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“Its alright.” Anyway, they were classmates, and in the three and a half years ahead, they would be together and she could not let herself be isolated.

Having the same thought as Lu Man, Professor lend a helping hand to Lu Man by saying, “I know that you have a lot of questions to ask, but its a class so Ill give you all just 10 minutes to ask her questions, but after 10 minutes, even if you are still havent satisfied your curiosity, well officially start our lesson.”

And so, Lu Man said, “Its actually a coincidence, and a bit of my luck, I was originally working in the Public Relations Department in Han Corporation.”

When she said that, a lot of students nodded.

They knew about it.

Lu Mans public relations skills were too good, alright

Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang, these two people had already disappeared from the entertainment industry.

“As for my role in Greedy Wolf Operation , originally, the original actress got injured and could no longer continue filming, so Director Sun had come to the Han Corporation to find a replacement, and my colleagues were insistent on having me tag along to take a look.

The role requires the actor to be skilled in martial arts and thus the martial art director had designed a few moves that were difficult to execute and such that only a person having martial arts background would be able to do it.

It just happened that Ive learned martial arts before, and because the timing was rushed, a lot of suitable actors did not have the free time, and those who could come were not suitable, and thats how I got lucky.”

“Lu Man, the Greedy Wolf Operation is quite interesting, but a lot of people believe that its not to the extent of getting 3 billion ticket sales, your publicity tactics have played a large role in that, right”

“The Greedy Wolf Operation is a very good movie.

It has positivity and emotions that touch your heart.

Its just that because the plot is a little heavier, and quite a few people are prejudiced against locally produced movies.

However, as for those people who actually went to watch the movie, who did not say it was good A good movie produced locally, all it lacks is good publicity and the audiences confidence.

The box office record is expected and deserved of Greedy Wolf Operation .”

Professor Hong, who was listening intently from the side, became more and more shocked.

Lu Man was an eloquent speaker, her answers did not pale in comparison to those of a press conference.

She answered each question diplomatically, without insulting the Greedy Wolf Operation .

“Then can you help me do publicity! All those people for whom you have done publicity have become famous,” someone in the audience asked playfully.

“Are you referring to Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang” Lu Man raised her eyebrows and asked, her lips curved upwards.

Suddenly, everyone burst into a fit of laughter.

“Alright, ten minutes are up,” Professor Hong quickly announced and directed Lu Man to an empty seat.

“Lu Man sit over there.”

Lu Man nodded and went over to sit, and Professor Hong started her lesson again.

However, the students had been intrigued by Lu Man and so their attention was not completely on the lesson.

After the lesson, a few girls encircled her.

“Lu Man, do you have any shows to film after this”

“Nope, Im a newcomer, it was just my luck to be cast in Director Suns film.

So during this period, Ill concentrate on learning to perform.”

“Lu Man, which dormitory do you stay in” Another person asked curiously.

“Im a day student.” Lu Man did not want people to think that she was being arrogant, so she explained, “Im from this city, and my Moms health is not good, so if I stay in school, I wont feel at ease leaving her home alone.”

Instantly, some people recollected the news on Lu Mans family matters.

At that time, it was very rampant on the Internet and a hot topic known by almost the whole city.

Hence, upon learning that Lu Man was studying part-time and a day student, no one felt that she was getting special privileges.

“So its like that, Im the class monitor.

Im Zheng Yuan, if you have anything you dont understand, you can ask me.” It was the same girl who had asked Lu Man which dormitory she was staying in.


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