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Chapter 3451: Untitled

He was getting worried that these people would forget about them if they didnt make a sound.

Ever since they arrived, they had been chatting with each other.

None of them paid any attention to the four students.

Like Xie Jilings classmates, the four students had used their holidays to travel here for fun.

However, these four students were from a college closer to Ta Town.

It was a college from the same province.

So, traveling here was more convenient for them.

Initially, they had never intended to go on an adventure.

However, Ghost Town was famous, so they wanted to check it out.

But when they checked into the homestay, the owner of the homestay told them about the two missing cases in the past.

This made them curious.

They never had the intention of going on an adventure.

However, when they heard about it, they wanted to stay and see things for themselves.

But who would have thought that Ghost Town would be so terrifying at night

It was so dark one couldnt even see ones hand.

Initially, because the scenic area wasnt allowed to be too developed, the closest place with people was an hours drive away.

As such, if one looked into the distance from Ghost Town, one would not see any lights.

Usually, in a place away from light pollution, one would see a lot of stars in the night sky.

But unfortunately, Ghost Town was very foggy, covering the night sky above.

This place was truly so dark that one would not even be able to see ones own hand.

One would not see any light.

Even the moonlight and the starlights were blocked by the fog.

In an environment like this, the four were scared even if they still hadnt seen any vengeful spirits.

They wanted to go out.

However, the fog was everywhere.

Where could they go

They had no idea!

They couldnt figure out the directions.

They could rely on the stars to figure out the directions.

However, the sky was being blocked by the fog!

The four felt very regretful.

Fortunately, they bumped into Xie Jiwen and felt hopeful.

What the guy said caught their attention.

And he immediately said, “We arent going to wait here anymore.

Why dont you send us outside”

Xie Jiwen shook his head and said, “If you leave now, its not as safe as being here.”

“Just stay in this area formation until daytime, and you can walk out by yourselves by then.” Xie Jiwen said.

“Yes.” Xie Jiling said, “We are not sure what is in here.

If we encounter something while we are walking you all to the exit, what are we going to do By then, we would have to protect you, and that would hinder our movements, which would be even more troublesome for us.”

When the four students heard what they said, they didnt respond.

Xie Jiling took out her compass and said, “I set up a spirit-attracting formation this morning.

We can check that area.”

“No wonder that area has a thicker spiritual aura than other areas,” Xie Jiwen said.

At this moment, Han Zhuofeng, being his mischievous self, asked, “Why is elder brother able to detect the amount of spiritual aura when you need to rely on the compass”

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

Suddenly, he no longer felt worried.

With Han Zhuofengs ability, there was no way he could flirt and get a girlfriend.

Xie Jiling didnt think there was anything wrong with what Han Zhuofeng asked.

So, she patiently explained, “Everyone has different talents.

My elder brothers talent is to detect the waves of spiritual power without the need for a compass.

My talent is to make high-level talismans.”

Xie Jiling seemed to be worried that Han Zhuofeng might not understand as she continued explaining, “Not every exorcist can make a high-level talisman.

This has something to do with ones ability to manipulate the energies in a talisman.”

Han Zhuofeng nodded, indicating that he understood.

When they started chatting with each other again, one of the boys made a noise to remind Xie Jiling and the others about their existence.

“Erm… Are you all leaving just like that What about us” the boy asked.

“Just stay in the same spot, and nothing will happen to you,” Xie Jiwen said, “As long as you dont leave the area formation that I have set up, even if there is something in here, it will not be able to break its way into the area formation.”

“The worst thing that might happen would be a visually striking experience,” Xie Jiwen said.

The students faces turned pale.

They instantly knew what Xie Jiwen meant by a visually striking experience.

Could vengeful spirits be good-looking

Vengeful spirits would definitely look horrible, as they were very good at frightening people.

If the vengeful spirit continued attacking them from outside the area formation…

That would be a very intense imagery.

“We… still think it would be safer for us to follow you.” A boy said.

Xie Jiwen had said everything he should.

When he saw that they still had such intentions, he deepened his voice and said, “If you want to live, then behave yourselves and stay in the area formation.

Dont move a single step outside of it.

If you leave the area formation and actually encountered something, I would not be responsible for that.”

“If you are really scared, close your eyes and stop looking,” Xie Jiwen said, “If you follow us, it wont be as safe as being in the area formation.

Who knows what could have caused you to be separated from the group along the way”

“It is very foggy here.

If you got taken away, no one will hear or see a thing.” Xie Jiwen added.

“Therefore, you four should hug each other.

If you hear any sounds, cover your ears.

If you are scared of seeing something, close your eyes.

No matter what you see or hear, just dont move,” Xie Jiwen elaborated.

“If your phone isnt out of battery, you can use earphones and listen to some music to block out the noises in the surrounding.” Xie Jiling advised.

“Lets go.” Xie Jiwen urged.

Xie Jiling nodded.

She had a compass in her hands, while Xie Jiwen could detect spiritual waves with his talent.

The two walked up to the front and finally arrived at the spirit-attracting formation Xie Jiling had set up this morning.

It had to be the same thing Xie Jiwen had detected earlier.

“Who are you all”

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