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The next day, when she reached school, she first looked for the counselor Professor Liang to report as she had come back from her break.

“Youre back.

Did the filming go smoothly” Professor Liang asked.

“Everything went smoothly.

Thank you, Professor Liang,” Lu Man said, politely.

It sure was such a coincidence.

Zhang Xiaoying had surprisingly come today to cancel her leave too.

Not long after Lu Man entered, Zhang Xiaoying came too.

Professor Liang asked Zhang Xiaoying the same question too and it was clear that she wasnt biased to any one of them.

“It went very smoothly.

Its already confirmed to premiere on all the major channels this summer break.” Zhang Xiaoying was smug.

Teacher Liang smiled and nodded.

“Ill definitely watch it when that time comes, and also Lu Mans movie too, Ill go to the cinema to support it too.”

Zhang Xiaoying side-eyed Lu Man.

Acting as if she was very generous, she said, “I will support you too.

No matter how the movie or box office turns out, it is ultimately still a movie in which one of our students from the Film Academy is starring.

I have to show some support too.”

As if she didnt hear Zhang Xiaoyings mocking tone, Lu Man said, “Thank you, I wish that Great Desert will have an amazing viewership too.”

Professor Liang said, “Since both of you are back, theres still one more month until finals, please prepare for it properly.

If you are intending to grab a spot in the schools exchange program at New York University for Performance major, then you have to treat this even more seriously.

As the school only has six spots, we will assign them based on grades.

Of course, both of you have notable works, so it will add extra points.

Moreover, the shows rating and popularity would also add some points too.”

“Nevertheless, your final semester grades are also rather important.

After all, the majority of the students in the school dont have such opportunities like you two.

So the school also has to take the other students into consideration and give them opportunities, therefore results will have a very big importance.”

Moreover, Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying had been filming outside of school.

It was could be considered as an internship, and so they could get credits for internship work.

Zhang Xiaoying knew about this long ago, but since Lu Man had transferred mid-way, no one had told her about it.

Today, it was her first time hearing this and so she was rather surprised.

In the past, when she was in the Drama Academy, Principal Zhang from the Drama Academy had mentioned this before.

Right now, Lu Man was still rather interested in improving her performance.

Therefore, she wanted to get good grades for this finals and fight for one of the six spots.

From the looks of this, she transferred at a rather good time.

For transfer students, their grades are based on finals from every semester and Lu Man made it just in time for this round.

If she really waited to join university only in Year Two, she would really lose a lot compared to others.

Lu Man and Zhang Xiaoying left the office together and on the way, Zhang Xiaoying once again mocked her.

“Lu Man, even though there arent any famous people in that movie you acted in, and also since its only a low-budget film with a B-list actor as the director, dont get disheartened if the box office collection is not poor.”

Lu Man raised her eyebrows, scolding her a lunatic in her mind Then, she said calmly, “Thank you for your encouragement.

I believe that your television shows ratings will definitely be very high.

After all, you have the popularity and that television show is a big IP show too, it will bring you a lot of fans naturally.”

Feeling proud and smug, Zhang Xiaoying said haughtily, “Of course.

After all, because of my popularity, when the investor of that film decided to start shooting, the first person they thought of was me.”

Lu Man sighed with regret.

She said regretfully, “If I could, I really want to compete with you, to see which of our work will have better results, but its really such a pity.

Mine is a movie, so it would be based on box office.

I dont even know when you would be able to act in a movie too.”

Zhang Xiaoyings smile froze and Lu Man continued saying, “But dont worry, as long as you keep working hard, you will definitely be able to break out of the small screen and into the silver screen someday.

Ill always be waiting for you then.

But by then, Ill probably be acting in a big production.

Even if you were to act in a movie, you would still be a newbie in the movie world, and probably would not act in any big production, haha.”


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