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Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoyings expression changed in a flash.

“So that day when Han Zhuofeng came looking for you it wasnt because you two are dating”

Lu Man mocked her sarcastically.

“Hows that any of your business”

This infuriated Zhang Xiaoying even more.

Saying this over and over again, did Lu Man only know how to say this phrase

Yet, Zhang Xiaoying really couldnt find a reason to rebut her.

She was completely tongue-tied by this one phrase from Lu Man.

Enraged, Zhang Xiaoying gritted her teeth.

Just as she was about to riposte, Professor Liang came in right at that time.

“Silence everybody.

Return to your seats, I have an announcement to make.”

Zhang Xiaoying could only glare at Lu Man reluctantly, and finally stomped back to her seat in anger.

Seeing that all the students had quietened down, Professor Liang finally started speaking.

“Hello everybody, my surname is Liang, and you can call me Professor Liang.

Im the counselor for the Year Four Performance Class.

But from today onwards, I will also be the counselor for Year One Performance Class students as well.

Your previous counselor Professor Chen will no longer be your counselor anymore because of some changes in manpower.”

As expected, the students were all in a frenzy, whispering among themselves non-stop.

Why was there a sudden change in the counselor for Year One in the middle of the semester

There were no signs before at all, it was all too sudden!

“Quiet everybody!” Professor Liang shouted loudly making everyone silent.

“Professor Chens old office is now my office.

If you need anything, you can look for me directly.”

“This is my mobile number.” Right after that, she wrote down her mobile number on the blackboard.

“If you have any questions, you can give me a call too.”

Just then, Professor Hong walked in, so Professor Liang greeted Teacher Hong and left.

After todays lessons ended, Zheng Yuanshi asked excitedly, “Lu Man, the three of us are going to watch a movie, do you want to tag along”

“Sorry I cant, I will be leaving tomorrow, so I have to go back and pack my luggage today,” Lu Man explained.

“Oh right, then we wont force you.

Well have fun when youre back,” Zheng Yuanshi said.

Then they walked out of the campus, yet unexpectedly, someone walked towards them from the opposite direction.

Seeing him, Lu Man raised her eyebrows.

This person was none other than He Zhengbai.

From the time she started attending this school, she had never seen He Zhengbai even once.

Thus, she had completely forgotten that He Zhengbai was currently in Year One of Masters in Direction.

Originally, He Zhengbai wanted to scowl at Lu Man and deride her, but when he saw her, he suddenly realized that Lu Man seemed to have changed somehow.

Lu Man had always been pretty, otherwise, he wouldnt have dated Lu Man either.

However, right now, Lu Man was still as beautiful as before, but she had an unexplainable charm to her.

Every frown and every smile of hers was just the same as before, but now there was a different feel to it.

She looked elegant as well as domineering.

She was just sparkling with energy and vigor, and full of confidence.

Right now, since it was winter, Lu Man had worn thick layers of clothing.

The soft wool coat on the outside gave a cheeky and playful look to her.

She had worn a scarf on her neck that almost covered her chin and mouth.

Peeking out of her scarf, the tip of her nose was so cold that it was now tainted, bringing attention to her fair and clear skin.

Suddenly, He Zhengbai felt that Lu Man had become even more beautiful than before.

As He Zhengbai took big strides

towards Lu Man.

Zheng Yuanshi and others widened their eyes in shock, their mouths falling agape.

He Zhengbai was also a famous person in their school.

He was the heir of a major corporation, who came here to study directing, and even had handsome, charming looks.

Despite the scandal with Lu Qi in the past, it didnt affect his popularity in the school at all.

At that moment, Zheng Yuanshi and her two friends recalled that He Zhengbai was originally Lu Mans boyfriend too!

He had betrayed Lu Man and hooked up with Lu Qi, and even planned to trap Lu Man for her.

The three of them were always up with the latest gossip.

But right now, Zheng Yuanshi and the other two girls instantly decided to stand on Lu Mans side, no matter how popular He Zhengbai was, they also wont like him.


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