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“The person above has spoken the truth.”

“Too domineering! In the future, Ill be Lu Mans fan!”

No one had thought that Lu Man would so directly attack back even attract fans with her domineering attitude.

Her Weibo followers directly increased from 100,000 to 700,000.

You Lili and rest of the employees were astonished upon seeing it.

“Lu Man, what kind of trick is this”

“Dont ask me, I myself dont dare to believe it.” Lu Man was astounded too.

“I just wanted to attack back, I really did not think that anyone would follow me because of that.”

Feeling a bit helpless, Lu Man smiled faintly.

“You guys may not believe it, but it was purely because I could not stand those fans.”

Sister Li shook her head in confusion.

“Someone who can clearly tell what these netizens are thinking and touch the hearts of netizens, I really admire such ability.”

She had never seen someone who gained fans herself by threatening someone elses fans.


No one really knew if it was Lu Mans threat that worked.

The remaining loyal fans of Yu Xingzhou really did not dare to make trouble for Lu Man again and did not even dare to comment under the Greedy Wolf Operations official Weibo page anymore.

All of them were scared to unleash Lu Mans fury again and cause Yu Xingzhou to no longer be able to come out at all.

These small fans, how could they know anything! They just saw Lu Mans schemes which very easily caused Yu Xingzhou to be detained.

In their eyes, Lu Man had already become an existence similar to the demon king.

They could not afford to offend her.

Thus, Lu Man managed to get peace until Saturday.

On Thursday Han Zhuoli went to Hollywood for some business and could only come back the next week.

Meanwhile, Lu Man decided to go and buy clothes herself.

After all, the Greedy Wolf Operation was premiering soon and all her clothes were either formal or casual, she did not have a single outfit suitable for a movie premiere.

Moreover, it was her first screening so no matter what, she had to wear something decent.

Thus, on Saturday, Lu Man went to a shopping mall.

The brands in the shopping malls ranged from luxury brands to those brands that were a little less luxurious.

As for those high-end luxury brands, Lu Man definitely could not afford, thus she locked her sights on those smaller brands having slightly luxurious products.

The price range of these brands was acceptable and would not embarrass the production group either.

This time, she would definitely not let people criticize her for not caring about the movie premiere.

Lu Man had chosen a shop and was just about to enter to take a look when she heard someone call her, “Lu Man!”

Lu Man turned her head around to look and was shocked to see Shen Nuo and the Old Madam.

“Old Madam, Auntie,” Lu Man greeted with a smile on her face.

Pleasantly surprised she asked, “How coincidental, you two also came for shopping here in the mall”

“Yes, how coincidental! Haha…” The Old Madams laughter was especially fake.

Shen Nuo who at the side secretly scoffed in her heart, this Old Madam had given a call to the Han Zhuoli who was far away in Hollywood and found out that Lu Man would go to buy clothes for the movie premiere today, and thus she forced her to tag along over here and pretend to have a coincidental meeting !

Shen Nuo was also amused; Old Madam was already so old, yet she was actually learning from the young people to come up with methods to strike up conversations to deal with her own granddaughter-in-law.

Moreover, it was also because Lu Man had reported too much in detail to Han Zhuoli, and when the two of them talked, Lu Man had even told him precisely when, where and which brands she was going to visit, otherwise, how could the Old Madam have been able to meet her here so coincidentally

“You also came to shop here in the mall” The Old Madam asked, pretending not to know.

“Yes, the movie I filmed recently is going to be aired soon, and the director wants me to attend the movie premiere.

So I came to see if there were any suitable clothes,” Lu Man explained with a smile; it seemed like she did not suspect the reason the Old Madam appeared here at all.


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