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Han Zhuoli coughed slightly and sat back down, tidying his collar.

“Im so handsome, how could someone be completely indifferent towards me”

“Oh!” Mo Jingcheng suddenly became interested.

“You have a target Who is it How does she look like Do you have a photograph of her”

“No,” Han Zhuoli did not even want to respond to him, and turned to ask Chu Tian, “What kind of men do you women like”

“I cant represent all the women,” Chu Tian took a look at Mo Jingcheng, her eyes full of emotions.

“But I like the kind of men like big brother Mo.

Mature, steady, not frivolous.

Even though he was also a wolf who stole her, the white rabbit, back to his den, she was willing to let him steal her.

“Although the kind of man a woman likes can be among any of the several kinds of men, based on their looks and personality, the type of men they hate are the same.

That type is frivolous men, those who start being too touchy as soon as they meet, thats behaving like a hooligan.

Those men are disrespectful, so why would any woman like them”

Han Zhuoli heart thumped, and thinking about it, it seemed like he had truly made a mistake.

But it was Lu Man who had shamelessly thrown herself at him and had even kissed him the first time they met.

Seeing his reaction, Chu Tian knew that something must have definitely gone wrong in the middle.

Even though Han Zhuoli always kept a poker face outside, but when he was with friends, he would not try to hide his true self.

Chu Tian then gave him a piece of advice.

“If you genuinely like that girl, then you must be serious, dont think of getting too close to her whenever you see her, you must take things slowly, use your charm to get her.”

Han Zhuoli looked like he had realized something and nodded.

“Alright, I know now.”


Meanwhile, Lu Man was still in the hospital room looking after the unconscious Xia Qingyang, whereas Lu Qiyuan, Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi were in the car heading home.

Earlier, Xia Qingyang had, in a momentary slip, not concealed her true self at the hospital, and hence was currently feeling apprehensive.

“Qiyuan, are you… angry with me” Xia Qingwei asked carefully, still hiding her grievances, and acted as if her husband was her everything she grabbed Lu Qiyuans arm, “I just cant bear to hear people speak badly of you and Qi Qi.

They can speak badly of me, but they cant say bad things about the both of you.

Youre both so good and did nothing wrong at all, the truth is that you are both innocent, then what right do they have to say that about you two

“Especially you, Qiyuan, you have suffered so much grievances for us mother and daughter, I cant stand it when people misjudge you.

They have never experienced it before, so what right do they have to scold you If they want to blame someone, they should blame me, everything is my fault…”

“Mom, dont say it like that,” Lu Qi hurriedly consoled Xia Qingyang.

“Its all for our sakes, youve always not been able to stand dad being misunderstood by others.”

“Yes, I know you the best.” Even Lu Qiyuans expression became better, and he reached out to hug Xia Qingyangs shoulders.

Back at the hospital when he saw Xia Qingyangs shrewish look, he was indeed shocked.

In the many years they had been together, Xia Qingyang had always had a gentle and weak look to her in front of him, although she was not natural and poised like those ladies from rich families, she was still gentle and pleasant.

However, at the hospital, Xia Qingyang had been fierce-looking, and seemed even more shrewish than the marketplace shrew.

Hence, Lu Qiyuan could not help but be suspicious about whether Xia Qingyangs true personality was indeed like that

Even if it was, it could not have been possible for her to have put on an act for so many years.

But now that he heard Xia Qingyangs explanation, he finally felt relieved.

Yes, wasnt she like that all because of him

He knew, Xia Qingyang cared the most about him, and even thought of him as more important than her own self.

Moreover, he enjoyed the way Xia Qingyang of treated him, unlike Xia Qingwei.

Lu Qiyuans face darkened as he thought about Xia Qingweis accusations and how she had gone crazy back at the hospital.

Thus now more than ever he felt that Xia Qingyang much better.

Lu Qis eyes brimmed with tears.

“Dad, how about… how about we just give up, dont go and ask older sister for help anymore.

I dont want to see you getting wronged.”


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