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If Han Zhuoli knew that he saw Lu Man getting bullied but didnt help her, Han Zhuoli would definitely skin him alive.

Yet, who knew that Lu Man would be so strong and fearless.

Even without him lifting a finger, she had already dealt with it on her own.

Right now, He Zhengbai was kneeling on the floor getting smacked over and over by Lu Man, he didnt even have the strength to stand up.

All the students who were passing by them were left speechless seeing such a scene.

It was their first time meeting such a strong woman!

Finally, when Lu Man was satisfied with hitting him, she lifted her bag and left.

After much effort, He Zhengbai finally stood up.

By then, Lu Man had already walked out of the front gate.

Almost embarrassed to death, He Zhengbai no longer wanted to spend even a second in school.

Covering his face, he hurriedly ran away.

However, Han Zhuofeng was stealthily following him.

When they reached a less crowded area, Han Zhuofeng suddenly kicked He Zhengbai from the back.

Completely unprepared, He Zhengbai directly fell flat on his face.

Han Zhuofeng quickly pressed his knee down on He Zhengbais back, and started bashing, hitting and kicking He Zhengbai.

Having learned kung-fu professionally, Han Zhuofeng was very skilled and experienced in using moves that would leave people unable to move.

If he didnt want He Zhengbai to turn around and see his face, He Zhengbai shouldnt even bother thinking about turning around at all.

After Han Zhuofeng was done hitting him, he spat at He Zhengbai too.

Making his voice deeper, he warned, “In the future, stay away from Lu Man.

Otherwise, Ill hit you every single time you see Lu Man!”

And within a blink of an eye, Han Zhuofeng dashed off.

When He Zhengbai finally turned around, he only saw Han Zhuofengs back fading away in the distance.

He couldnt see his face at all.

Having got beaten up twice, He Zhengbai was seething in rage and his eyes were bloodshot.

He was really f**king unlucky today!

Lu Man was a lunatic.

Yet, just he left he met another lunatic.

He didnt even know who was that lunatic willing to aide Lu Man so much!

When Lu Man returned home, she quickly packed her luggage and at night, Han Zhuoli came over too.

He insisted on embracing Lu Man and going for two rounds at night.

Lu Man tried to protest but to no avail.

He kept hugging onto her, refusing to let go.

At the thought of not being able to see Lu Man for the next two to three months, he felt despair and was suddenly charged up with so much vigor that he wanted to use this whole night to make up for the next 2-3 months.

The next day, Lu Man felt that her posture when walking was a little off too.

In the morning, Lu Man bade goodbye to Xia Qingwei and left with Han Zhuoli to the airport.

This time, Han Zhuoli couldnt personally send her off but he told her that he had arranged for a manager and assistant.

When Lu Man arrived at the airport, she came to know the persons Han Zhuoli was referring to were Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng.

Hu Zhonghui was originally an intern manager at Han Corporation and Lu Man had heard that Hu Zhonghui was no longer an intern and could now have artistes directly under her.

As for He Mengmeng, she already knew her back from the time she was filming Greedy Wolf Operation .

“Lu Man!” Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng greeted happily.

“Why are you two here together” Lu Man was shocked.

“The CEO told us to come here,” Hu Zhonghui said.

Seeing Lu Man looking over at him, Han Zhuoli explained, “Now that you have started shooting, how could you not have a manager or an assistant.

He Mengmeng was originally an assistant and is very familiar with this line of work, so I got her to follow you.

Since you two know each other too, it would be more convenient for you to get along as well.

Hu Zhonghui has just become an official manager and doesnt have any artistes under her yet, so from now on, she will be in charge of you only.”

Besides, Han Zhuoli would be there to vet whatever shows or activities Lu Man takes on.

Hence, it was fine even if Hu Zhonghui didnt have any experience.

Han Zhuoli liked that Hu Zhonghui still didnt have any other artistes either and Lu Man would be her first, so she would treat her especially good.

If she only had one artiste, she would focus her all on Lu Man.

If it were those experienced managers who already had many artistes to manage, they definitely wouldnt take care of Lu Man so holistically.

To Han Zhuoli, Lu Mans manager had to focus solely on Lu Man, keeping Lu Mans best interest in mind always.


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