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“Dont worry, he is in City S for a meeting, it might not be convenient for him to take a call right now.

Moreover, for something as small as this, I can solve it myself.” Lu Man smiled at Xia Qingwei.

“You dont have to worry.”

Xia Qingwei still couldnt hide her worry and sent Lu Man off.

When Lu Man reached Sun Yiwus office, Xu Fenglai was already waiting for her.

When he saw her, he immediately rushed to greet her.

“Lu Man, this matter was started by Bai Shuangshuangs sugar daddy President Cao.

Back then, about the premiere, President Cao just couldnt swallow it down, so hes using this opportunity to make things difficult.

You dont have to take what he says to heart, hes actually the smallest investor among all of them.

If it was only just him, Director Sun would have suppressed him long ago, but this time he even called along Happy Fortune Media, Ji Zhou Culture and Tai Yi Films.

These are all investors in the movie.

Of course, the biggest investor is still Han Corporation.

Han Corporation invested one billion yuan, assured that the film would at least earn a billion yuan at the box office 1 .”

Originally, they had only invested 700 million yuan, but because of Lu Man being cast in it, Han Zhuoli added another 300 million.

If one wanted to talk about who brought funding into the project, it would probably be Lu Man.

Compared to Lu Man, what was that little bit of funding from Bai Shuangshuang even worth It would probably all be gone after filming one explosion scene.

As long as this big investor, Han Corporation, was around, the other investors completely werent even worth mentioning.

Director Sun called Lu Man over only just for formalities sake.

“Han Corporation also sent someone over.

They should probably be on their way now,” Xu Fenglai explained.

The two of them arrived at the entrance of Sun Yiwus office.

Xu Fenglai knocked on the door and brought Lu Man in.

Instantly, he saw Cao Houlin and three other people having unfriendly expressions on their face.

Clearly, the other three people were the three CEOs from Happy Fortune Media, Ji Zhou Culture and Tai Yi Films which Xu Fenglai mentioned just now.

After all, with Sun Yiwus status, these companies didnt send representatives either and the old and experienced CEOs came over personally.

However, these peoples expressions were as dark as a storm.

Cao Houlin secretly felt a little like gloating.

He invested the least, so even if the movie made any losses, he wouldnt lose a lot either.

Sun Yiwus face was cold and hard too, but it was directed at these four people.

When he saw Lu Man arrive, he instantly broke into a smile.

“Lu Man, youre here Im really sorry to make you come down even on a Sunday.”

It was obvious that he purposely said this for those four people to hear.

Cao Houlin huffed coldly to himself.

And to think that they said that Sun Yiwu had nothing to do with Lu Man

Sun Yiwu was protecting her so obviously.

The only thing he hadnt done was vocally say that he was protecting Lu Man.

The expression of the other three CEOs was even stinkier.

They, too, thought that maybe it really was true that Lu Man and Sun Yiwu had something fishy going on between them.

Otherwise, why would all the scenes of Bai Shuangshuang get deleted just because she offended Lu Man

Would he have done that if the relationship them was purely professional

“Director Sun,” Lu Man called.

As for the other four, they werent being polite to her either, so Lu Man could care less to suck up to them so eagerly either.

It wasnt anything really; it was just that Han Zhuoli gave her the confidence to be fearless of offending these people.

“You are Lu Man” Cao Houlin spoke coldly.

In his words, his disregard for her was painfully obvious.

Sun Yiwu interrupted him.

“Lu Man, let me introduce, this is Happy Fortune Medias CEO Gao, Ji Zhou Cultures CEO Zhou, and Tai Yi Films CEO Wang.”

Finally, in the end, he perfunctorily introduced, “This is Music Movement Medias President Cao.”

Lu Man vaguely recalled that Music Movement Century which had tried to headhunt her back in the past was a subsidiary of Music Movement Media.

“Lets cut straight to the chase.

Were here this time because the matter about Lu Man has had an extremely bad impact on this movies promotion.

Lu Man, you—” Ji Zhou Cultures CEO Zhou started speaking arrogantly.


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