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Lu Man: “…”

Hence she instantly knew that this man wasnt angry at all.

“Alright.” Lu Man gave in to his request.

“Actually, Im not blaming you either.

Its just that you dont ever share your problems with me, you didnt even tell me that you were sick.

I know that you were afraid that I would be worried, but more so at such a time, I want to be by your side.

I always feel like you are treating me like an outsider.

Whenever I face any problem, you will always help resolve it immediately.

As long as you are around, you will rush to my side.

Or you will at least get someone else to solve it for me too.

Just like that time when President Cao had CEO Zhou and the others question her, President He and Zheng Tianming had rushed down so quickly only because of Han Zhuoli.

“Usually, theres not much that I can help you with.

Even if its something small, I still want to do it for you.

Yet in the end, just when you needed someone to take care of you, I wasnt the one you thought of first, not even informing me about your sickness,” Lu Man said disappointedly, “This is the thing that made me feel the worst.”

“I got it.” Han Zhuoli grabbed her hand and placed it by his lips.

He delicately kissed each of her long and slender fingers.

“In the future, discuss everything with me first, otherwise I wont tell you anything either.”

“Ok,” Lu Man broke into a smile.

Perhaps because he was running a fever that Han Zhuolis lips felt searing hot.

Just then, someone knocked on the bedroom door.

From outside the door, Auntie He called, “Sir, Lu Man, Dr.

Su is here.”

“Thats the Han familys family doctor,” Han Zhuoli explained.

Usually, when he was too busy, Han Zhouli didnt have the time to go to the hospital and also now Old Master and Old Madam Han were quite old, thus it was also inconvenient for them to keep going to the hospital for check-ups.

Therefore, Han family had their own family doctor.

Lu Man then opened the door for Dr.

Su, an elegant-looking middle-aged man.

He was tall and lean, wearing rimmed spectacles.

“Miss Lu,” Dr.

Su greeted Lu Man.

Just two days ago, he had just visited the old mansion for the Old Mr.

and Mrs.

Hans regular health check-up.

Back then, Old Mrs.

Han wouldnt stop talking about Lu Man, and kept praising her.

Therefore, Dr.

Su couldnt forget about her even if he wanted too.

After Dr.

Su checked Han Zhuoli, he said that Han Zhouli would be fine as long as he took some medicine for the fever.

Since they usually had antipyretic medications ready available at home, Auntie He brought them over for Dr.

Su to take a look.

After seeing them, Dr.

Sun instructed them to give it to Han Zhuoli based on the prescription written on the box.

After Dr.

Su left, the effects of the medication started to work and Han Zhuoli started feeling drowsy again.

Lu Man stayed by his side in his bedroom just in case Han Zhuoli needed anything.

However, just as Han Zhuoli was about to sleep, Lu Mans cell phone started to ring.

Lu Man hurriedly took her phone and was about to head out, afraid she would disturb Han Zhuoli.

But Han Zhuoli had already opened his eyes and stopped her.

“Just pick it up here, its fine.”

He still wanted Lu Man to be in his reach so that he could her hand and feel assured.

Therefore, Lu Man didnt refuse and sat down by Han Zhuolis side and within a second, Han Zhuoli held onto her hand.

Lu Man thought to herself, “When this man falls ill, he likes to act cute.”

She gave a slight pinch to Han Zhuolis hand as she answered the call.


“Hello, is this Lu Man” Through the phone, a mans voice could be heard.

“I am.”

“Hello, nice to meet you, Im Ji Cheng.

Director Sun must have spoken to you before this, Ji Cheng said politely.

“Yes, Director Sun just gave me a call,” Lu Man said, “I can take on this movie, its no problem.

However, I can only join after two days.”

“Thats no problem at all,” Ji Cheng readily said, “I really cant thank you enough, you have helped me a great deal.

Otherwise, in such short notice, I really dont know where else I would have found a new female lead.”

All the other skilled actress were busy shooting other shows.

Even if someone could take some time off and join a film midway through another shoot, Ji Cheng still didnt support taking two roles at one time.


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