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“However, back then, the only one I had in my heart was Yu Xingzhou.

I felt that they were being a busybody, and I even said a lot of irresponsible and foolish words, blaming them for being a busybody.

Back then, I was very ill-mannered and impolite, they were indeed very angry too.

Eventually, Yu Xingzhou arrived, and he had his manager and four bodyguards with him too.

We, his fans, started screaming and shouting, hoping that he would look at us.

However, he was wearing his sunglasses and didnt even spare us a glance.

I waved at him, and we were rather far apart because of the bodyguards and I completely couldnt touch him.

I just wanted to wave at him, thats all.

Yet, I was hit violently on the elbow by his bodyguard.

Right now, my elbow is still swollen, and its even starting to bruise.”

“His bodyguard wronged me and said that I was thinking of touching Yu Xingzhou.

But that was such a joke.

I was at least one meter away from Yu Xingzhou, how could I possibly touch him I said that I was just waving to him, but the bodyguard insisted on framing me, and even riled up the other fans to pin the blame me too.

And while all this happened, Yu Xingzhou only coldly looked from the side, wearing his super black sunglasses, he didnt even look the slightest in my direction.

On the other hand, it was Lu Man whom I had earlier scolded very impolitely who pulled me behind her and protected me.

It was Lu Man and the other Auntie who took me to the medical bay in Han Corporation for first aid.

She said that a true idol would never want us to skip class just to chase after him.

When Yu Xingzhou looked towards Lu Man and my direction, he laughed nonchalantly and sarcastically.

However, when he turned around and faced his fans, he showed them his dashing side, telling them that they cant skip class but they can ask for leave.

Haha, taking leave to chase after idols.

Theres probably no other idol who would say something like that.”

“At first, after I left the fandom, I still didnt have any negative thoughts about Yu Xingzhou.

However, today, on my way home from school, I saw Yu Xingzhou riling up his fans just to take revenge on Lu Man, I really feel disappointed in him.

I even regret ever becoming a fan of someone like him.

Moreover, now that I think about it, I even feel like I have done way too many stupid things for his sake.

I know that after saying all this, I will definitely be attacked by his fans.

As someone who was once a fan too, I know that his fans will definitely come to attack me.

However, I still have to reveal the truth, because I just cant watch you all bully Lu Man like this.

She really is thoughtful and considerate of us.

Knowing the truth, I cant just sit and watch silently as she gets wronged and bullied.”

After this long Weibo post, there was a picture of a bruise blooming on her elbow.

Lu Man didnt expect that Xu Ningxian would actually stand up for her.

She felt touched and grateful, but she was also worried that this kid would be bullied on the Internet.

When she opened her Weibo comments, there were already quite some Yu Xingzhou fans who had come over to scold her.

“Youre lying.

You wanted to touch Zhou Zhou.

So many of us had seen it back then! Now youre even framing Zhou Zhou instead, youre not worthy of being his fan!”

“Youre shameless to jump onto the bandwagon to gain popularity!”

“Hack her account and find out who she is!”

Lu Man sent her a private message.

“Are you there Its me, Lu Man.”

“Older sister, its really is you!” Very quickly, Xu Ningxian had replied.

“Are you still on your way home” Lu Man asked.

“Yeah, Im still on the train.” Xu Ningxian replied.

“As of now, not many had seen the post, so you better delete that post quickly.

Im really happy that youve protected me.

But youre weak, alone and cant do much.

Dont offend them.” Lu Man advised.

“Even you are alone and weak too, yet youre not afraid.”

“Im different.

Youre still going to school, you should focus on your studies.

When those fans get crazy, they can do anything.

If they really hack your account and find out who you are, it will cause a lot of disturbance and difficulties in your life,” Lu Man said.


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