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Chapter 3399: This is My BabyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Come take a look at my chubby grandson and chubby granddaughter.” Old Mrs.

Han quickly said.

Han Linxun, who wanted to chew on her fingers, suddenly stopped moving.

Who was her chubby granddaughter!

She might look chubby, but she was really skinny!

Old Mrs.

Zhao, Old Mrs.

Wei, and Old Mrs.

Yan gathered around the two babies.

They loved them so much.

Old Mrs.

Zhao even wanted to hold the baby.

She was really envious.

While Old Mrs.

Zhao was envious, she heard Old Mrs.

Han say, “If you like kids, you should get Xiao Shen to give you a grandchild soon.”

Old Mrs.

Zhao was speechless.

Old Mrs.

Zhao wanted Zhao Gushen to give her a grandchild as soon as possible.

However, just because she wanted it didnt mean Zhao Gushen would be able to give her one.

This was not something she could decide on.

Of course, this was not something that Zhao Gushen alone could decide as well.

Even if Zhao Gushen wanted a child, he would need someone to birth a child with him.

That damned kid was still single.

Who could he birth a child with!

Old Mrs.

Zhao felt depressed thinking about it.

“Its alright.

Its alright.

You will get one.” After the bragging, Old Mrs.

Han started comforting Old Mrs.


“Xiao Shen is so good-looking.

How could he not find a girlfriend Look at Zhaoyang.

He doesnt even talk, but he has a wife and child now.”

“Back then, we had no faith in Zhaoyang.

We thought he would be the last one of the group to get out of that single life.

But then, he found his significant other quicker than Zhuoli and Qian Zi!”

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Think about it.

Even Zhaoyang, whom they thought would struggle to find someone, managed to lose his status as a single man; how hard could it be for Xiao Shen”

As Old Mrs.

Han uttered these comforting words to Old Mrs.

Zhao, Old Mrs.

Chu happened to hear the conversation.

Old Mrs.

Chu felt speechless.

Had his grandson just become an example people used when comforting someone

She saw that no one was seated at their table.

She looked around and saw that all her friends had gathered around this table.

She then walked over.

But then, the moment she arrived, she heard that Chu Zhaoyang was being used as an example to comfort someone.


Old Mrs.

Han wasnt wrong.

Chu Zhaoyang had been difficult.

But even the difficult one got married and became a dad.

And so, Old Mrs.

Chu felt really proud as she straightened her back.

“Whats going on Are you talking about Xiao Shen” Old Mrs.

Chu walked over and asked.



We are just waiting for Xiao Shen to have a chubby son,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Before Old Mrs.

Zhao and Old Mrs.

Chu could say anything, Old Mrs.

Han said, “Since we are talking about a chubby kid, you should come and take a look at Xiao Xun and Xiao Zhe.”

“When they were born, they were chubby with very clear skin.

Theyre so good.” Old Mrs.

Han immediately changed the topic back to her two grandchildren.

“I dont know how they grew to look like that.

Usually, newborn babies have a slightly yellow skin tone.

This yellow skin tone would fade slowly, and their skin would become clearer.

However, when these two babies were born, their skin tone looked clear with no hyperpigmentation nor moles on their bodies.”

The grandmas thought to themselves.

To Old Mrs.

Han, her grandchildren clearly looked perfect.

How would the youngsters of today describe this

Yes! Her eyes had a filter for the babies.

However, when the grandmas saw the two kids…

They were shocked because the two kids did look really clean.

They couldnt see the babies abdominal areas and limbs.

However, they couldnt see any flaws in the areas that werent covered, such as their tiny faces and hands.

“Beautiful.” Old Mrs.

Yan happily teased Han Linxun.

Old Mrs.

Chu took a look at Han Linzhe.

At this moment, the two showed a lot of respect to the elders.

They didnt sleep, and they were staring at them with their eyes wide open.

The two babies couldnt actually see anything as their range of vision was limited.

However, as they stared at people with their big and round eyes, it felt as though they could actually see.

The grandmas were all really happy.

Although Old Mrs.

Chu and Old Mrs.

Yan had babies in their own families as well, they didnt mind there being more babies.

And the babies in their families were already growing up.

When babies grew up and knew how to crawl and walk, they would start being naughty.

They would still be cute by then, but they wouldnt be so cute anymore when they became naughty.

Newborn babies would spend most of their time sleeping, and this would be the time when they would be the cutest.

Old Mrs.

Qi came over at this time.

She just so happened to have missed out on Old Mrs.

Hans bragging.

Of course, Old Mrs.

Qi had specially calculated the time.

Based on Old Mrs.

Qis understanding of Old Mrs.

Han, Old Mrs.

Qi knew that Old Mrs.

Han would start bragging crazily when all her old friends arrived, and she would give them all emotional damage, especially those without chubby babies or those with grandsons who had yet to lose that single status.

So, Old Mrs.

Qi didnt rush in here when she arrived.

She specially went to the washroom to tidy herself up.

Old Mrs.

Qi waited for about twenty minutes and guessed that Old Mrs.

Han should be done with her bragging.

No matter what, could she spend a whole hour bragging

Twenty minutes should be enough for Old Mrs.

Hans bragging.

And so, Old Mrs.

Qi came by.

As expected, Old Mrs.

Han had just finished bragging.

Old Mrs.

Qi greeted everyone and came to look at the two babies.

All the grandmas here cherished girls more than boys.

When a baby boy in the house grew older, he would become too naughty.

He wouldnt be as quiet and cute as a baby girl.

The baby girl in the house would quietly play with her dolls on the carpet and braid the dolls hair.

The girl would then dress the doll in the clothes they like.

They wouldnt run and jump around like boys.

When the boys could finally crawl, you had to be careful.

It was all because in the blink of an eye, they could crawl anywhere.

“Xiao Xun is such a good girl.

Let me hold her.” Old Mrs.

Qi said.

However, before Old Mrs.

Qi could even stretch her hands out, Old Mrs.

Han rejected her.

“This is my baby.

Hold your own baby.”

Old Mrs.

Qi was speechless.

Did Old Mrs.

Han think that she was superior because she has a newborn baby!

When she went home, she would ask Qi Chengzhi and Song Yu to give her another baby!

The grandmas joked and had fun with each other.

Soon, the wedding started.

Everyone had to go back to their seats.

They went back to their tables and chatted with each other.

They didnt wait long before the music started playing.

Shi Xiaoya held Shi Guanzhongs arm and slowly stepped into the hall.

Shi Xiaoya was wearing a tube top wedding dress.

The veil attached to the dress stretched all the way to the floor.

Her shoulders looked skinny and square, accentuating her slender neck.

Shi Xiaoyas posture was really good as well.

Her back was very straight, and her neck was like that of a swan.

When she walked, she looked beautiful and elegant.

Because Shi Xiaoya had already registered her marriage legally with Han Zhuoling…

Therefore, Shi Guanzhong didnt feel as sad similar to the fathers of other brides.

After all, he had been prepared for this day for a long time.

Shi Guanzhong was already used to Shi Xiaoyas identity as someones wife.

Han Zhuoling had been using contraception because he thought the wedding might make Shi Xiaoya really tired.

Otherwise, Shi Xiaoya would have already had a child by now.

Therefore, Shi Guanzhong was grinning from ear to ear as he walked.

He didnt look sad at all.

He stepped in front of Han Zhuoling and quickly placed Shi Xiaoyas hand on Han Zhuolings hand.

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