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3488 Give Han Zhuofeng a Chance

Han Zhuofeng held Xie Jilings hand and walked to the door leading to the courtyard of the family home.

He pressed on the doorbell beside the door to the courtyard.

Butler Wang saw Han Zhuofengs face first.

He said while opening the door, “Eh.

Third Young Master, you came back so quickly.”

He thought about it and realized that even if Han Zhuofeng had sent Xie Jiling back to the campus…

He shouldnt be coming back to the family home.

He should be going back to Han Zhuolings house.

Lin Liye had made up with Han Dongping.

And so, she went back to stay with Han Dongping.

Initially, Lin Liye and Han Zhuofeng were staying in the house that Han Zhuofeng bought in the center of the city.

After Lin Liye moved away, Han Zhuoling allowed Han Zhuofeng to stay in that house.

The house had a good location, and it allowed him to travel conveniently to different places in B City.

Traveling to other places from this house was equivalent to radiating from the center to the surrounding.

Although the house was still far from the filming location, it was nearer to the filming location than the family home.

Because Xie Jiling was outside of the camera, Butler Wang didnt see her.

Butler Wang was confused.

Suddenly, he saw Xie Jiling on the screen.

Actually, she passed by the camera when she was stepping into the courtyard with Han Zhuofeng.

Butler Wang took a deep breath and quickly ran inside the house.

He said excitedly to the grandparents, “Sir and Madam, Young Master Zhuofeng is back again.”

“Eh Why is he back Is he staying here tonight” Old Mrs.

Han asked puzzledly.

“Jiling came back as well,” Butler Wang said, “They came back together.”


Did something bad happen” Old Mrs.

Han was nervous.

They were fine when they left the house.

They left to send Xie Jiling back to school.

Why did they come back again

Old Mr.

Han also agreed after pondering.

He followed Old Mrs.

Han and waited by the door.

Thankfully, when Han Zhuofeng walked in the door, he released his grip and stopped holding Xie Jilings hand.

The two walked in the door one after the other.

When Xie Jiling stepped inside, she felt really embarrassed and awkward.

Before Old Mrs.

Han could even ask, Han Zhuofeng took the initiative and said, “Jiling was worried that it wouldnt be safe for me to drive back by myself.

She wanted to make sure I made it back safely, so she said that she would go back to school by herself.”

“Of course, I wouldnt allow that.

I drove her to school because I was worried about her going back by herself.

And I obviously wouldnt allow her to go back by herself after sending me home.”

“But if I were to drive her back to campus, she would feel worried and would send me back again.

Then, we would just be doing this back and forth on the road,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Therefore, I came back here, and I held onto her and didnt let her leave.

Shes going to stay here for the night, and I will send her back to school when I leave for the filming site tomorrow morning.”

“In addition, my eldest sister-in-law, Zhiqing, and Elder Brother Xiao Cai will carpool with me.

Jiling doesnt have to worry that there wont be anyone to take care of me while Im driving,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Old Mrs.

Han immediately nodded and said, “Jiling, stay here for the night and leave with them tomorrow morning.”

“However, dont you have to leave early tomorrow” Old Mrs.

Han asked Han Zhuofeng, “You have to leave for the filming site early morning, right Are you going to ask Jiling to wake up that early tomorrow Shes not in a rush to go back to school.”

“Why dont you ask the driver to send Jiling back” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“That works, too.” Han Zhuofeng would definitely have to wake up at around four in the morning.

If he had to drive Xie Jiling to school on the way to the filming location, he would arrive at the filming location at around five-thirty in the morning.

He would still have to prepare and start filming.

He was planning on filming the scenes he didnt get to film today tomorrow morning.

As a very frugal director, Han Zhuofeng obviously couldnt allow himself to waste money.

No matter what, he couldnt waste any money.

If he left early, there wouldnt be a lot of cars on the road, and there wouldnt be a traffic jam.

Xie Jiling would arrive at school at around 4:30 am.

At that time, the campus gates were still closed.

The dorm room would be locked.

Where could Xie Jiling stay so early in the morning

Han Zhuofeng realized that he hadnt thought about things thoroughly.

Thankfully, Old Mrs.

Han reminded him.

“Its too early for Jiling to leave with me tomorrow morning,” Han Zhuofeng said, “I will ask the driver to send Jiling back tomorrow so that she can get more sleep.”

“Yes, yes, good.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded in agreement.

Her grandson was so considerate.

Old Mrs.

Han didnt ask any other questions.

Han Zhuofeng had to have suddenly brought Xie Jiling because of other reasons.

However, Han Zhuofeng didnt want to talk about it in front of Xie Jiling because he was worried that she might feel awkward.

Looking at the blush on Xie Jilings face, something had to have happened between the two.

Old Mrs.

Han was curious, but she endured and didnt ask any questions.

She pulled Xie Jiling, whose face was already as red as tomatoes, inside.

“Its really late.

Dont go back.

Just do what we suggested,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “Do you want to take a shower I can ask Auntie Sun to get things ready for you.”

“Yes.” Xie Jiling nodded.

“Sorry for the trouble.”

“Its no trouble.

Theres no trouble,” Old Mrs.

Han said and called Auntie Sun over.

“Get a room ready for Jiling and organize the bathroom,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

She turned and said to Xie Jiling, “There is a powder room in the guest room, but it doesnt have a bath.

You will have to use the bathroom down the hall.”

“Its no trouble.” Xie Jiling quickly shook her head.

When Auntie Sun heard this, she immediately discovered Old Mrs.

Hans intention.

There were many rooms in the family home.

When this house was designed, it was designed with the purpose of allowing the kids to stay conveniently for the night.

For example, everyone would stay for the night during new years eve.

If they all had to shower, everyone would have to share the same bathroom, and they would have to take turns waiting for a shower.

That would be really inconvenient.

As such, every room had its own bathroom.

There was just one guest room prepared for emergencies.

The room was rarely occupied.

Because there were enough rooms…

Therefore, this guest room only had a powder room without a bathroom.

In addition, the members of the Han Family wouldnt stay that room whenever they were here for the festivities.

It was fine for Xie Jiling to stay in other rooms.

However, Old Mrs.

Han didnt reserve the other rooms for Xie Jiling because she was stingy.

Old Mrs.

Han was just trying to give Han Zhuofeng the chance to bump into Xie Jiling.

If Xie Jiling were to shower in the room…

She wouldnt leave the room after she was done showering.

How would Han Zhuofeng meet her then

If Han Zhuofeng were nimble, he had to be paying attention to Xie Jilings movements.

Han Zhuofeng would pretend to bump into her after she was done showering..

Auntie Sun instantly understood Old Mrs.

Hans message and immediately went upstairs to do the chores.

Xie Jiling went upstairs with Auntie Sun.

Auntie Sun took out the pajamas Lu Man had left and handed them over to Xie Jiling while saying, “This is Lu Mans pajamas.

Your body shape is very similar to hers, so you should be able to wear this.”

“Thank you, Auntie Sun.” Xie Jiling took the pajamas.

Auntie Sun then said, “I have prepared the bathroom.

You can take a shower while I tidy your room.”

“Theres no need to trouble yourself,” Xie Jiling quickly said.

“Theres no trouble,” Auntie Sun said with a smile, “Go take a shower.”

Xie Jiling then took the pajamas and went to the bathroom at the end of the hallway.

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