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3464 Truth or Dare

Yu Yuexin sipped on the warm coffee and listened to the calming music in the cafe.

It might have been because Xie Jiling was too calm, but Yu Yuexin herself started calming down.

“Start from the beginning.” Xie Jiling started guiding her.

“Just start by telling me how you discovered this app.”

“We have a WeChat group with guys and girls.

We all gathered together because we all went to the same music academy, took the same music exam, and performed for different events.

Because we always had performances and tests together, the group chat was always very active, and we always kept in contact.”

“It just so happened that it was the Dragon Boat Festival and we gathered together because of a performance,” Yu Yuexin said.

“We were all in the hotel, and the few girls were chatting in a room.”

“One of the girls, whose name was Pei Chuyao, suddenly got a pop-up advertisement on her phone and it was the advertisement for the True or Dare game app,” Yu Yuexin said.

“At that time, we had nothing to do so we thought we could try it out.

We thought that it was just a game.

With the app on the phone, there was no need for us to find another tool to do a lucky draw.

The app on the phone had a spin wheel.

We were just having fun.”

When she said that, Yu Yuexin shivered.

She held onto the cup of coffee.

As she felt the warmth of the coffee through her palm, she felt slightly calmer.

“At that time, there were a total of eight people in the room.

But only six people were allowed to join one room in the game.”

“To be honest, I didnt dare to play this game because I didnt want to tell other people what was going on in my life.

If it was a dare and they suggested something outrageous, I wouldnt want to do it.

So, I backed out of my own accord.”

“Another girl backed out as well.

And the remaining six people played the game together,” Yu Yuexin said.

“When you first open the app, a dialog similar to a confirmation letter would pop up.

Its like those agreements that you get when you first download an app, and you would have to read it and click agree before you can continue.”

Xie Jiling nodded and expressed that she understood.

“This app had one as well.

When you open it, the agreement stated that lies were forbidden if you chose the truth.

if you chose dare, you would have to complete the dare.

If you lie or if you didnt complete the dare, the system to determine that you failed and you would die.”

“And they still played it” Xie Jiling asked.

Yu Yuexin felt regretful as well.

Why did they agree to play when such a creepy agreement had popped up to warn them

“We didnt think much about it.

We thought this was just a gimmick and that the developers had intentionally written this to attract attention and create a scary atmosphere.” Yu Yuexin said.

Xie Jiling nodded and asked her to continue talking.

“It was normal in the beginning.

There were questions about first love, which most girls were curious about, as well as questions about your first time having intercourse with someone and if you have a boyfriend.

But the questions asked later on started becoming outrageous.

There were questions on whether you were satisfied with your boyfriends skills in bed.”

“There were questions like what were the things that your boyfriend did that made you mad, what was the darkest thing you have ever done, and if you have ever done anything bad to someone.”

“The questions pried into someones deepest secrets and secrets that could not be told to another person,” Yu Yuexin said.

Honestly, they were all young girls.

Even if they had secrets, they werent horrifying things.

The worst things were conspirations and schemes they had done.

Some schemed against their best friends.

Some mentioned the tricks they had done during their music exams.

There were stories about sabotaging others to make it to the next round and get a place.

You wouldnt know if you never asked about it.

But people were shocked when they heard the answers.

They didnt expect such a horrifying and schemeful person to be in their midst.

Of course, it was unknown as to whether everyone here had done the same thing before.

They didnt have to answer those questions.

If the game continued, everyone would be guilty and would reveal secrets that shouldnt be known to others.

“In the end, everyone started looking at each other weirdly.” Yu Yuexin said, “The atmosphere felt weird.

It didnt feel as relaxed as before.”

“I understand.” Xie Jiling nodded.

It was like they discovered their friends true identity.

They wouldnt dare to deepen the relationship.

The atmosphere must have been awkward.

“The other girl who wasnt playing.

Her name is Li Yisi.” Yu Yuexin, “Li Yisi suggested that we stop playing.

In her opinion, if this game were to continue, everyone would stop being friends with each other.”

“Actually, it was already very awkward.” Yu Yuexin said.

“When Li Yisi said that, everyone quickly agreed.

They wanted to pretend as though nothing had happened and just wanted to make things lively again.” Yu Yuexin said, “They tried closing the app, but it couldnt be closed.”

“Whenever you tried to close it, it would say that the game can only be closed when everyone has gotten a turn.

The spinning wheel in the app wont pick a different person every time it spun.

The same person might get picked a few times consecutively.”

“At that time, there were two people who hadnt been picked yet.

The app said that this app cannot be closed unless all players have gotten a turn.”

“However, if we continued playing, who knows how many more times we would have to spin the wheel to give those two girls a turn” Yu Yuexin said.

“And so, they thought that they could just force quit the app.

But even force-quitting the app didnt work.

Some girls even tried restarting and resetting their phone.”

“But after they rebooted phones, a window would pop up and notify them that there were still two girls who had not gotten a turn.

It asked us to select yes or no as to whether we would like to continue the game.

If we refused to continue the game, the system would randomly choose to kill one of the two.”

Yu Yuexin placed the coffee down.

She was shivering crazily as she held herself.

“At that time, we didnt believe it.

We thought that this was just part of the story in the game.

And so, the girls chose no.”

“But then, after they chose no, another dialog popped up, asking the girls to choose the person that should die.” Yu Yuexin trembled as she said.

“Then, their WeChat profile pictures appeared on the game interface.

The six girls had to vote and choose someone.”

“Initially, they thought that this was just a game.

A gimmick.

However, no one wanted to choose themselves.

It would be like cursing yourself to die, and this would be an unpleasant thing to do.”

“And so, the six girls couldnt decide on who to choose.” Yu Yuexin said, “In the end, they almost started quarreling.

Still, there were no results.

And so, the girls decided that everyone should just vote on their own.”

“By then, the person who received the most votes would be the unlucky one.” Yu Yuexin explained.

“No one would vote for themselves.

In the end, a girl named Yu Xinlei became the girl with the most votes.” Yu Yuexin said.

“She wasnt happy about it, but she couldnt do anything about it.”

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