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When Zheng Tianming heard, even he broke out into a cold sweat.


Han Zhuoli felt that it was too troublesome to list out every single thing, so he said, “That means from now on, all the investments and sponsorship provided by Han Corporation to the National Drama Academy should be canceled.”

“Cancel them all” Zheng Tianming finally could not help but ask, “Everything Are we not going to invest in the National Drama Academy anymore”

“Yes, do you need me to repeat it again” Han Zhuoli sneered.

“No, theres no need.

I know now,” Zheng Tianming instantly said, scared out unleashing Han Zhoulis fury on himself.

However, he was still pondering, isnt Lu Man going to the National Drama Academy to study

Every since Lu Man chose to attend National Drama Academy, Han Corporation increased its investment in National Drama Academy, and even Han Zhuoli started to invest in the Drama Academy under his own name.

However, Han Zhuoli wanted to cancel all of this out of the blue.

Zheng Tianming could not help but wonder if someone had bullied Lu Man at school.

“Young… Young Master Han…” Principal Zhang was stunned, he knew that Han Zhuoli was furious, but he did not think that he would actually take back all his investments!

Without Han Corporation, their biggest sponsor, the schools would face a dire financial crisis and there would be no way they could compete with National Film Academy!

Although they had other investors, in these past few years, they were mostly relying on Han Corporation!

Teacher Lis could no longer be arrogant as earlier, and he was scared, anxious and feeling remorse.

If all the investments were canceled, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the schools criminal already!

His lips were trembling, and he no longer could maintain his bold, haughty attitude.

Han Zhuoli hung up the phone, and coldly said, “In the future, there will be no plans for the film and television set, if you want to build it, find someone else, I want to see which company has the resources and the guts to help you build it.”

Hearing that, Principal Zhang almost fainted.

Han Zhuoli was too domineering, he not only had Han Corporation take back their investment but also threatened them to dare find any other investor and see how Han Corporation deals with it!

As long as the Han Corporation did not go bankrupt, and kept its position as the king of the entertainment industry.

and also as one of the prestigious eight families, there was no way their school would be able to build a film and television set!

But would the Han Corporation go bankrupt

Of course not!

Principal Zhang felt that perhaps he should be grateful that even though Han Zhuoli took back all of the Han Corporations investment, he at least he did not stop people from investing

“Apologize! Quickly apologize to Lu Man!” Principal Zhang shot daggers at Teacher Li, wanting to kill him in real life.

This incompetent thing!

He really regretted not nipping it at the bud, not taking strict action against Teacher Li when Teacher Li did such horrible things in the past too.

Teacher Lis cold sweat started to drip down, he had guessed at least one thing correctly, that Lu Man came in through relations.

But he had not thought that Lu Mans relation would be with Han Zhuoli.

Not only that, Lu Man did not have any shady, dirty exchange with Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man was Han Zhuolis girlfriend!

He could imagine, if Lu Man was in their school, Han Zhuoli would definitely increase his investment in their school.

Teacher Li couldnt care less about his reputation or pride anymore and hurriedly apologized to Lu Man.

“Lu Man, Im sorry, I am in the wrong.

I should not have made assumptions and judged without getting to know the truth.

Please accept my apology and forgive me.”

As for the rest, they did not dare to open their mouths.

Facing Han Zhuoli, who would dare to say anything

However, Lu Man did not acknowledge him and Han Zhuoli seemed to know what was going on in Lu Mans mind.

“Do you still want to study here”

Facing his question, Lu Man pursed her lips.


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