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Chapter 3430: I Didnt! I Wasnt!Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Han Zhuofeng felt goosebumps on the back of his neck.

His first reaction was that there was something horrible on this plane.

When he looked up, he saw that Yan Zhiqing had woken up at some point.

She propped her elbow on the armrest and supported her chin with her hands.

She sat across the aisle and smiled as she stared at Han Zhuofeng.

The first class seats on domestic flights were not actually standard first class seats.

Instead, they had the specifications of a business class seats.

In addition, the plane had limited space, making the aisle very narrow.

And so, even though Yan Zhiqing was seated an aisle across Han Zhuofeng, she was actually very close.

Yan Zhiqing saw everything very clearly.

She raised her brow as she thought to herself.

Was this dude thinking about kissing a girl while the girl in question was sleeping

Han Zhuofeng had no idea that Yan Zhiqing was already awake.

She had been watching them for a while.

In addition, she even took photos of Han Zhuofeng lowering his head and secretly staring at Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng was very near Xie Jiling.

From Yan Zhiqings point of view, he was almost going to kiss Xie Jiling.

Yan Zhiqing was really curious.

If Han Zhuofeng hadnt noticed that she was awake, would he have actually kissed Xie Jiling

Could this young fellow actually be that daring

Han Zhuofeng had no idea what Yan Zhiqing was thinking.

However, based on Yan Zhiqings ambiguous expression, he knew that she had misunderstood.

Because Han Zhuofeng was worried about waking Xie Jiling up, he didnt dare to explain to Yan Zhiqing right away.

Since he couldnt go online, he couldnt even send Yan Zhiqing a message.

And so, Han Zhuofeng tried to gesture and explain to Yan Zhiqing.

I didnt! I wasnt!

I was just looking! I didnt actually want to do anything.

Dont misunderstand!

Yan Zhiqing watched as Han Zhuofengs face turned red with anxiety while gesturing.

Yan Zhiqing felt satisfied and continued watching them for a while.

Then, she turned over, leaned her head on the chair, and closed her eyes.

Afterward, she fell asleep.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Did she believe him or not

Han Zhuofeng had no idea that Yan Zhiqing had even taken photos.

If he knew about it, he would have been even more worried.

When noon arrived, the air stewardess started giving their meals out.

When it was Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofengs turn to be asked about their meal options, the air stewardess didnt disturb Xie Jiling because she saw that Xie Jiling was asleep.

The air stewardess asked Han Zhuofeng first.

At this moment, Xie Jiling was awakened by the conversation.

She opened her eyes in a daze and felt that she had slept comfortably.

There was a wide, firm, and bouncy support that felt even more comfortable than a pillow.

Xie Jiling was still in a daze.

She started rubbing her head along Han Zhuofengs shoulder.

She thought it felt really comfortable.

Han Zhuofeng had been quite relaxed.

But now, his entire body felt stiff.

The air stewardess saw that Han Zhuofengs face had turned red.

The blush had spread to the tip of his ears.

The air stewardess had already recognized Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng was not reported on the news as much as Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling.

However, ever since Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli had gotten married, he became the only remaining single man of the Han Family, so he started getting a lot of attention.

Reporters started paying close attention to him everyday because they wanted to know when he would lose his status as a single man.

They cared a lot about his relationship status.

And so, news about Han Zhuofeng started increasing in numbers.

He was almost like a celebrity.

And so, when he boarded the plane, the air stewardess immediately recognized him.

The air stewardess did not expect Han Zhuofeng to be such a pure-hearted boy.

The little girl had only moved a few times on his shoulder.

She didnt touch him anywhere else.

Why was he blushing!

At this age, Han Zhuofeng should know about such things and should have some experiences.

Yet, he actually blushed

Even the air stewardess secretly looked down on Han Zhuofeng.

“Maam, are you awake Would you like to have your meal now” the air stewardess asked Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling blinked.

She stared at the air stewardess and realized that her posture was wrong.

Xie Jiling felt a sense of foreboding.

She slowly turned her head like a robot.

And her gaze met Han Zhuofengs eyes.

At this moment, Han Zhuofeng also happened to be looking down.

The two of them were suddenly really close to each other.

The air they breathed intertwined.

If they moved slightly, the tip of their noses would touch.

Without any preparation, Xie Jiling stared deep into Han Zhuofengs eyes.

Han Zhuofeng was dumbfounded.

He remained stiff as he stared back at Xie Jiling.

He looked straight into her eyes.

He didnt even try to avoid her gaze.

Xie Jiling couldnt endure it anymore and was the first to look away.

She lowered her eyes and saw the tip of his nose and then his lips.

She then saw his Adams apple moving down his throat.

Xie Jiling felt as though she heard thunder.

Immediately, her face felt like it was burning.

It could have been because Xie Jiling was blushing, as Han Zhuofeng started blushing as well.

The air stewardess was dumbfouded.

What was going on between these two

She thought they were a couple.

However, these two youngsters were both blushing.

Was this a competition on who was better at blushing

The air stewardess waited for a while.

Finally, Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng reacted.

The two looked away awkwardly.

Xie Jiling quickly straightened her back, moving away from Han Zhuofengs shoulder.

She had fallen asleep and had unknowingly fell asleep on Han Zhuofengs shoulder.

Even when she woke up, she didnt immediately realized it.

She actually didnt move away for a moment.

Xie Jiling thought it was so embarrassing.

Why would she fall asleep on someone elses shoulder for no reason at all

Most importantly, the air stewardess was looking.

However, the air stewardess was very professional.

She pretended as though nothing had happened.

With a calm and sweet smile, she asked Xie Jiling about what she would like to eat.

What the air stewardess had done helped ease the awkwardness.

Later on, Xie Jiling felt scared to look at Han Zhuofeng.

She lowered her head and ate her lunch.

But she had no idea that Yan Zhiqing had taken photos of them staring at each other.

Yan Zhiqing thought that if she werent an actress, she could still work as a reporter.

Look at how good she was at getting the right timing!

Most importantly, Han Zhuofeng and Xie Jiling didnt even notice her.

The two were only looking at each other.

How could they have known what she had done

And now, Yan Zhiqing just had to wait until the plane landed, and when her access to the Internet was restored.

She would then send these photos to Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya didnt come with them.

Since it was the Dragon Boat Festival, Han Zhuoling was also on vacation.

As such, Shi Xiaoya was waiting for Han Zhuoling to get off of work, so she could fly to the filming location with him.

It was the same for Wei Wucai as well.

Wei Wucai still had to deal with some matters related to the VFX team.

He would be flying with Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling to the filming location later.

Yan Zhiqing felt bad for Wei Wucai.

He would be flying with a couple, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, and he would definitely be exposed to Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoyas public display of affection throughout the entire flight.

Yan Zhiqing guessed that when Wei Wucai arrived at Ta Town, he would grab her and return the favor.

They had just finished lunch and would be arriving at the Ta Town airport in less than an hour.

So, Yan Zhiqing no longer felt like sleeping.

She thought about snapping a few more photos.

However, Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng had both stopped talking to each other.

Yan Zhiqing could feel the awkwardness between the two.

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