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These people were looking at her like she was a joke!

Seeing that Zhang Xiaoying was still blocking his way into the classroom, annoyed, Han Zhuofeng asked harshly, “Can you move away now”

Zhang Xiaoying pursed her lips tightly.

“You really dont remember who I am”

“Who are you” Han Zhuofeng asked impatiently.

Seeing that Zhang Xiaoying only pursed her lips and refused to say a word, he tried chasing her away.

“Are you going to say anything or not If not, move away, Im still busy!”

“Even if you dont remember who I am, you possibly cant not recognize me, right” Zhang Xiaoying still refused to give up.

She gripped her fingers firmly onto the door frame, refusing to budge.

Extremely vexed by this infuriating woman, Han Zhuofeng snickered, “Who exactly are you Am I your father, or am I your grandfather or something Why do I have to know you”

Where did her confidence come from Why did he have to know who she was

“You!” Zhang Xiaoying took a step forward in anger.

“You must be doing this on purpose! You are intentionally pretending that you dont know me, so that you can gain my attention.”

Feeling that she had guessed it correctly, Zhang Xiaoying tittered.

“Even though this method of yours is rather infuriating, I have to say, you have succeeded.

You have indeed gotten my attention and made me remember you.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

She must be a lunatic!

Zhang Xiaoying straightened her back in pride and lifted her chin upwards slightly.

“Nice to meet you, Han, let me introduce myself, Im Zhang Xiaoying.

You should remember it, dont forget it the next time.

This method to attract my attention may work the first time, but after doing it a few times, it will make me dislike you instead.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Lu Man: “…”

Knowing that Han Zhuofeng was just right outside, Lu Man guessed that Han Zhuofeng was probably looking for her and hence she went over to take a look.

However, the door was blocked by Zhang Xiaoying and Lu Man couldnt get out either.

Of course, she was also a little eager to get in on the gossip and find out whats happening, and so she quietly stood behind Zhang Xiaoying and waited for the drama to unfold.

After hearing Zhang Xiaoyings words, Lu Man was holding back her laughter so hard that her mouth was almost about to cramp.

She really wanted Han Zhuoli to see what was going on right now!

Where did Zhang Xiaoying get the confidence to think that Han Zhuofeng was trying to attract her attention

What you have indeed gotten my attention 

Such a domineering and haughty tone, even Han Zhuoli wont say that, alright

Extremely irritated and agitated, Han Zhuofeng said, “Exactly when will you stop hiding!”

What happened to the saying thateldest sister-in-law is like a mother

During this time when he needed her help the most, why wasnt she behaving like a mother

Only when she wanted to him to be filial, would she clearly remembered that saying!

Zhang Xiaoying instantly froze.

She completely couldnt understand why Han Zhuofeng would suddenly say something like this.

Han Zhuofeng was clearly looking at her!

Just as she was confused and finding it strange, someone tapped on her shoulder twice lightly.

Zhang Xiaoying turned her head around and saw Lu Man smiling lightly at her.

“Excuse me, could you make way”

This left Zhang Xiaoying speechless.

Could it be that Han Zhuofeng was here to look for Lu Man

No, thats impossible!

Lu Man was already so old.

She was even two years older than Han Zhuofeng!

Why would Han Zhuofeng like this old woman!

Perhaps Lu Man has some matter to attend and had to leave.

Unhappy Lu Mans interruption during her moment with Han Zhoufeng, Zhang Xiaoying said coldly, “Class is about to start, why are you still going out Cant you see that Im busy here You should just go back and take a seat instead.”

“Ha,” Lu Man laughed sarcastically.

“If youre busy why dont you go to the side to talk about it then Why do you have to block the door To show off that you are so capable”

“Im just that capable.” Zhang Xiaoying raised her chin proudly.

“Im talking about serious stuff, who dares to disturb me Lu Man, I was polite to you in the past because I wanted to give you some face, but dont really think that youre some impressive person.

Do you think that because you acted in a movie, you can really compete with me

Clearly, Zhang Xiaoying had vaguely heard the news about Lu Man going against her in the class.


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