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“Did you invite Qiao Luna to act before in this” Lu Man asked.

She already didnt have a good impression of Qiao Luna.

Back then when they were in the First Class lounge at the airport, it was obvious that it wasnt the first or second time Qiao Lunas assistant behaved that way.

If Qiao Luna really wanted to stop her assistant, then her assistant wouldnt have such an attitude either.

That meant that Qiao Luna herself was problematic too.

“In the past, I only had an inclination to do so.

I listed a few female celebrities that I wanted first, but before I could even contact Qiao Luna, she had already agreed to join the cast of Fighting Hero .

Perhaps she heard something along the grapevine that I was planning to invite her or something,” Ji Cheng explained.

“That means that youve never invited her.

Then that will make things easier.” Lu Man directly used Red Tigers official Weibo account to post something.

“Recently, Miss Qiao Luna had stated in an interview that the production team of Red Tiger had invited Miss Qiao Luna to act as the first female lead in Red Tiger .

Here, we would like to state that we have never sent any invitation to Miss Qiao Luna before.

Perhaps Miss Qiao Luna was mistaken or something.

In order to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings, we would like to explain ourselves here.”

Once this post was sent, the netizens were the ones delighted, always wanting new gossip.

“This clearly a slap in her face.”

“Qiao Luna previously said that she rejected Red Tigers invitation.

After that, Red Tiger denied that they ever invited Qiao Luna.

Exactly who is speaking the truth”

“Why do I find this familiar As if Ive seen this somewhere else before”

“To the comment above, please refer to the matter about Yu Xingzhou and Bai Shuangshuang.

Thats right, I find something like this strangely familiar too.

“I find it a little strange.

Qiao Lunas interview was days ago.

Why did Red Tiger only release this statement only today Could it be that Red Tiger is lying Or they really didnt know how to reply, so they waited so long to reply”

“Who the heck is lying! Red Tiger didnt make any move before this because they were waiting for our Goddess of Fury to come back from her break.”

“Thats right.

Our Goddess of Fury, Lu Man was busy with her final exams at the Film Academy.

She just finished her exams today.”

“Thats amazing.

Lu Man just finished her exam today and Red Tiger released an official public announcement.

I cant help but think that this announcement was written by Lu Man.”

” Red Tiger ‘s announcement is so fierce and sounded really strong too.

I am able to see a shadow of Lu Man between the lines.”


Thats right.

It really does look like something Lu Man would say.”

“What Someone said that Red Tiger ‘s official account would lie Let me tell you, if Lu Man had consented to this announcement, then it definitely isnt a lie.

In the past, for Yu Xingzhous and Bai Shuangshuangs case, which one of the posts that Lu Man posted was actually a slander None! Everything Lu Man posts is true!”

Because Lu Man joined in, a surprisingly large portion of netizens who were originally supporting Qiao Luna started supporting Lu Man and Red Tiger instead.

“Lu Mans first movie! Definitely supporting!”

This was Lu Mans fans reaction.

Xu Ningxian had long ago started gathering the fans in their private chat.

“The movie still hasnt been released yet.

How would they even know whether its going to be a flop They only know how to spout rubbish when they open their mouths!”

A netizen suddenly sent a picture.

“Oh gosh, I must be going blind.

Look at what I saw!”

The netizen sent a picture of all the movies schedule.

Fighting Hero and Red Tiger were both in the period of pre-order sales.

The number of screening schedules for each movie for the week was also released.

“I just bought tickets to both Fighting Hero and Red Tige r.

Whether the movie is nice or not, only those who watch it will have the right to criticize it.

I also went to see the schedules for the screenings.

The number of screenings for Red Tiger is thrice more than Fighting Hero !”


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