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Although he was fast asleep, his face was sickly pale with prominent dark circles under his eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

When Lu Man saw that, her heart aches for him.

“Was it very hectic today” Lu Man asked in a low voice.

“Its just that whenever he goes on business trips, all the deals and documents he must personally work on here keeps on accumulating,” Zheng Tianming explained, “and since the CEO doesnt want you to see him while hes sick, he works endlessly to complete all these pending tasks so that when he gets well, hell be free to see you too.”

Looking at Han Zhouls exhausted, pale body, Lu Man was distressed, Han Zhuoli was really…

Was she the kind of clingy girl who would insist on having her boyfriend with her all the time

If he was sick, he should properly rest!

She did not need for him to exhaust himself and treat himself like that just to spend time with her!

“Actually, right now theres no problem if the CEO takes one or two days off for rest,” Zheng Tianming said.

“Alright,” Lu Man also had to consider the problem of what right she had over him.

If it was really some very important work, she would not dare to force Han Zhuoli to rest.

If she kept him away from doing his important work, then it would not be justified as her heart aching for him, but rather her being an obstacle in his work.

Zheng Tianming had very little comradeship, and said, “Ill leave this place to you, Ill go back to work, goodbye!”

As Zheng Tianming hurriedly left the office, he quickly reminded her, “Also, definitely dont say its me who told you, say you heard it from Young Master Feng.”

Anyway, it was true that Young Master Feng had informed Lu Man.

After closing the office door gently, Lu Man went towards Han Zhuoli and was a bit troubled.

Seeing him sleeping so soundly, Lu Man she could not really bear to wake him up.

But somehow, Han Zhuoli seemed to have felt that she was here.

Just as she moved closer, Han Zhuoli woke up.

In a daze, he slowly opened his groggy eyes.

Perhaps because he was sick, Han Zhuolis reaction was a lot slower than usual.

His originally sharp eyes were a bit blurry and seemed especially innocent.

When he saw Lu Man in front of his eyes, Han Zhuoli muttered, “This dream is quite good.”

As he muttered, he reached out his long arm to pull Lu Man to him, and wrapped his arms around her thin waist, and was surprised to be able to smell her unique scent even in his dreams.

Then he nuzzled his face against Lu Mans stomach and closed his eyes in bliss.

Lu Man did not know whether to laugh or cry and reached out to touch his forehead but was shocked.

Why was his forehead so hot!

He was already running a high fever and yet he wanted to work!

Furious, Lu Man face became dark and she patted Han Zhuolis shoulder.

“Wake up.”

Yet Han Zhuoli was deep asleep, and Lu Man had no other way, but to shake him hard.

“Zhuoli, wake up!”

Finally, Han Zhuoli opened his eyes and smiled at her dumbly.

“Man Man.”

“Its me, wake up.” Seeing that Han Zhouli was still feeling like he was in a dream, she could only pinch his face.

Feeling the stinging sharp pain, Han Zhuoli rubbed his face.

” This dream is really becoming more and more real.”

“Its not a dream!” If it was not because she knew that this man was really confused, she would have really believed that he was purposely teasing her.

Han Zhuoli finally woke up and raised his head up in confusion.

He then saw Lu Man standing in front of him, her face cold and angry.

“Man… Man Man” Han Zhuoli called out dumbly, blinking his eyes continuously.

“Are you completely awake now” Lu Man asked coldly.

Facing Lu Mans cold demeanor, Han Zhuoli became very obedient and hurriedly nodded.

“I have woken up.”

“Then go pack up your things, and follow me home,” Lu Man said.

Not waiting for Han Zhuoli to object, she coldly removed his hand from her waist and turned around to take off his jacket from the clothes rack.

“Wear it.” Lu Man passed the jacket to Han Zhuoli.


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