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3457 Cunning and Sly

What level was she at!

“Talk!” Xie Jiling urged as she placed the compass down.

The vengeful spirit said, “If I really have to describe him, he doesnt look unique.

He looks very ordinary.

He looked so ordinary that anyone that has seen him would not have remembered his appearance.”

“He looked really ordinary, and theres no feature that stands out to make people remember him.

He looked just like every other person.” The vengeful spirit frowned as it pondered for a long time.

“Its not that I am hiding anything from you.

You asked me so suddenly, so I cant remember what he looked like, and I cant describe his exact features.

His face…”

The vengeful spirit pondered and said, “His face looks like many ordinary faces or the most ordinary facial features coming together to present the most ordinary face.”

Xie Jiling understood.

It was like how many people used pictures of beautiful men and women to calculate the golden ratio for men and women.

They could then build a virtual reality face with that golden ratio.

The face looked really good.

However, none of the facial features stood out.

They would look very good.

However, the moment you looked away, you would forget what that face looked like and only remember that the person looked really good.

It was the same for the exorcist that the vengeful spirit had described.

However, the exorcist had chosen to take the most average face from the many ordinary faces.

This way, after you see him, you would just remember that he looked ordinary.

But you would forget exactly what he looked like after you have seen him.

Because many ordinary faces usually have commonalities.

Because they were very ordinary, they would look similar to many people.

And so, you would forget what they looked like after you have seen them.

This vengeful spirit gave the exact same description as that vengeful spirit at school.

Therefore, Xie Jiling believed that it wasnt lying.

“When did he teach you the cultivation art” Xie Jiling asked again.

The vengeful spirits eyes started to wander.

Xie Jiwen sneered coldly.

At this point in time, how could this vengeful spirit even dare to play such tricks!

Xie Jiwen took out a talisman and suddenly threw it.

The talisman transformed into a long whip.

The long whip shone faintly.

Xie Jiwen said, “This is a talisman that I have created based on the soul-beating whip in the underworld.

It transforms into a whip, and this whip is a copy of the soul-beating whip.”

“Of course, it doesnt work as well as the real soul-beating whip.” Xie Jiwen held the talisman seal with one hand as he hurled the whip.

“Each hit from the soul-beating whip in the underworld would cause the soul to tremble three times.

Mine is not that powerful, but it has at least thirty percent the power of the real soul-beating whip,” Xie Jiwen said.

He made it sound as though thirty percent of the power was very gentle.

However, compared to the power of the real soul-beating whip…

Thirty percent could already cause a lot of pain.

However, the people around werent surprised by this.

They were shocked to know Xie Jiwens ability to draw talismans.

Zhang Dingsongs and Chen Dinglins eyes widened.

They were stunned.

They drew talismans based on the talisman patterns recorded in books.

They didnt know that such talisman patterns could be designed!

They wanted to design and create one, but they didnt even know where to begin!

Such things couldnt be drawn by relying on ones imagination.

As for Xie Jiwen, not only was he able to draw his own talisman, he was able to create a talisman that transformed into a copy of the soul-beating whip that could display thirty percent of the power of the real soul-beating whip!

They didnt even realize that such skills existed.

This was something they didnt even dare to imagine.

Was the Xie Family… really that scary

Just the two juniors of the Xie Family showed incomprehensible powers.

What about the seniors of the Xie Family

Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin both sighed at the same time.

They couldnt imagine.

The vengeful spirit was going crazy.

Lets talk nicely!

Why were you threatening and beating the vengeful spirit for no reason

The vengeful spirit didnt even provoke them!

“Wait! I didnt say that I wasnt going to answer your question!” The vengeful spirit said in a hurry, “Put the whip away.

Put it away.”

“It has already been transformed.

I cant put it away,” Xie Jiwen said as he hurled the whip again, “Just talk.

Be honest, and I wont whip you.

If not…”

“I will talk! I will talk!” the vengeful spirit hurriedly said.


The whip could stay.

The vengeful spirit didnt even dare to look at the whip.

It didnt even dare to look at it from the corner of its eyes.

“It was eight years ago.

He caught me eight years ago and taught me the cultivation art before releasing me,” the vengeful spirit said.

“Did it come looking for you again after he taught you the cultivation art” Xie Jiwen asked again.

“No.” The vengeful spirit looked up and tried to show Xie Jiwen its innocent big eyes and tried to show that it wasnt lying.

It really didnt want to be whipped.

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

Did this vengeful spirit have no idea what it looked like

It had such a terrifying face! Why was it looking up!

“He didnt even bother to check how well you are training after he taught you the cultivation art” Xie Jiwen asked dubiously.

The vengeful spirit shook its terrifying head in an innocent manner.


He sent the cultivation art into my brain and asked me to learn it.

And then, he didnt bother with anything else.”

“He said that I had died an unjust death and thought that I was pitiful.

He wanted me to become a ghost cultivator,” the vengeful spirit said, “As for how well I am able to cultivate, it depends on me.

Its none of his business.

I wouldnt die anyway since I am a vengeful spirit.”

“Even if I cant continue this cultivation, my soul would remain intact.

Therefore, he asked me to just cultivate it as much as I like and he told me that the level I can attain depends on my abilities.”

Xie Jiwen narrowed his eyes and said, “Did he not give you any contact method For example, did he not ask you to contact him after you have cultivated to a certain level”

“Dont tell me its a no.” Xie Jiwen sneered.

Xie Jiwen was much more cunning and sly than Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling didnt think about this when she was facing that female vengeful spirit.

However, when Xie Jiwen heard this story, he immediately realized that important fact.

“Since he has taught you cultivation art, he must have a goal.

I dont believe that he is a kind-hearted person who does good deeds without wanting anything in return.

Thats impossible.

Especially considering how exorcist cares about karma.”

“Since it gave you a reason, he surely wants a result.

He wont expect that you master cultivation art, but he definitely wants you to do something when you have cultivated to a certain level.”

Xie Jiwen narrowed his eyes and said, “Vengeful spirit, you arent being honest! Didnt I ask you to tell us honestly”

Xie Jiwen said and refused to give the vengeful spirit any chance of begging for mercy.

He struck with his whip.

“Ah!” the vengeful spirit screamed painfully.

Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin noticed that the soul of the vengeful spirit had slightly diffused.

A few seconds later, the pieces of the soul merged again.

But obviously, the soul of this vengeful spirit appeared much weaker.

“Dont hit me! Dont hit me!” The vengeful spirit had begged for mercy earlier.

But at that time, it wasnt beaten by the whip, so it didnt know how powerful the whip could be.

But now, it had tasted its power.

Its soul was now on the verge of diffusing.

It had gotten a taste of its soul dispersing.

And it didnt want to feel that pain again…

“I will tell you! I will tell!” the vengeful spirit quickly said, “Im not even done talking, but you already whipped me.”

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