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Chapter 3444: Stay By Myself

Xie Jiling took this time to look around.

The staff members were right.

These strange rocks did not create some kind of eight-diagram formation.

However, the strange rocks were everywhere, and they were really confusing peoples senses and especially their eyes, making it really easy for people to feel as though they were lost.

And now, most of the fog had dispersed.

If the fog were a little thicker, she would not be able to find her way out of here.

While Xie Jiling was walking, there were visitors walking inside Ghost Town.

When it was 9 am, there werent a lot of tourists.

Although this place opened at 9 am…

If you wanted to come in here on time, you would need to leave at least 8 am from where you were coming from.

However, tourists traveling by themselves instead of traveling with a group would rarely wake up so early.

And so, there werent many visitors yet.

There were a few travelers and three groups of travelers.

And so, Xie Jiling quickly went back to the filming location.

Han Zhuofeng was too busy directing, so he had no time to ask Xie Jiling any questions.

When noon arrived, the lunch boxes Han Zhuofeng had ordered were delivered.

Everyone started eating and finished their lunches.

Yan Zhiqing, Wei Wucai, Shi Xiaoya, and Han Zhuoling all sat together.

They called Xie Jiling over.

And so, Han Zhuofeng took his lunch box and chopsticks and went to sit with them.

Coincidentally, everyone left the seat beside Xie Jiling empty.

Han Zhuofeng didnt think much as he naturally took the seat next to Xie Jiling.

It just so happened that he wanted to talk to Xie Jiling anyway.

While Han Zhuofeng was eating, he asked Xie Jiling, “What did you find from surveying the surroundings this morning”

“Previously, there was only a fifty percent chance that theres a vengeful spirit.” Xie Jiling said, “But now, there is a sixty to seventy percent chance of a vengeful spirit existing.”

When everyone heard this, they couldnt bother to eat; they all looked over at Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling then told him what she found this morning.

“If a vengeful spirit actually exists, it would be drawn to the formation I have set up,” Xie Jiling said, “The weird thing is that the compass cant detect its presence.”

“I was able to discover that area this morning because a vengeful spirit had used its vengeful power there and the compass detected it.

My compass is very responsive.

Theres no reason for it not to detect the vengeful spirit when it was able to detect the tiny bit of vengeful power.”

“Doesnt it come out at night” Han Zhuofeng asked.

“It comes out at night.

But since they wander on earth, they do exist during the day.

However, it is really difficult for them to show their presence under the sun.

They would need to use even more energy, and they would become weaker after exhausting that energy.

Unless its a very powerful vengeful spirit, most vengeful spirits are unwilling to show themselves in broad daylight.”

“But since there were two missing cases that happened in Ghost Town, it means that the vengeful spirit is camping here,” Xie Jiling said, “Humans will settle down somewhere.

Birds will make a nest for themselves.

Vengeful spirits will also choose a place and settle down.”

“Some vengeful spirit would choose to stay at the place where they died.

Some vengeful spirits would choose another place they liked.

Most vengeful spirits would choose the morgue at the hospital,” Xie Jiling said and nodded, “That place is very popular.”

Everyone: “…”

Thankfully, they never had to go there.

“I wonder if theres a morgue in Chu Tian Hospital,” Han Zhuofeng suddenly asked.

Shi Xiaoya shuddered.

If so, how could she have a baby in a hospital

“Chu Tian Hospital is fine.” Xie Jiling said, “The Chu Family has the power of luck.

Ordinary vengeful spirit wouldnt dare to target that family.”

“Its not just the Chu Family.

Its the same for the other seven families as well.” Xie Jiling said.

Han Zhuofeng couldnt help but mumble, “Then why did the fox spirit come after me”

Xie Jiling raised her brow and said, “Didnt you meet me before it came after you Didnt I give you your protection talisman Was the protection talisman hanging around your neck when it happened Isnt it true that the fox spirit couldnt do anything to you”

“These things all seem to be a coincidence.

However, this could be fate as well.

Because you have luck, you were able to turn evil into good fortune, ” explained Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it.

Was that true

That seemed to be the case.

“In addition, the Chu Family had asked my ancestors to set up a formation a long time ago so that no vengeful spirits could enter Chu Tian Hospital,” Xie Jiling said, “Every dozen years, someone from our family would visit Chu Tian Hospital and check if there were any issues with that formation and if anything needed to be fixed.”

“And so, you dont have to worry when you are at Chu Tian Hospital.

Compared to all the other hospitals, Chu Tian Hospital should be the cleanest one,” said Xie Jiling.

Shi Xiaoya finally let out a sigh of relief.

“We got sidetracked.” Xie Jiling realized and said, “What I meant was that the compass should react if it were present and if it had appeared.”

The compass could detect even the tiniest changes of the spiritual power.

It was truly unreasonable that the compass didnt detect a big vengeful spirit.

And so, Xie Jiling thought that things were not so simple.

“I am certain that this must not be something good.

As for the question of whats going on and how it managed to hide from the compass, I will have to stay the night to see,” Xie Jiling said.

“Dont delay until five today.

There are many production crew members, and there are a lot of things to pack.

it will take a long time if you take things slow.

Its best if you can have them start packing by 4:30pm and leave before 5pm.” Xie Jiling instructed.

Shi Xiaoya nodded and said, “Although we cant really help you, are you sure you will be okay staying by yourself Do you want us to invite another exorcist”

Since Xie Jiling was so concerned, Shi Xiaoya thought that the situation was very serious.

Although Xie Jiling was very powerful, she was worried that the vengeful spirit was even more powerful than her.

Xie Jiling would be weaker if she was by herself.

If she stayed here alone, she wouldnt be able to run and call someone for help by then.

If she was in danger, she wouldnt be able to contact them in time.

That would be a bad situation.

Moreover, this place had no reception, so Xie Jiling wouldnt be able to call anyone even if she wanted to do that.

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “It would be more troublesome if you stayed.”

“Its easier if I am by myself.

Even if it is dangerous and I am no match against the vengeful spirit, Im still confident that I can escape.”

She had a lot of talismans.

And her bracelet and compass werent ordinary items.

Even the bracelet would buy her enough time to escape.

“I would need to protect you if you stayed here.

If its a powerful vengeful spirit, it would target you first.

If I wanted to protect you all, I would be distracted.

It would be better if Im here by myself.”

“Regardless of whether I can catch it or not, I must check the strength of this vengeful spirit first,” Xie Jiling said, “If its really something I cannot defeat, I should figure out how strong this vengeful spirit is and call someone who is strong enough to fight the vengeful spirit with me.”

Shi Xiaoya thought about it and nodded in agreement.

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