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After finishing all of her exams, Lu Man placed all that behind her and focused on the publicity for Red Tiger.

Today, Lu Man brought Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng along to Ji Chengs office.

“Lu Man, take a look.

You were busy preparing for your exam before this so I felt bad distracting you,” Ji Cheng said as he let Lu Man see some of the recent news.

Lu Man indeed had not paid attention to it earlier.

Her focus was on preparing for her exam, and she didnt even go online.

In the end, she saw an interview between a reporter and Qiao Luna.

Qiao Luna said, “At first, Red Tige r invited me to act as the female lead and at the same time, Fighting Hero had also invited me too.

However, even I thought that Red Tiger was still rather risky too.

Also, Fighting Hero had Director Zhang Lun, and a Best Male Actor Winner, Ou Jingzong, and many other talented actors.

Be it the cast or the production, I will definitely choose Fighting Hero .

It would give me more room to perform and learn a lot more from the seniors.”

Reporter: “Apparently, Fighting Hero is also intending to contend for this years Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.”

“Thats right, and many people are supporting it too.

After all, Zhang Lun is a world-class director.

He was named as one of the few directors in the nation who could vie for an Oscar.

All these years, Director Zhang had never let go of his pursuit for an Oscar.

I believe in Director Zhang and I wish to go towards a bigger stage together with Director Zhang.”

“So, what youre meaning to say is, Red Tiger cant even compare to Fighting Hero ” The reporter asked, trying to stir something up.

Qiao Luna paused and said, “Isnt that obvious We definitely have to support locally-produced films and I wish for Red Tiger to yield great results too.

However, Director Ji Cheng is a newbie, after all, and has much to improve to be at par with Director Zhang Lun.

This is his first movie too, so no matter how its shot, I will definitely support.

However, I still have to say, theres still quite a large gap between Red Tiger and Director Zhang Luns Fighting Her o.”

Qiao Luna added, “Its not that I think Red Tiger wont do well.

Its just really unfortunate that its going to clash with Fighting Hero .

However, this is also an opportunity for him, an opportunity to fight with a great director.

He has the chance to learn from a great director, so thats great!”

Thinking that she was very smart, Qiao Luna had used the word “fight” in a pun.

Throughout the whole interview, Qiao Luna looked as if she was rather humble while answering questions, but she was dropping hints everywhere about how she despised Red Tiger .

Ji Chengs assistant Xiao Cheng sneered, “Every time I see this interview I just get furious.

There must be something wrong with Qiao Luna.

Its normal for her to praise Zhang Lun and Fighting Hero , she can feel free to praise them to her hearts content.

But what gives her the right to diss on Red Tiger  What gives for her to snide on Director Ji”

On the internet, similar one-sided comments kept appearing.

“Red Tiger is going to flop.”

“Meeting Fighting Hero, Red Tiger is dead.”

“Why doesnt Red Tiger reschedule its release.”

“I look forward to Fighting Hero.

I dont plan to waste a movie ticket on Red Tiger.”

“How good of a movie can a B-list actor film Anyway, I dont plan to watch it.”

“Why cant Ji Cheng just focus on acting Why is he trying to be a director Does he think that its easy to fool us and cheat us of our money”

Lu Man quietly finished reading all of it and said, “Amongst these, some of them are real netizens, but theres quite a lot of them who are fake too.”

When she was working in public relations, she had worked with many media accounts.

Naturally, Lu Man had trained herself to get hawk-eyed, and now she could easily tell who was fake in just one look.

“Are we just going to let them ruin the reputation of our movie like this” Xiao Chengs eyes were blood red from anger.

“Do they even know how hard it was for us to film this movie! If were going to compete, we should do so fairly! Why do they get to ruin us like that! It looks like all our effort for so long is all going to go to waste.”


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