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Feeling guilty, Old Madam hid behind other, so that she would be the last person for Lu Man to see.

Not only did she go to the end, but she also pushed Shen Nuo to the front.

Shen Nuo: “…”

When Lu Man entered, the first people she saw were Han Xijin and Shen Nuo who were standing right in front.

Seeing Shen Nuo, Lu Man wasnt surprised at all.

“Uncle, Auntie.”

Shen Nuo smiled composedly.

“Youre here.”

At that moment, Old Madam instantly felt that something was not right.

Just then, Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man forwards and she saw Old Master Han and Old Madam Han.

All this while, Lu Man was very calm and composed.

She then heard Han Zhuoli say, “This is my Grandma and my Grandpa, you can address them the same way.”

Although Lu Man was already familiar with the Old Madam, it was her first time meeting Old Master Han.

Seeing that the Old Master wasnt against it and did not have a scowl on his face, she smiled and greeted them, “Grandpa, Grandma.”

Old Madam Han coughed, “Lu Man ah.”

“Grandma.” Lu Man smiled and greeted her once again.

Old Madam Han started to have misgivings, and asked, “You dont find me familiar”

“…” Lu Man was trying to not laugh or break into a smile.

Originally, she wanted everything to go like it had gone with Shen Nuo just now, it was fine as long as they knew in their hearts, but she did not expect Old Madam Han to not be able to hold it in.

Moreover, she could not directly tell Old Madam Han that she had seen through her act a long time ago as it would be too detrimental to Old Madam Hans enthusiastic personality.

So Lu Man could only say, “Do you remember the time when the Greedy Wolf Operation was premiering”

The Old Madam nodded eagerly.

“I saw Zhuoli enter the hall at that time, and although I was answering the emcees question at that time, my gaze was always on Zhuoli,” Lu Man explained.

Suddenly, the Old Madam felt elated, and was happy that as expected Lu Man head over heels for her eldest grandson.

Earlier, she had found it strange in the past when Han Zhuoli even upon being handsome, and having an excellent career and background career was good, he couldnt get a girlfriend! why was he always single!

Now that she saw Lu Man, she knew that her eldest grandson had high standards!

Furthermore, as soon as he found a girlfriend, his girlfriend was enamored of him!

After hearing Lu Mans explanation, Old Madam Hans heart was finally at peace.

As expected, she then heard Lu Man say, “So when I saw him sit, I naturally saw that you all were sitting next to him and your relationship seemed really good.

At that time, I guessed that it was probably Grandpa and Grandma, Auntie and Uncle.

Later on, when I asked him about it, it was as expected.

The Old Madam could not help but glare at Han Zhuoli, it was all because of him, he was his girlfriends pet!

Han Zhuoli, “…”

His Lu Man was making him a scapegoat, and even if he cried, he would have to deal with it.

“Man Man is very smart,” Han Zhuoli praised.

“Ah, Man Man!” The Old Madam called her very affably.

Lu Man could not help but remember the last time they met, back then Old Madam only called herLu Man.

“Ah! We are in the wrong for hiding it from you, dont blame us!” The Old Madam was in the wrong and felt more and more guilty towards Lu Man.

Lu Man was just a 22-year-old girl, but because of her experiences, she was not used to acting like a young girl who acts cute with the elders and get close to them.

If it were anyone else, they would probably be holding Old Madams arm and acting cute.

But Lu Man was not used to doing that, and only smiled and said, “Honestly, when I just found out, I was really very shocked.

But after a while, that shock went away.”

The Old Madam was very thankful that time heals everything, otherwise, it would have been awkward for everyone today.

“At that time I wanted to… I wanted to go and meet you.

I just found out that you were dating Zhuoli, so I was curious! But I was also scared that if you knew I was Zhuolis Grandma, you would be anxious, so I hid my identity.

Haha.” The Old Madam explained.


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