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“Wait, I will send one too!” Liu Chuanhui rolled up his sleeves, taking his phone from his assistant and he quickly posted on Weibo.

“If Ji Cheng didnt tell me about it, I completely wont have even expected Lu Man to be only a first-year student at a film academy.

She doesnt lose out to us, experienced and old actors, in terms of her grasping and understanding of the character.

Her performance is up to par, unlike the other young people nowadays who are overly eager to show off themselves and end up putting in too much unnecessary dramatic effects and force into their performance.

Be it with her eyes or body language, each emotion is beautifully expressed! Im very honored that Old Ji invited Lu Man to join us.”

Everyone in the production crew stood up for Lu Man one after another, speaking up for her.

Ji Cheng and Liu Chuanhui always had a good reputation.

Seeing that not only Ji Cheng and Liu Chuanhu but even Sun Yiwu was speaking up for Lu Man, everyone was convinced.

“Is it reasonable to go against your promise and ask for a pay raise at the last minute”

“You shouldnt have even thought of casting her at all.

Ji Cheng, you did a great job!”

“I support Red Tiger.

I will definitely buy cinema tickets once the movie premieres.”

“I have high expectations of Lu Mans acting.

She really performed well back in Greedy Wolf Operation.”

When Lu Qi saw that the tables had turned as everyone supported Lu Man.

She was so furious that she almost smashed her phone in rage.

She had clearly analyzed Lu Mans methods of publicity.

Wasnt it just creating a ruckus on Weibo

Hadnt she contacted a couple of business accounts and got them to blow it up even more

Why was it that when it came to her it was all useless!

As the head of Lu Mans fan club, Xu Ningxian waved her little flag and rallied everyone.

“Comrades, someone is trying to cause trouble, you know what we have to do”

“Force them into a corner!”

All the fans responded one after another.

“Scold them! They have clearly forgotten about the glory of our Goddess of Fury.

Let us, the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury remind them all!”

Lu Man: “…”

What sort of a nickname did her fans give her

What Goddess of Fury What Great Army of the Goddess of Fury

Other fans called their idolsZhou Zhou,Shuangshuang,Qi Qi.

Their fan club would even have cute little names likeLittle Boat Family too 1 .

Why did it become so strange, absurd when it came to her

Immediately, Lu Qis Weibo was invaded and attacked by the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury.

“Thank you for once again raising the popularity of our Goddess of Fury.”

“Thank you for once again helping us build up the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury.”

“Dont cause trouble, otherwise, you will find the Goddess of Fury visiting you tomorrow.”

Right now, the staff members in the production crew who were free saw it while refreshing their Weibo and were left astonished, amused too.

Lu Man was a beautiful and dainty young lady, why was she called the Goddess of Fury!

It was such a powerful and dominating name, making her seem like a gangster.

Moreover, all her fans behaved that way too.

Facing their curious looks, Lu Man too was feeling helpless.

She never even imagined that her fans would come up with such a weird nickname for her.

Earlier, Xu Ningxian had come up with many adorable nicknames.

Yet, who knew that before they could vote on one, the recently joined fans already started calling Lu Man theGoddess of Fury.

When Xu Ningxian had finally reacted to it, it was already set in stone.

Not only did Lu Qi fail to create a ripple effect with her post, but she also managed to tarnish her own reputation even more.

Having lost completely, she then contacted the production team of the television show she had rejected previously, but they didnt even want her anymore.

“Miss Lu, were sorry.

After you rejected us, weve immediately found a replacement.”

Even if they didnt find someone else, they wont dare to cast Lu Qi again too!

Meanwhile, at the National Film Academys Year 1 Performance Class, Lu Mans classmates were left astonished upon seeing the trending news on Weibo.

Someone exclaimed in shock, “Oh my gosh! Turns out that Lu Man took leave off to film a movie!”

“What” Someone was shocked and curious, that the persons voice rose much higher and louder.

“Go and take a look at Weibo.

She went to film a movie directed by Director Ji Cheng called Red Tiger.”

The character forZhou could also meanBoat in Chinese.


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