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Seeing that Professor Chen seemed to be lost in thought, Secretary Li twitched her lips and said, “Im advising you not bother Lu Man anymore, otherwise, you cant even hope to be in charge of the dormitories, and once you leave this school, you might not even be able to get a job.

As for asking Lu Man to ask for mercy, dont even think of that idea.”

Professor Chens face turned red, she had really thought of that, she did not think that Secretary Li would easily see through her thoughts.

While Secretary Li helped Professor Chen with the procedure for the change in position, Professor Liang stayed in the principals office.

When Principal Liu told Professor Liang about Professor Chens mistakes, Professor Liang was shocked, she did not think that Professor Chen would do such a thing.

“But this Lu Man is really… she just came here to snitch on Professor Chen to you” Professor Liang disapproved of Lu Mans actions.

When she was unhappy with the professor, she directly came looking for the principal to snitch on her, how could she dare take this kind of student!

“Haha,” Principal Liu laughed as he looked at Professor Liang.

“Professor Liang, even though you may or may not like Lu Man, you must treat her well.

In the future, the Year One Performing Class will be taken over by you, if Lu Man has anything, take good care of her, dont let this kind of situation happen again.

As long as Lu Mans requests are not over the top, just give her the go-ahead.

If you meet something that you cannot agree with, come and tell me, let me decide, dont make the decision yourself and reject Lu Man.”

Professor Liang was stunned, the principal was treating Lu Man too well, right!

Suddenly, Professor Liang started sweating profusely, how did she forget how politely the principal was treating Lu Man just now

“Alright, principal, dont worry,” Professor Liang hurriedly promised.

Now happy, Principal Liu smiled and said, “Youre a professor with a lot of experience in our school, you have experience in all matters, so Im definitely at ease towards you, otherwise, I wouldnt pass Professor Chens class to you.

Alright, you can go to the class and greet the students.”

And so, Professor Liang left.


When Lu Man returned to the classroom, the class had not started, and thus it was very noisy as everyone was chatting.

A lot of people had gathered around Zhang Xiaoying similar to people clustering around someone they respect.

“Xiaoying, Im so envious of you, you can go and film now, and its even the Great Desert , such an anticipated show, every day when I log on to Weibo, I see posts about it.”

“For other people, its hard, but our Xiaoying became famous early, and its normal for her to go out and film movies.”

“Only our Xiaoying can go out to film in Year One, if it were someone else, they would not be allowed.”

“Ah, it doesnt matter whether its approved or not, other people wont be able to even get the show.”

A lot of girls were currying favor with Zhang Xiaoying, each one curiously asking her, “Right, Xiaoying, when are you leaving”

“After three or four days, I need to go home to pack up,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

At that moment, Zhang Xiaoying saw Lu Man enter, and looked disdainfully at Lu Man.

Even if she had the luck to film a movie directed by Sun Yiwu, so what

After acting as a small side character, didnt she not have any shows to film after that

She really thought of herself as a celebrity who would get show after show

However, Lu Man returned to her seat as if nothing happened, not bothered at all.

Zheng Yuanshi sneered, “Lu Man, dont bother with her.”

Lu Man just smiled calmly.

“Its nothing, her shooting a show has nothing to do with me.”

“Thats right, furthermore, your foundations are already very good, with a Greedy Wolf Operation background, even if you have no shows to film right now, you have a long list of shows waiting for in the future.

Moreover, the school rules dont allow students to take leave to film in Year One and Two, so even if you take up a show, you cant film it, its better to just stay and attend school


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