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3458 A Slip of the Tongue

He made it sound as though he had been wronged.

“He left this talisman for me and said that I would be able to activate this talisman when I cultivate to the fifth level.

By then, he would be notified,” the vengeful spirit said.

“Where is the talisman” Xie Jiwen immediately asked.

Before the vengeful spirit answered, Xie Jiwen hurled his whip and said,

“Dont tell me that you didnt bring it.”

The vengeful spirit was speechless.

“I brought it,” the vengeful spirit said as it took out a talisman.

Xie Jiwen took it and verified the authenticity of the talisman.

There was no rush to check the other things.

After it was confirmed, he put the talisman away.

After these questions were answered clearly, there were no more questions to ask.

The vengeful spirit didnt know the answers to any more questions.

And so, Xie Jiling summoned the soul reapers.

Xie Jiling had never been to Ta Town.

Therefore, she wasnt familiar with the soul reapers around Ta Town.

And so, the two who came did not know her.

But even though the two soul reapers did not know Xie Jiling, they knew Xie Jiwen.

Xie Jiling had to go to school, so she didnt have a lot of time to venture around.

However, Xie Jiwen was different.

He was much older than Xie Jiling and had left the house two years before her to do exorcism work.

After he graduated, he had more time to travel around.

He had never been to Ghost Town, but he had been to the counties near Ta Town.

The soul reapers here were not only in charge of the area in Ta Town, but they were also in charge of the few counties nearby.

Xie Jiwen had naturally met them when he went to the neighboring county to exorcise.

When the two soul reapers came out, they saw Xie Jiwen, so they greeted him in a familiar manner.



Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Did the siblings of the Xie Family have a relationship with everyone in the underworld

The two soul reapers tied up the vengeful spirit, and Xie Jiwen told them about the vengeful spirits situation.

After saying that, the soul reapers said, “Mr.Xie, can you burn some Mala crawfish and some seafood offerings”


What liquor do you want” Xie Jiwen agreed without any hesitation.

“Just beer.

We want the T brand.” The soul reaper even picked a brand.

Han Zhuofeng thought to himself.

Were soul reapers all foodies

It was really because soul reapers were very old and rarely had families who still remembered to burn offerings for them.

There were restaurants in the underworld just like in cities.

However, the restaurants in Ta Town made food special to Ta Town.

After eating for months and years, the soul reapers had long become sick of it.

They finally met Xie Jiwen and wanted to try something different.

The two soul reapers left after Xie Jiwen agreed.

The soul reapers at B City were much more talkative than them.

When the vengeful spirit left, the fog still didnt disperse.

This was because the vengeful spirit still hadnt retrieved the vengeful aura it had released.

Initially, they couldnt figure out the reason why the fog here had formed.

Now that they knew, they finally had a solution.

“We could have driven off the vengeful aura, which would be a quick and easy task.

But I want to retrieve the vengeful aura and see if theres any way we can use it to activate the talisman and track the exorcist down.” Xie Jiwen explained.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “That is a good solution.”

Xie Jiling thought about it and said, “Lets set up a spiritual power gathering formation and gather that vengeful aura.”

Xie Jiling fumbled at her bag for a long time and said, “I dont have any spare jade in my bag.

Do you have any”

Hearing this, Xie Jiwen fumbled at his bag and found a jade bead tied to a string.

“This works.

The energy in this jade has been used up.” Xie Jiwen said.

Hu Kaiyin looked at it and noticed that it was the bead that she had been using.

Xie Jiwen had given her a jade bead and had asked her to carry it around at all times.

He said that the jade bead would work better than a protection talisman.

But before she came here, she was following Xie Jiwen around to do exorcism work.

During that time, a vengeful spirit wanted to attack her.

Fortunately, the bead protected her.

But because of that, the energy in the bead was depleted.

Xie Jiwen seemed to have expected that this would happen and immediately gave her a new one.

The bead that had run out of energy was temporarily placed with him.

And now, this was the perfect time to use the bead.

Although there was only one bead and the bead wasnt big, it was good enough to carry the vengeful aura.

The vengeful spirit wasnt powerful.

In addition, the vengeful aura came from its origin.

To the vengeful spirit, the vengeful aura released from the origin was very precious.

And so, it wouldnt release too much of it.

It would only let out a trace.

Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin thought that they had seen more than enough surprises.

They thought that they would definitely feel numb to anything that would happen to them in the future.

Nothing else would surprise them.

But they realized that they had made that claim too early.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling had only shown them the tip of the iceberg.

There were even more shocking things!

Since Xie Jiling knew how to set up a spiritual power attracting formation, it wasnt shocking that she knew how to set up a spiritual power gathering formation.

However, the surprising thing was that they would need to cast a spiritual power locking formation on the bead to lock the vengeful aura in the bead.

A spiritual power locking formation was much more advanced and more complicated than the spiritual power attracting formation as well as the spiritual power gathering formation.

“Do you… you know how to draw a spiritual power locking formation” Chen Dinglin blurted out.

“Of course.” Xie Jiling said, “Isnt it one of the basics”

“Basic…” Zhang Dingsong was so shocked he had a slip of the tongue.

Xie Jiling nodded.

They had been taught at the house of the Xie Family.

They had to learn basic information on exorcism and take courses on special area formation.

Whenever they leave the house to do exorcism work, they were doing their practicum.

Anyway, they had to learn everything.

The spiritual power attracting formation, the spiritual power gathering formation, and the spiritual power locking formation were the three basic formations.

There were other even higher-level formations derived from those three basic formations.

Of course, they were tested on their ability to change the formation to adapt to the situation.

Many formations of higher levels derived from the three basic formations were created this way.

And so, they usually needed to practice creating new formations using those three basic formations as the foundation.

As the saying went—if one method worked, all methods would work.

That was the principle.

This was how Xie Jiwen created the illusionary talisman seal he had been using earlier.

Talisman patterns were essentially a type of formation.

Protection talismans were a type of small-scale basic protection area formation.

Therefore, the soul-beating whip that Xie Jiwen made with the talisman seal was really an illusionary talisman derived from an illusionary formation.

This was because they were able to draw talisman patterns and create new ones.

But to Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin, this was something very remarkable.

But honestly, these two were just drawing smaller-sized formations.

To Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling, it was a simple task.

In addition, although drawing talismans would exhaust ones spiritual power, such an act would also cultivate ones spiritual power and improve ones ability to draw formations.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling naturally couldnt understand why Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin were so shocked that they had to gasp.

Xie Jiling drew another spirtual power locking formation outside the spiritual power attracting formation.

Soon, everyone noticed that the fog in the Ghost Town became thinner.

To be more accurate, the fog away from them was getting thinner, and the further away the fog was from them, the thinner it seemed.

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