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From Xia Qingweis angle, she really thought that Lu Qiyuan hit Lu Man on the face.

Xia Qingweis eyes burned red.

Suddenly, she dashed to the kitchen nearby, took out a vegetable knife from the knife rack and rushed back furiously in Lu Qiyuans direction.

“Lu Qiyuan, you are really too much of a bully!” Xia Qingweis eyes were burning red in fury.

She raised the knife up, wanting to chop Lu Qiyuan.

Shocked and a bit scared, Lu Qiyuan hurriedly stumbled backward.

“Crazy b*tch!”

“Mom!” Lu Man quickly stopped Xia Qingwei.

“Dont stain your own hands for this b*stard! Hes not worth it!”

“Who are you calling a b*stard! I am your father, how dare you curse me! You unfilial thing!” Lu Qiyuan pointed a finger at Lu Qiyuan.

“I still havent settled the score with you yet! How dare you snatch Qi Qis role!”

“Just because of this, you come here and started hitting her” Xia Qingwei raised the kitchen knife near his throat.

“Lu Qiyuan, if you dare to hit Lu Man again, I will really give up my life just so that I can chop you up!”

Lu Man was her precious, dearest daughter. How dare he hit her!

“You crazy b*tch!” Seeing the fury in Xia Qingweis eyes as she tightly held onto the sharp knife, Lu Qiyuan was really a little frightened.

“Lu Qiyuan, you cowardly and useless thing.

Other than hitting Lu Man, what else can you do Lu Qi is just like you and your wife is stupid beyond compare.

Thats why she would never be able to win against Lu Man!” Xia Qingwei laughed sarcastically.

Lu Man held onto Xia Qingwei and coldly warned Lu Qiyuan.

“Im warning you, dont come to our house ever again, otherwise, I wont be polite to Lu Qi!”

“What can you do alone” Lu Qiyuan laughed mockingly, looking down on her.

“Yes, just by myself.” Lu Man said sharply, “You know how Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang ended up in the past.

If you dont, just go onto the internet and search it up.

For every single time that you come looking for me, I will make Lu Qi face misfortune.

I want to see how long she can persist.”

Furious, Lu Man scoffed, “Other than the reason of Lu Qis role ending up in my hands, youre here this time because of what happened online too, right If you really find that Lu Qi is leaving the entertainment industry fast enough, feel free to come to our house to look for trouble.

I will mess with her every single time you come!”

If other people were threatening him like that, Lu Qiyuan might really not take it to heart.

But it was different when it came to Lu Man.

Actual, legitimate examples were laid before him.

Even though Yu Xingzhou was out of jail now, his popularity was no longer like before.

He didnt have any movie or television show offers anymore.

All of his advertisements, activities, and ambassadorships were canceled.

It was even worse for Bai Shuangshuang.

People could at least find out about Yu Xingzhous current situation, however, there was completely no news when it came to Bai Shuangshuang.

It was as if Bai Shuangshuang never existed.

Therefore, Lu Qiyuan really didnt dare to not take Lu Mans warnings to heart.

However, Lu Qiyuan still found it too embarrassing to swallow it down.

Keeping a big distance between them, he threateningly asked Lu Man, “You are threatening me”

“Yes, I am threatening you.” Lu Man said coldly, she had a “hit me if you dare” look on her face, making Lu Qiyuan tremble in fury.

Their neighbor still hadnt gone back yet, he was still being a busybody and watching what was happening.

“Pft!” He scoffed and then laughed, making Lu Qiyuan even more infuriated.

“If youre still not leaving, I will call the cops!”

“I am your father!” Lu Qiyuan roared angrily.

“But you already have nothing to do with my mother.

The two of you have been divorced for more than ten years.

Youre harassing her right now.

I totally have a reason to call the police!” Lu Man took her phone out.

“Once again, I thank you for giving me yet another opportunity to ruin Lu Qi.”

“Lu Man, you better be careful.

You can show off your strength right now, but definitely dont accidentally fall into the palm of my hand, otherwise, I will definitely make you suffer all the damage that youve caused to Qi Qi.” Lu Qiyuan threatened.


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