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3467 Commission

“I turned off my phone, and Im even thinking of getting a new phone.” Li Yisi had been severely tortured.

“Its useless.” Yu Yuexin shook her head and said, “I have already gotten a new phone.”

Yu Yuexin told Li Yisi what she had told Xie Jiling.

Li Yisi hadnt gotten a new phone.

She was just thinking about it.

But now she found out that even getting a new phone would not do anything.

Li Yisi felt hopeless.

“What am I going to do” Li Yisi said as she pulled her hair.

“Im going crazy.

I feel like Im seeing things.

Even if the phone is off, I feel like I can see the notification.”

“Im really scared that my phone would ring all of a sudden.

With my current mental state, I cant go to class.

But Im scared to stay in the dorm by myself.”

“Even now, I dont know how Ji Yiran, Yu Xinlei, and Fan Jianan died.

Ji Yiran died of drowning, but she was taking a bath.

Had someone pushed her down to the bottom of the bathtub”

“But aside from Ji Yiran and her roommate, there was no one else in the room.”

“Fan Jianan couldnt have traveled across half of the city to the graveyard on the other side of the city on her own and without saying anything, right”

“As for Yu Xinlei, we watched as she suffocated to death.

At that time, we were all rehearsing together.

No one was touching her, but she suddenly started suffocating.

It happened so suddenly and so strangely.”

“Yuexin, do you think… if we refuse to participate in the game, will… will we be punished as well” Li Yisi asked Yu Yuexin.

Yu Yuexins face turned pale.

“Why… Why!” Yu Yuexin started having a mental breakdown as well.

“How did the system know that we were present that night and we didnt participate in the game”

“We… havent turned our phones on.

We wont know if theres a new notification…” Li Yisi remembered how Fan Jianan and the others kept getting notifications when they were playing the game.

If they didnt make it until the end, they would die.

If… If they had gotten more notifications, but they didnt know because they hadnt turned on their phones to check their notifications…

Death was horrifying.

However, they couldnt prepare for it.

Li Yisi didnt finish talking, but Yu Yuexin understood her unfinished sentence.

“No… No way…” Yu Yuexin said while crying.

“Cant we refuse to play They were the ones who played the game.

We left the room in the beginning.

We didnt play the game.”

“Is it going to force us to play” Yu Yuexin turned to look at Xie Jiling and said, “Xie Jiling, what are we going to do Tell us!”

Xie Jiling said in an unhurried tone, “Are you going to commission me to solve this problem”

Compared to how the two were panicking and appearing hopeless, Xie Jiling was calm.

She was so calm that Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi felt like the things they were worried about did not even exist.

Or was Xie Jiling not worried because this thing wasnt happening to her

Seeing that the two were puzzled, Xie Jiling explained, “I am an exorcist.

If you commissioned me and I accepted it, I would help you exorcise.”


We commission you.” Yu Yuexin said hastily.

She explained to Li Yisi, “She is my classmate and her name is Xie Jiling.

She is rather famous at our university.

She is known to be an exorcist.

Although I didnt see it with my own eyes, her classmates vowed that she is very capable.”

“In addition, they personally witnessed her exorcising.” Yu Yuexin said to Li Yisi.

“Considering the urgency of the situation, I cant find anyone else, so I thought I could try seeking her for help.” Yu Yuexin looked at Xie Jiling and said, ” I think she is trustworthy.”

It was all because Xie Jiling seemed too calm.

Even if this had nothing to do with her, people would normally still feel terrified, right

Even if this wasnt happening to Xie Jiling, she should have felt afraid, right

But Xie Jiling didnt show any fear.

She was calm and collected, showing no emotions.

She was abnormally calm.

Therefore, Yu Yuexin believed her.

Li Yisi was in a state of confusion.

Since Yu Yuexin believed Xie Jiling, she decided to follow suit.

“I… I will commission you as well.”

Xie Jiling nodded and took out two contracts from her bag.

The commission price was not stated in the contract.

It was left blank.

Xie Jiling took out her pen and wrote down the price.

“If so, each of you has to pay the commission money of fifty thousand,” Xie Jiling said.

“Its that expensive” Yu Yuexin blurted out in surprise.

Xie Jiling didnt respond.

She just took out two contracts.

One belonged to He Qingyang.

The other belonged to He Yuliangs sister.

“This is the commission price that I previously charged people for my exorcism service.

You can take a look at it,” Xie Jiling said, “The base price for my service is five million and the price increases depending on the difficulty.”

“Since you are all students, I dont know how well off your family might be, so you will be the sole determinant of the price,” Xie Jiling said, “I dont think you can pay five million so I will only charge you fifty thousand.”

Yu Yuexin and LI Yisi looked at the contract and saw signatures on the contract.

They didnt expect Xie Jiling to charge such a high price!

This meant that Xie Jiling truly had the skill to exorcise.

After all, if Xie Jiling still couldnt solve the issue after taking so much money, she wouldnt be alive and present here.

Clients who were able to pay so much money were not ordinary people.

How brave she had to be to fool so many people

Yu Yuexin said, “True.

My family cant pay five million.”

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi were the same.

Their family had money, but they werent rich.

The price of studying any form of art was costly.

Their family had the money for them to pursue an arts degree.

However, those expenses were in installments.

It might cost tens of thousands of dollars each time, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

However, they could afford it if it was in installments.

If her family needed to pay all these fees at once for her to pursue an arts degree, her family wouldnt be able to afford it.

The amount of five million was enough to pay all the fees needed for both of them to learn art for a over a dozen years.

Therefore, it was impossible for them to pay five million at once.

“But fifty thousand is affordable,” Yu Yuexin said, “However, you have to solve this issue.”

“Yes.” Li Yisi said, “As long as this issue is solved.

My family cant afford five million, but fifty thousand is affordable.”

“Dont worry.

If you are in the mood, you can read the contract carefully.

The contract states that I will only accept payment if the issue is resolved.

I will not take a single cent from you if I didnt manage to resolve the issue,” Xie Jiling said.

“Of course, if I resolve your issue, you have to pay the money within the time stated in the contract.

Otherwise, bad luck will follow you,” Xie Jiling said.

In the past, Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi wouldnt have believed this.

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