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However, Shen Nuo felt that Lu Man had long seen through the Old Madam.

With the way Han Zhuoli told his wife everything, how could Lu Man not know Old Madams identity

In this matter, Han Zhuoli was exactly the same as his dad.

Shen Nuo felt that Lu Man was just cooperating with the Old Madams act.

Only Old Madam Han felt that she was hiding it quite well.

“Aiya, how coincidental! We can act as your consultants.”

Taking a good look at her, the Old Madam judged Lu Man.

“This little girl, even though youre so young, your taste in clothes is not that good.”

Today, Lu Man was dressed very simply, just a down-feather coat and a pair of jeans.

It was a very ordinary look.

Actually, the Old Madam was worried about the shop employees having an eye only for the rich, and that upon seeing Lu Man dressed so simply they would not bother or entertain Lu Man at all.

“I and your auntie can trouble ourselves to help you choose.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Man was not offended or angry.

Trying to hide her smile, she nodded obediently.

“Alright, then Ill have to bother Old Madam and Auntie.”

“Haha, yes its quite a bother.” The Old Madam just wenthmph hmph, and said, “Who asked us to meet you today Its just that your luck is good.”

The Old Madam then dragged Lu Man and brought her into a luxury shop right next to them.

However, Lu Man hurriedly pulled the Old Madam to a stop.

“Old Madam, Im not going into this shop to buy clothes, its here.”

Lu Man pointed at that shop next to her which was a little less luxurious and with prices that Lu Man could afford.

This way she would not need to use the money she got from filming and just her salary alone would be enough.

When the Old Madam saw it clearly, she said, “Why arent you going to this shop Let me tell you, this shop has nice designs.”

Lu Man shook her head.

“The clothes there are too expensive, I cant afford it.”

Having never thought that Lu Man would say this, the Old Madam was stunned for a bit, smiling, she said nonchalantly, “Isnt your boyfriend very rich You can just spend the money he gave you.

Buying his girlfriend clothes its so normal! You dont need to save money for him.”

She was saying as if that boyfriend was not her grandson at all, the Old Madam was thinking or caring about Han Zhouli.

Lu Man smiled and shook her head.

“I didnt plan to spend his money, anyway.

I have my own money, and its enough.

So Ill just buy what I can afford.

Furthermore, at the movie premiere, Im not the main lead either, so I dont need to be dressed so grandly.

I think, as long as I wear something acceptable, itll be fine.

Im also planning to buy something that I can wear on casually too.

Otherwise, its too wasteful to only wear it once.”

The Old Madam had really not thought that Lu Man was not at all planning on spending Han Zhuolis money.

Actually, the Old Madam did not mind these little things; nowadays it was very normal for young people to gift each other while dating.

If the male had more money, then naturally, he would gift more things.

Moreover, these clothes could be a bit expensive for the ordinary person, but for Han Zhuoli, they could not be called expensive.

Therefore, even if Lu Man was going to spend Han Zhuolis money on clothes, the Old Madam would not be angry.

But Lu Man was not the kind of little girl who was insensible and really did not like Han Zhuoli for his money.

So, Han Zhuoli doting on Lu Man, there was nothing wrong in it!

Anyway, the Old Madam had never heard Lu Man request or ask Han Zhuoli to gift her anything.

And now when she heard Lu Man say this, the Old Madams view of Lu Man became even better.

This girl was too sensible, she was independent and did not want to rely on others.

The Old Madam really admired her character.

Although Lu Man became an even better girl in her eyes, she still rebuked.

“Theres no need to separate yourself from him so clearly.”

“Its not that I want to separate myself from him,” Lu Man smiled and explained, “Its just that some things I can definitely solve myself.

I also have the ability to pay for what I need.

Ill go and buy things according to my salary and income.

I cant have him buy everything, right If he gives me gifts, Ill happily accept it, and when I choose gifts for him, I wont be so blind as to be adamant on buying him only expensive gifts that I cannot afford with my salary.

Also, if I ever need his help, I wont be overly polite and directly ask him.

But now, I just need to buy clothes for the movie premiere, thats something I can deal myself easily.”


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