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Yu Xingzhous fans: “We wont accept this!”

“Our Zhou Zhou is so busy now, how would he have the time to take drugs.”


all the other young male celebrities released their statements to the press.

As for those who were busy filming, they just took a selfie with their film crew to proclaim their innocence.

In the end, only a few were left who did not upload anything on their Weibo.

Some actors were taking part in activities overseas, while some were filming currently, but all had people vouch for their innocence for them.

As for Yu Xingzhou, neither Yu Xingzhou nor his manager came forward to make a statement.

Even his assistant kept mum.

Not able to stand these accusations anymore, Yu Xingzhous fans rushed to Da Xiongs Weibo and started scolding him.

Having worked in this line for a long time, it was not new for Da Xiong to be scolded, hence he was neither fazed nor scared at all.

Following that, he sent out another Weibo post.

“I dare to publish this news because I have evidence.

Today, Ill first release some snapshots.

Tomorrow, Ill release actual photos of the young male celebrity, whose surname starts withY being brought away by the police!”

Seeing the post, Yu Xingzhou fans were stunned; they had discussions among themselves, and somewhere in their heart they actually felt, it really… it really could be Yu Xingzhou.

Because only Yu Xingzhou was the one who had yet to prove himself.

An enraged fan commented, “It must be Lu Man! Otherwise, how can there be such a coincidence where Zhou Zhou gets in trouble the same day!”

“Right, lets go find Lu Man!”

Hence, a large group of Yu Xingzhous fans went to Lu Mans Weibo and started scolding her.

This time, they did not care about logic at all and spouted nonsense.

Anyway, they could not openly talk about the young celebrity caught in a drug case as wouldnt it be equivalent to admitting that it was Yu Xingzhou

So, there were all different kinds of harsh comments and scoldings on Lu Mans Weibo, and it made people find it funny.

Somehow Lu Man managed to attract fans in a short time, and most of them were just silent, waiting to watch the drama unfold.

However, seeing how these fans were fighting brainlessly, they all could not stand it.

Although Lu Man did not have a fan club yet, all those temporary members awaiting the show formed a fan club and fought against Yu Xingzhous fans.

“What are you here to do in your frenzy Isnt it directly confirming that Yu Xingzhou takes drugs”

“Is it Lu Man who made Yu Xingzhou take drugs Why are you here looking for trouble for Lu Man”

“Its good to have intelligence, I hope that you all will have it.”

“I dont want to say anything else, but an idol attracts the same kind of fans like him.

Your actions did not add any good points to Yu Xingzhou, alright”

Lu Man was unaware of the war on the internet as once she had finished settling it she did not bother to take notice of it anymore.

On the next day, at 9 am, with the help of few writers from different media outlets and the technical boys working long hours, Da Xiong finally sent out the picture of the scene where Yu Xingzhou was being taken away by the police.

The Internet exploded once again.

“Its really Yu Xingzhou!”

“I want to see what his fans have to say now!”

“Yesterday, they kept messing around the whole night, arrogantly cursing on Lu Mans Weibo, but now theyre the ones embarrassed!”

Yu Xingzhous fans were silent.

In the fan groups, some people were crying as they were seeing all this on their phones.

Bawling their eyes out, some wrote, “How could it be Zhou Zhou”

“It must be a misunderstanding! It cant be Zhou Zhou!”

“There are a lot of possibilities as to why he was brought away, dont listen to the lies of the people on the Internet.”

“Its already at this juncture, do you all want to continue lying to yourselves Didnt you all see Yu Xingzhous expression in that photo”

Following that comment, the person also sent over the photo.

“See that dazed look, it is obvious that he took drugs, his gaze is scattered and his mind is in a trance.

I dont know, when this fan club became like this, anyway, I cant continue being a fan anymore.

From the time I saw the video of him treating his fans harshly yesterday, I started to doubt, is he really worth me liking him Im sorry, I cant be that kind of person who likes someone such an extent where I will consider all his sins and wrongdoings as appropriate.

Im leaving the group, you guys can do whatever you want.”


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