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She had to admit that she on the first day itself she had a very bad impression of this place.

Of course, she could not say the same about other teachers as well just because of Teacher Li.

The National Drama Academy was a school having highly skilled teachers who cultivated many seniors in the industry with a lot of talents and good morals.

The professors here were talented and highly regarded.

However, the situation took an ugly turn and even if she chose to stay, it would not be the same as before.

Right now, Principal Zhang didnt look enraged, but it was hard to ensure that there would not be any bad impression left after this whole incident.

If she studied here, she would be under Principal Zhang.

And every time Han Zhuoli could not solve matters for her and even Lu Man did not want him to be distracted because of her.

“Nevermind,” Lu Man said, “This place doesnt welcome me and looks down on a transfer student like me, so I wont insist on trying to try to force myself in a place which looks down on me.”

“Alright.” Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

But how could Principal Zhang watch his money source walk away

It was very clear that as long as Lu Man stayed here, all their demands would be fulfilled by Han Corporation!

Since Han Zhuoli wanted Lu Man to have the most comfortable life she could have here, he would be generous with his investments.

Principal Zhang suddenly remembered that Han Corporation had agreed to build a film and television set only after Han Zhuoli had him help settle Lu Mans school transfer.

At that moment, Principal Zhang felt that this film and television testing set was being constructed especially for Lu Man.

“Lu Man, you misunderstood, our school definitely does not have such unwelcoming attitude.” Principal Zhang hurriedly tried to appease Lu Man.

“Teacher Lis personal attitude cannot represent the whole school, our school welcomes you!”

Principal Zhang quickly exchanged looks with other teachers.

Instantly, there was someone saying, “Right, Lu Man, I saw the Greedy Wolf Operation you starred in, you acted extremely well.

I could instantly tell that you are talented.

You interpreted your role very well, and even your gaze was all on point.

Its very hard to imagine that you have no experience in acting.

Lu Man, come to our school, and you will get the well-rounded, holistic education, youll definitely excel even more.”

“Right, youll definitely be like Zhang Shuidong, Gao Zishan, and Liu Jie, and become a famous talent celebrity representing our school,” another teacher chimed in.

These three celebrities had debuted international film too.

The three of them often made appearances in the popular film festivals overseas, and Zhang Shuidong and Liu Jie had obtained Best Actor and Best Actress in the Cannes Film Festival before, while Gao Zishan could act and sing too.

She had managed to debut in Hollywood, and the Grammys had even invited her for a performance.

However, she still could not avoid the suppression of the Asians by Hollywood, and could not get a stable position in Hollywood.

Yet she was already the one who had accomplished a lot among the celebrities in the country.

Although it looked like Lu Man had a smile on her face, she was no way pleased and they really could say anything to keep her there.

As for her future career progression, she herself couldnt determine it right now.

Yet they were licking her boots, praising her to the skies.

But Lu Man was not embarrassed to accept it with a thick-skin.

“I think that its time for National Film Academy to have a graduate who can compete with Zhang Shuidong and the other two seniors,” Lu Man said.

Everybody: “…”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

He was stunned by how thick-skinned Lu Man was!

They were just bootlicking, it was enough for you just to listen, but you really had to admit it!

Seeing that Lu Man, their money source was going to leave, Principal Zhang was extremely anxious.

“Lu Man, as long as you agree to join our school, every year, the top-level scholarship will be yours, and even the most outstanding student award will be yours too.

I know that these are nothing to you.”


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