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After saying that, the person instantly left the group.

With someone taking the lead, slowly, there were a lot of people leaving the fan club.

There were even some people who expressed their opinion before leaving.

“Do you all know Now when I go out, Im too embarrassed to say that Im Yu Xingzhous fan, its just too embarrassing.”

After saying that, he left the fan club too.

While some people left quietly, without saying anything.

The once crowded group suddenly became a lot emptier.

“Let those people leave! Those who left are not even Zhou Zhous loyal fans and arent worthy of liking Zhou Zhou!”

“Right, we need to stay strong and wait for Zhou Zhou to come out!”

“Whats wrong with taking drugs He takes his own drugs and did not affect anyone else!”

“Dont you think that its too coincidental We just went to badmouth Lu Man yesterday, and at night, Zhou Zhou got in trouble.

First was the video at the door of the Han Corporation being exposed, then it was him being reported for taking drugs.”

“Youre right! Now that you mention it, its really too coincidental!”

“How coincidental, it must be Lu Man who did it!”

“Lets go find Lu Man! As long as Zhou Zhou doesnt come out, we wont let her live well!”

Therefore, all the fans rushed over to Lu Mans Weibo and accused her.

“Lu Man, its you who caused trouble for Zhou Zhou, if you have the ability, stop hiding!”

“A coward! You dare to do it but you dont dare to admit it!”

“You schemed and caused Zhou Zhou to get into trouble, we wont let you go!”

Originally, Lu Man was busy working, and it was You Lili who informed her through QQ.

“Lu Man, your Weibo is exploding.”

“En” Lu Man responded, “Ill take a look.”

“Yu Xingzhous fans have caused you to start trending again,” You Lili said and sent Lu Man a screenshot.

Seeing that, Lu Man smiled; it was quite good, the movie had yet to air, and her popularity was almost soaring higher than that of Zhang Shuidong already.

Upon opening Weibo and seeing those comments, Lu Man gave it a thought before making the first post on her Weibo after all the problem happened.

“Its me who did it, theres nothing to hide about.

If Yu Xingzhou dared to incite his fans to badmouth me, then he should have to accept my revenge.

You all are right, Im taking revenge against him, my temper has never been good, anyway.

If I dont do something, wont it seem like Im too unprofessional Hide I never hide.

Yu Xingzhous fans, listen well.

If you want to continue making trouble, Ill make so much trouble that Yu Xingzhou will never be able to rise again his whole life.

You guys can think it through.”

Lu Mans domineering reply made everyone a bit shocked and speechless.

No matter whether they were passers-by or Yu Xingzhous fans, everyone was at a loss for words.

They had never seen someone who would stand out themselves to confront the other partys fans!

Seeing Lu Mans words, everyone remembered, Lu Man was not a professional actor, she was just an actor in the Greedy Wolf Operation .

However, she was an extremely good public relations officer!

She could make Du Lin popular from behind the scenes and that meant she could totally ruin a person as well!

Yu Xingzhou in front of them was the best example!

“Hahaha! Domineering! Too domineering! Yu Xingzhous fans, you all have probably forgotten Lu Mans real profession!”

“666, Im already so convinced I cant say anything already!”

“I really admire Lu Mans domineering attitude, if you dare to provoke me, Ill mess you up!”

“Yu Xingzhous fans, are you surprised Are you shocked Next time, when you try to badmouth someone, you have to see who it is, some people cannot be bad mouthed by you!”

Xu Ningxian joined in excitedly.

“Calling in support of Lu Man!”

“I suddenly realized something.

If Lu Man enters the entertainment circle, who would dare provoke her in the future Whoever provokes her would fall down from their popular status, this is a bit scary!”


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