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Chapter 3454: Untitled

Han Zhuofeng couldnt help but look down at his hand which was holding Xie Jilings hand.

He thought to himself.

Thankfully, Xie Jiling was not a shrew like Hu Kaiyin.

Xie Jiling was so much better.

When Xie Jiwen heard the sound, she turned and looked over at Xie Jiwen and Hu Kaiyin.

She heard Hu Kaiyin ask Xie Jiwen, “What are you doing”

Xie Jiwen said innocently, “I was just trying to hold your hands.

Its so foggy.

What if I lose you”

“Look here.

Xie Jiwen and Han Zhuofeng are doing fine holding hands, right” Xie Jiwen gave an example.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.



When you saw Jiling and me holding hands, you were worried like a rooster in a cockfight.

Even Chen Dinglin and Zhang Dingsong couldnt help but think,Is this a date for you all Or are you all here to exorcise

“Its so bright.

Its not very foggy,” Hu Kaiyin said.

Hu Kaiyin had no ulterior motives when she said it, but what she said reminded Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling of something.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling exchanged glances and started observing the fog.

As expected, the fog in the light was much thinner.

The fog didnt appear thinner because the light was radiating through the fog.

The fog under the light was truly thinner than outside.

“By the way, the staff member said during the day that the fog would disperse if there were enough sunlight,” Xie Jiling said, “Maybe this has nothing to do with sunlight.

It just has something to do with light.”

“If the light is strong enough, the fog would become thinner, or it might even disappear,” Xie Jiling said.

Xie Jiwen nodded and said, “This means that the existence of the fog is abnormal.”

Xie Jiling followed the compass and led everyone to the area that she discovered this morning.

“This is the place.” Xie Jiling stopped.

“This morning, I noticed that the spiritual power in this area was much stronger.

So, I set up a spirit-attracting formation.

Because I didnt have enough time, I couldnt check every corner of Ghost Town.”

“And so, I set up this formation, which attracts spiritual power from other areas to restore the balance of spiritual powers,” Xie Jiling said.

The more Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin listened, the more shocked they felt.

They had only seen the name of such area formation in ancient books.

The teachings depicting such a legendary area formation were lost.

The book didnt mention the details of how such an area formation could be drawn and set up.

But it did mention that it was extremely difficult to set up a spirit-attracting formation.

Both the spiritual power attracting formation and the spiritual power gathering formation were really difficult area formations.

For example, if one successfully set up the spiritual power gathering formation and cultivated inside of it, one day of cultivation would be equivalent to ten days of cultivation.

In addition, it would be the slowest rate.

The spiritual power gathering formation would gather spiritual power from the heavens and earth to the area where it was drawn.

This method was similar to an extraction.

It was much simpler than the spirit-attracting formation.

After all, the spirit-attracting formation moved the spiritual aura around to establish balance in the area.

Its function was only to move the extra spiritual aura to where it was drawn.

This method was more similar to a sustainable business.

It wouldnt solve the issue with an extreme approach.

But that type of area formation was still really difficult to set up.

However, Xie Jiling actually did it by herself.

The coverage wasnt big, but she had done it by herself.

Xie Jiling aimed the light at the extremely thick fog.

She realized that the fog here was too thick.

Even with the light of the brightness talisman…

The fog only became slightly thinner.

The light didnt really help.

There was nothing she could do.

The fog here was too thick.

Xie Jiling stopped bothering with that.

She held the compass and walked around.

Han Zhuofeng followed her closely.

“Jiling, here.” Xie Jiwen called out.

Xie Jiling rushed over there.

The moment she rushed over there, the needle on the compass started trembling.

“How did that happen I was so near, but the compass didnt react at all.

It only started reacting when I arrived here, Xie Jiling said.

“Maybe the fog here acts as a shield, reducing the perception of the compass.” Xie Jiwen deduced.

“There are movements in the air,” Xie Jiling said.

The moment she said that, a green, grey, and thin hand suddenly reached out from the thick fog, surprising them.

Hu Kaiyin reacted quickly as a knife suddenly appeared in her hand.

She quickly lifted her hand and slashed down, slicing the hand off.

But even as the hand fell on the floor, it was still moving.

It was like a fish being smacked to the shore and was jumping around to get back.

It jumped around and suddenly tried to grab Han Zhuofengs ankle.

Xie Jiling threw a talisman, and the talisman nailed the hand to the ground.

Then, the location on the hand where the talisman pierced started burning.

Within a few seconds, the hand was reduced to ashes.

“Back off!” Xie Jiwen suddenly shouted.

Xie Jiling quickly reacted.

She dragged Han Zhuofeng and hurriedly moved away.

At the same time, Xie Jiwen dragged Hu Kaiyin and moved back.

At this moment, Hu Kaiyin couldnt bother thinking about whether it was appropriate to hold hands or not.

At this moment, a crowd of vengeful spirits stormed out from the mist.

These vengeful spirits werent powerful.

They were just low-ranking soldiers.

“Corpse soldiers!” Xie Jiwen shouted.

At the same time, he threw out a few talismans.

The talismans transformed into flames and landed on the corpse soldiers.

The corpse soldiers eventually emitted painful and sharp cries.

Within two seconds, they turned into ashes.

As the name implied, corpse soldiers were soldiers created with corpses and functioned as cannon fodders.

Therefore, Hu Kaiyin was able to slice that hand off.

If it were a vengeful spirit, it wouldnt have a body, and Hu Kaiyin wouldnt have been able to slice that hand off.

“Who is it!” A sharp cry sounded in the distance.

As this angry roar sounded, the body of a spirit flew out from the fog.

But before it could show its great power…

It was struck in the head with a bead bracelet.

The bead bracelet instantly dispersed the vengeful power in its head.

The vengeful spirit didnt expect to be beaten up the moment it showed its presence.

Why was someone blocking its way this time!

Before the vengeful spirit could regain consciousness, a chain was thrown in its direction, trapping it completely.

The pitiful vengeful spirit had frequently been causing trouble in this area, but this was the first time it was defeated.

It wouldnt admit defeat and tried to break free from the chain.

But then, it heard the word “Xing” and felt a beam of golden light striking the top of its head.

The vengeful spirit felt as though all the energy in its body was extracted.

It felt as though something was leaving its body.

After a few seconds, it was exhausted and could only lay flat on the ground.

It was still being tied up by the chains.

The vengeful spirit didnt expect itself to lose today when it had always been winning in the past.

It looked up and saw two guys and two girls in front.

“Where did you come from Tell me,” Xie Jiwen said coldly.

Since there was a rift in space, it had to be connected to another place.

“Who are you Why are you here!” The vengeful spirit roared angrily.

Xie Jiling didnt behave courteously.

She held the compass with one hand and smacked the forehead of the spirit.

This smack caused the spirit to fall into a daze.

Xie Jiling demanded once again.

“Are you telling me or not If you arent going to answer me, I will scatter your soul.”

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