzhous fan too.

I was his fan until this Monday morning.

However, when I found out who he really was, I immediately left the fandom.

I once was a member of Yu Xingzhous fan club.

Through that, I found out that on Monday morning, Yu Xingzhou would be heading to Han Corporation, thus we all went to wait at the entrance of Han Corporation super early.

I even skipped class to go there.

That time, Lu Man and another Auntie were heading to the entrance together to collect the coffee they had ordered.

They saw us students and advised us that it was fine to chase after idols, but we shouldnt skip class.”


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