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Lu Man was a little stumped in surprise.

Zhang Xiaoying had suddenly come over and was asking her to have lunch together; it was really strange and out of the blue.

Zhang Xiaoying smiled a little and asked snobbily.

“You know me, right”

Even before joining the National Film Academy, she was already popular ages ago and also ranked higher than Lu Man.

Although she was just a B-lister right now, Lu Man couldnt even be called a C-lister or D-lister.

“I know.

Just now during class, Professor Yao mentioned your name,” Lu Man spoke in a sincere tone and nodded her head in agreement.

Zhang Xiaoying: “…”

Was it not because she was already famous

“Do you want to have lunch together” Zhang Xiaoying asked again.

“Sure, we are just about to head to the canteen, lets go there together,” Lu Man said politely.

Zhang Xiaoyings smile contorted a little.

Lu Man actually wanted her to have lunch with those ordinary students

Did she not know that she was a celebrity

She had actually taken the initiative and sought Lu Man out only because Lu Man had actually acted in Greedy Wolf Operation , and was much better than the rest.

Those people havent even acted in any show yet.

Moreover, during class, Lu Mans performance was even better than hers, making Zhang Xiaoying was unhappy and jealous.

Before Lu Man came, she was the centre of attraction, the person who stood out from the rest.

However, ever since Lu Man came, she started stealing the limelight from her.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaoying wanted to pull Lu Man over to her side, and make Lu Man treat her as a leader, and seize the opportunity to snatch the limelight back from Lu Man.

“Lu Man, can you come over for a minute I have something to tell you.” Zhang Xiaoying forced a smile.

Lu Man turned to look at Zheng Yuanshi and the others.

Zheng Yuanshi smiled and said, “Were not in a hurry either, well wait for you.”

During class, Lu Man had given the role to her without making any fuss, and under Lu Mans lead, even she saw a great improvement in her performance, gaining praise from Professor Yao.

Therefore, Zheng Yuanshi was also very grateful to Lu Man.

Afterwards, Lu Man followed Zhang Xiaoying to a secluded place.

After a couple of steps, she heard Zhang Xiaoying say, “Lu Man, I see that youre new here and not sure of how social groups work her.

So I just wanted to remind you, although there might only be one class in the Performance Major in this school, the situation is also rather complicated within the class.

Youre someone who has acted in a movie before after all, so dont keep mixing around with those ordinary people.

I invited you to join me for lunch, do you get what that means”

Lu Man finally understood.

“Sorry, Ive already agreed to go with Zheng Yuanshi, so I will still be eating with them.”

Lu Man smiled apologetically at Zhang Xiaoying and returned to find Zheng Yuanshi.

Seeing Lu Man return, Zheng Yuan was surprised as she didnt expect Lu Man to join them even after Zhang Xiaoying had the initiative to invite Lu Man for lunch.

In the class, many people were trying to suck up to Zhang Xiaoying, but Zheng Yuanshi was very stubborn, she didnt like to be at Zhang Xiaoyings beck and call, always trying to please her.

She just couldnt stand Zhang Xiaoyings snobby and condescending attitude with her nose in the air all the time.

Lu Man clearly had the fame ofGreedy Wolf Operation and was unlike other students who were yet to be popular, yet she didnt put on any airs and even refused Zhang Xiaoyings invitation.

Everyone knew that Zhang Xiaoying came from a good family, had a strong background and was known to have been in great productions.

By forging a good relationship with Zhang Xiaoying, one wouldnt have to worry that they wouldnt have any shows to act.

Otherwise, would Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian behave like this

However, Lu Man still did not put on any airs and really treated herself like any other ordinary student, she was here just to learn.

Earlier, during her performance, Zhang Xiaoying was still burdened by her idol image and refused to make herself look ugly, so she didnt put on a good performance.

However, Lu Man was clearly much prettier than Zhang Xiaoying, but she totally didnt mind making herself look ugly.

Even if she was very ugly, her realistic expressions mesmerized everyone.

Moreover, for the first time Zheng Yuanshi felt like she had performed very well.

It was surprisingly such a great feeling and really gave her such a rush of adrenaline.

“Lu Man, you are really impressive.

You didnt lose out at all while acting with Professor Yao, even your presence and aura didnt get suppressed at all.” Zheng Yuanshi complimented Lu Man after they finished having their lunch at the canteen.


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