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Having overheard that, Han Zhuoli instantly shot his head up from his laptop.

Behind Lu Mans back, he quietly raised a thumbs-up at Auntie He.

Great job, Auntie He!

“Hehe, have a good rest!” Afraid that Lu Man would still hold her back, Auntie He ran away as if escaping from something.

Lu Man: “…”

Feeling helpless and resigned, Lu Man closed the door.

Turning her head around, she saw Han Zhuolis gleeful face.

“You are sleeping here tonight”

“Yeah.” Lu Man nodded.

“Im afraid that you wont listen to me and refuse to have a good rest.”

Her voice only got softer, and her face blushed red furiously.

If she asked to stay here, it would seem as if she was being exceptionally proactive.

However, Han Zhuoli excitedly scooted a bit to the side, freeing some space next to him.

“Come and sit here.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Ill work, while you watch your shows and learn, how great is that” Han Zhuoli urged her, “Come on, otherwise, I will just get off the bed and carry you up here.”

He was sick right now, how could Lu Man make him get off the bed

Never mind.

Anyway, even if they slept separately tonight, she would still stay awake worrying about him, so she might as well just stay here and watch over him.

Lu Man then went to the bathroom, carrying the pajamas with her.

She took a shower and put on the skincare products given by Auntie He.

After cleaning herself up, she changed into the pajamas.

When she came out, she saw Han Zhuoli completely engrossed in his work, typing with much focus.

As she walked towards the side of the bed, her heartbeat sped up and she felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Smelling the light, sweet fragrance that tickled his nose, Han Zhuoli raised his head and saw Lu Man standing right in front of him in her pajamas.

Even though the style of the pajamas was very conservative, and covered her up pretty well, Han Zhuoli still found her tantalizing and seductive.

Through the side of her shirt collar, her neck and collarbone were slightly visible, glistening with a light powder.

It looked soft and tender as if a light puff of air or touch will break it.

Perhaps it was because Lu Man had just come out of the shower or perhaps she was feeling embarrassed that Lu Mans face was extremely flushed red.

The Lu Man right now looked even younger than 22 years old, almost like a young lady of about 18 or 19 years old.

“Come over here.” Han Zhuoli patted the spot next to him, his voice was strangely hoarse.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Man finally lifted the blanket and sat inside.

It was the spot originally occupied by Han Zhouli.

Once she sat down, all she felt was Han Zhuolis warmth.

When she stretched her legs out, she accidentally touched Han Zhuolis leg and if she was scalded, she hurriedly moved away.

Han Zhuoli was so amused by her reaction that he chuckled.

The first time they had met, she was so bold and courageous, but now she was so shy and scared like a cat.

Afraid that she would be infected too, Han Zhuoli didnt dare to directly kiss her lips, and just pecked her on the cheek.

Feeling satisfied, he sighed.

“I always wanted something like this, to just be on the same bed as you.

Even if we arent doing anything, Im still able to see you once I turn my head, I can just touch you when I move my hand just a little bit, being able to sit elbow to elbow and leg-to-leg to you.

Cheeks blushing furiously, Lu Man gave a bashful smile to Han Zhuoli.

Indeed, it did feel very good and at peace.

Being so close to him.

While he worked, she would be by his side, watching her shows on her phone.

Although they were just sitting together and engrossed in their own work, it didnt feel boring or lonely at all.

Han Zhuolis room was very spacious.

Usually, when he was all alone, it always felt a little cold and empty.

However, right now, as the two of them sat side-by-side, the room felt exceptionally heart-warming and comforting.

Outside the window, the chilly wind blew hard in the cold winter night.

No matter how thick the windowpane was, they could still vaguely hear the gushing of the wind, bringing out the warmth and coziness of the room.

Lu Man turned to take a look from the window.

Suddenly, she called out in surprise, “Its snowing!”

Han Zhuoli turned his head and through the window saw crystal-white snowflakes were floating down from the dark sky like flower petals.

The snowflakes shone even brighter in the pitch-black darkness of the night.

Han Zhuoli broke into a smile and said gently, “Thankfully, you havent left yet tonight.”

Otherwise, he would have been worried about her in this snowy night.


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