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3477 Much Better Than His Two Elder Brothers

Old Mrs.

Hans excuse was perfect.

As such, Han Zhuofeng didnt suspect Old Mrs.

Han of having any ulterior motives.

He thought it would be good for Xie Jiling to check the family home.

To take precautions…

“However, I got some answers out of Jiling,” Old Mrs.

Han said in a mysterious tone.

“…” Han Zhuofeng was about to go back and resume filming.

But when he heard that, he was no longer in a hurry.

He paid close attention and asked Old Mrs.

Han, “What happened”

Old Mrs.

Han raised her brow.

She knew that there was a chance.


After all, this was her grandchild.

She knew her grandchild well.

With Han Zhuofengs emotional intelligence, if he didnt like Xie Jiling, he wouldnt show any curiosity no matter what she said.

And now, Old Mrs.

Han had yet to say what it was about and Han Zhuofeng was already taking it seriously.

Clearly, he had feelings for Xie Jiling.

Otherwise, considering his heartless temperament, why would he show any curiosity

“I talked to Jiling.

We were talking, and I asked her if she has a crush on anyone,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Han Zhuofeng thought to himself.

Old Mrs.

Han was indeed capable.

Despite meeting Xie Jiling for the first time, she was able to ask such questions.

How did she even get to that part of the conversation

He wanted to learn conversational skills from his grandma.

“How did Jiling answer” Han Zhuofeng immediately asked.

His heart lifted to his throat.

He felt really nervous.

Old Mrs.

Han couldnt help but laugh.

She felt really happy!

Considering how nervous Han Zhuofeng felt, he must really like Xie Jiling!

Old Mrs.

Han sighed and said, “Based on what Xie Jiling said, she seems to have a crush on someone.”

“What!” Han Zhuofengs voice sounded sharp.

His heart had lifted into his throat.

He felt horrible.

Old Mrs.

Han moved her phone slightly further away from her ear.

She allowed herself to calm down before she placed the phone on her ear.

“You scared me, your grandma!” Old Mrs.

Han exclaimed.

“I… I was just shocked.” Han Zhuofeng felt really worried.

“She… she has a crush on someone” Han Zhuofeng felt as though someone was twisting his heart.

His face looked horrible.

“It sounded like it,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “I asked if she has a boyfriend and she said no.

I asked if she has someone she likes and she said no.”

“This little girl is very honest.

She answers each question in a straightforward manner, and she doesnt say anything of no value to the conversation.” Old Mrs.

Han expressed that she really like Xie Jiling.

“I think theres a chance for you! Shes single, and there arent any guys courting her,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Yes!” Han Zhuofeng nodded in agreement.

He thought the same as well.

With Xie Jiling being single, he had a chance.

Old Mrs.

Han guessed that Han Zhuofeng had feelings for Xie Jiling based on his reaction earlier.

But she didnt expect him to admit it in such a straightforward manner.

Old Mrs.

Han was exhilarated.

She was grinning so much that her eyes squinted.

“So I asked her if she has a crush on anyone.

Although she is single, I was worried that she might have someone she likes and she does.

What should we do” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Han Zhuofeng felt terrible.

He wanted Old Mrs.

Han to hurry up and get to the point.

But he couldnt urge Old Mrs.


But then, Old Mrs.

Han said, “But when I asked her that, she said she doesnt know.”

“This is bad news.

If she doesnt like anyone, she could just say she doesnt, but she said she doesnt know.” Old Mrs.

Han thought that Xie Jiling was very honest.

“I think she has a good impression of that person, but she hasnt figured out if this good impression would level up and become a crush,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “Zhuofeng, you are in great danger.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


“Did you get that persons identity” Han Zhuofeng asked again.

“She didnt tell me,” Old Mrs.

Han said in a regretful tone.

Then, she seemed to have finally realized something as she said, “Oh, does this mean you like Jiling”

Han Zhuofeng felt wronged as he said, “I never denied it.”

“Grandma, can you ask more questions and ask her who she likes” Han Zhuofeng said.

“I got it.

What do you plan to do” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

“Of course, I am going to kill off that good impression while it has yet to grow!” Han Zhuofeng gnashed his teeth as he said, “If I know who he is, Im going to ruin his reputation in front of Jiling!”

“Wow!” Old Mrs.

Han exclaimed.

She couldnt help but think that her grandson had grown up to be such an overbearing adult.

He was much better than his two elder brothers!

At the very least, Han Zhuofeng knew that he should hurry up and find a wife while he was young!

Although some work should be done to improve his emotional intelligence…

Han Zhuofeng still knew that he should work hard!

“Jiling is checking the house.

I am planning to get her to stay and eat dinner.

Can you make it back” Old Mrs.

Han gave Han Zhuofeng a tip.

“You can take this chance to get a meal with her.

After the meal, you can drive her back to school.”

Han Zhuofeng, lured by the beautiful image described by Old Mrs.

Han, checked the time and said, “Sure.

I will go there now.”

“Are you not filming anymore” Old Mrs.

Han said happily.

Look at her grandsons awareness…

He decided to stop filming for his potential wife.

By filming a few hours less, they would lose so much money!

But for the sake of his future wife, Han Zhuofeng now treated money like dirt.

“Its already very late.

I will just stop filming,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to stop thinking about this, and he would feel horrible overall.


Then, hurry up and come here,” Old Mrs.

Han said before hanging up the phone.

After the phone call, Han Zhuofeng told the members of the production crew to wrap up and rest.

Everyone was surprised, happy, and confused.

Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya didnt have to worry much when interacting with Han Zhuofeng.

They ran over and asked him, “Why did you end filming so early today”

Han Zhuofeng answered, “I need to go back to the family home.”

When Shi Xiaoya saw Han Zhuofeng rushing to leave, she was shocked and asked, “Whats going on Did something happen at the family home”

Otherwise, why would Han Zhuofeng rush back to the family home

Han Zhuofeng froze for a second.

Knowing that Shi Xiaoya had misunderstood, he quickly said, “No.


Im just going back for dinner.” ”

“…” Shi Xiaoya then felt at ease.

She stared at Han Zhuofeng and asked, “A matchmaking meeting”

“…” Han Zhuofeng coughed and said, “Not a matchmaking meeting.”

“Grandma called Jiling over to the family home and asked her to check the family home.

Shes going to ask Jiling to stay, so Im going back as well.” Even as Han Zhuofeng was talking, he didnt stop moving and packing up his things.

Shi Xiaoya had so many questions to ask Han Zhuofeng, but she decided to let it go for now and ask him about it during the drive home.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya said, “I will go back with you!”

“Perfect timing.

Let me tell Zhuoling not to drive all the way here and that he should go straight to the family home.

We will stay at the family home for the night, and Ill come back here with you in the morning.” Shi Xiaoya quickly made plans.

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