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Chapter 3453: Stretched His Hand Out to Hold Hu Kaiyins Hand

Of course, even if the members of the Xuan Yi Sect wanted to remember a few more, they didnt have the opportunity to do so.

The limitation of memory was one reason.

The other reasons were that the pattern of an area formation was simply too complicated to memorize.

A talisman was considered a small area formation.

Even drawing a small talisman would use up a lot of mental power.

Not to mention the energy needed to draw an area formation.

It was just like what Xie Jiling had mentioned.

Setting up an area formation would exhaust mental power.

The bigger the area formation, the more complicated it would be and the greater the area under its protection would be.

However, it would also exhaust more mental power.

As such, even if one knew how to set up an area formation, it would be very difficult to complete the setup.

Even if one had the heart to do such a thing, one would need the energy to complete it!

But Xie Jiwen said he had set one up

Chen Dinglin saw two people beside Xie Jiling and Xie Jiwen.

And he thought that maybe these other two knew how to set up an area formation and the four had completed this together.

Chen Dinglin then asked, “These two are…”

“They are our friends.” Xie Jiwen answered.

When Chen Dinglin heard this, he immediately said, “They are not exorcists”

“No.” Xie Jiwen said.

Chen Dinglin didnt know which he should feel surprised for.

If they werent exorcists…

It meant that Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling had set up this area formation together…

Chen Dinglin thought that it was possible for four people to set up one area formation.

But two people…

That would still be very difficult.

Even drawing talismans would use up a lot of mental power.

Talismans were very small, not to mention the amount of energy needed for an area formation.

“Did you two draw the area formation together” Chen Dinglin asked in surprise.

“Of course not,” Xie Jiwen replied puzzledly.

He looked older than Xie Jiling and smarter than Xie Jiling.

But he grew up in the Xie Family and was taught high-level exorcism methods by the seniors of the Xie Family.

Xie Jiwen had long been accustomed to these things.

He knew that the other sect didnt have as many area formation patterns as the Xie Family.

However, Chen Dinglins question of whether the area formation was drawn by two people or not was very weird to Xie Jiwen.

To Xie Jiwen, it was just an area formation.

Why would you need two people to draw it

Xie Jiwen answered, “I drew it by myself.”

“For real” Chen Dinglin gasped.

Xie Jiling frowned and said, “My eldest brother drew it himself.

I didnt know he was coming here.

We just met each other.

He drew the area formation earlier.”

This was just an area formation.

Why were they so shocked

Chen Dinglin and Zhang Dingsong gasped at the same time.

They thought to themselves.

‘Are these two youngsters saying the truth

They werent bragging, right

“Xie” Zhang Dingsong suddenly recalled.

“You said your surname is Xie”

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling both nodded at the same time.

“Is it perhaps the family of exorcists, the Xie Family” Chen Dinglin suddenly realized it as well.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling both nodded at the same time.

“I didnt expect this!” Zhang Dingsong was so surprised and happy.

“I didnt expect to see members of the Xie Family here.”

“I didnt expect you two to have such capabilities at such a young age.

As expected of the Xie Family!” Chen Dinglin commented emotionally.

They had heard about the Xie Family, but they had never met a member of the Xie Family.

They knew that the exorcists of the Xie Family were very powerful.

However, they had no idea exactly how powerful they were.

As such, they didnt expect the exorcists of the Xie Family to be this powerful.

“I didnt expect to meet you all today.

This way, no matter what we encounter tonight, I am confident that we can defeat it,” Zhang Dingsong said with a smile.

“But these two are not exorcists.

Will they be okay” Chen Dinglin asked in an uncertain manner.

“There are too many people.

Its not convenient for us to protect them.

Its better to keep them safe in an area formation.” Xie Jiwen said, “But if its just these two, it will be okay as one of us can keep one safe.”

Since they were very confident, Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin no longer said anything about it.

They didnt know how powerful Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling were…

But because of the area formation and the high-level talismans they possessed, the two had faith in Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling.

And it was true that they couldnt protect all these students.

And so, they instructed the four boys to behave themselves and stay right there.

The four boys were really scared and wanted to follow them.

“It will be useless even if you follow us,” Xie Jiling said.

“Unless we hold hands.

If you follow behind us, you will disappear amidst this fog without making a sound.

We wont even notice it.

Each of us can only take care of one person,” Xie Jiling said.

“No demon or spirit can break into my brothers area formation.” With just a glance, Xie Jiling knew.

To protect these four students, Xie Jiwen used a very strong area formation to prevent any accidents from happening.

When the four heard this, they felt more reassured.

Xie Jiling took out four brightness talismans and handed them over to them.

“If you are scared because you cant see, use this,” Xie Jiling said, “But you have to remember not to go anywhere.”

“I know you came here for the thrills.” Xie Jiling said, “But dont lose your life for the thrills.

Stay here.

I promise you all that you will be able to leave safely at dawn.”

“But if you think are being paranoid, and you refuse to believe us, and if you still intend to wander around by yourselves for the thrills and adventure after we leave and something bad happens, that will be none of our business.” Xie Jiling said.

They had provided them with a safe place.

They werent nannies of these four students.

They were not responsible for these four students.

They couldnt lock these four up and make them listen obediently.

But they didnt walk away without a care.

They did what they could to protect these four boys.

But if these four boys still wanted to do things that could kill them, then there was nothing they could do to help.

The four boys hastily nodded their heads.

“We wont run.

We will sit here without moving even an inch.”

Xie Jiling nodded.

She then said to Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin, “Lets go.”

“Where are we going” Chen Dinglin froze.

Xie Jilings tone clearly conveyed that there was a destination.

“We noticed an area here with much stronger spiritual power,” Xie Jiling explained.

Chen Dinglin and Zhang Dingsong immediately thought that these two members of the Xie Family were extraordinary.

They had been walking inside Ghost Town for quite a while now, and they still hadnt detected any abnormalities of the spiritual power in this place.

“Lets hurry up.” Chen Dinglin said.

The two took initiative and urged Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling to take the lead.

And so, Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling led Hu Kaiyin and Han Zhuofeng and walked in front.

Xie Jiwen glanced over at Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng holding hands together.

He then stretched his hand out to hold Hu Kaiyins hand.

Who was Hu Kaiyin

She was a member of the Mount Lan Compound.

With her fighting skills, could she allow Xie Jiwen to hold her hand

With the brightness talisman, everything in the surrounding could be seen.

As such, Hu Kaiyin instantly noticed what Xie Jiwen was planning on doing.

When Xie Jiwen stretched his hand toward her, Hu Kaiyin saw and moved quickly.

She slapped the back of Xie Jiwens hand.

“Pa!” The slap sounded crisp.

Han Zhuofeng cringed.

That sounded very painful…

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